First Nations in Saskatchewan hold virtual event to mark start of pandemic

The Prince Albert Grand Council and the Meadow Lake Tribal Council hosted a virtual gathering filled with entertainment and positive messages on the anniversary of the start of the global pandemic.

Many entertainers and leaders took part in the virtual gathering called “All in this Together.”

The message that organizers wanted to get out is keep it up and we can get through this.

“The mask the the, gloves the hand sanitizer and getting the vaccine are what’s going to protect our families protect our homes protect our children and protect our grandchildren and our elders and communities,” says Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations Chief Bobby Cameron.

Performers like Ken Bighetty entertained the online audience.

“I love being on camera so anyways ya I talked to kids I said kids just be happy say your prayers make sure to exercise because I exercise I touch my toes I can reach my foot all the way to my mouth.”

The Prince Albert Grand Council Vice Chief Joseph Tsannie says the virtual gathering was also a way to remind people that vaccines are safe.

“We were lucky enough to get some of the first doses of the Moderma come into our communities once the vaccine started rolling into our communities we started hearing the hesitantly from some of our members,” sayd Tsannie.

Tsannie adds that after a year of this pandemic the gathering allowed people to get together.

“I think it was successful because we wanted to reenergize our communities we are almost there. Give them that extra boost to keep going. I think the light is at the end of the tunnel,” Tsannie said.

“Still a lot of uncertainty with the variant coming around.”

Approximately 13,000 people joined the virtual gathering.

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