First Nations warriors played pivotal role during War of 1812

It’s been 200 years in the making.

APTN National News
It’s been 200 years in the making.

First Nation allies are being honoured for their role in winning the War of 1812.

And there’s a special call going out to all artisans.

APTN National News reporter Donna Smith has the details.

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1 thought on “First Nations warriors played pivotal role during War of 1812

  1. Nice..BUT..Where oh where is this 1.5 MILLION $$ coming from?Out of the “goverment kitty”?The SAME ‘goverment that PAYS the JUDGES who recently decided that the Native people involved in the Brown & Commanda Class Action lawsuit concerning the 60’s Scoop Kids,must now PAY for the court costs involved in this class action?!A LOT of MOWHAWK people are involved in this class action..It was stated that only 10% of the 1.5 MILLION would go towards the winng artist-OH!We’re REAL WINNERS where ART is concerned-Take the STAINED glass insert the “goverment” wants to COMMISSION a NATIVE artist to make-again-where,oh where is THIS money coming from?The goverment is back to it’s old INDIAN GIVER shenanigans!Lets see-First nations reserves are given money for infrastructure/schools/WATER,BUT the goverment has NOW said that the first nations in Ontario involved in this class action must now PAY their OWN court costs?Is the goverment going to AGAIN{Attawapiskat?}WITHHOLD said money till this little BILL is PAID?!A little DERVERSION of funds is going towards MEMORIALS & STAINED glass inserts?HONOURING the First Nations People,who are STILL to this day paying for the SINS of the colonists?!Oh-the goverment can come up with the CASH for these artsy fartsy memorials-but AGAIN,they have no interest in RECOGNIZING & compensating the 10’s of 10000’s First Nation/Metis people/children who were TORN from their families/homes /culture during the 60’s Scoop?!Down right pitiful!

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