Feds to announce payout of up to $800M to Indigenous victims of ’60s Scoop

The national settlement with an estimated 20,000 victims, to be announced Friday by Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett

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6 thoughts on “Feds to announce payout of up to $800M to Indigenous victims of ’60s Scoop

  1. As a baby I was adopted into a strick Roman Catholic family from Liverpool England but were residing in Ontario and came to pick me up from Summerside Prince Edward Island .
    I knew I was aboriginal because they told me when i was young after I noticed all my brothers were all blond/blue eyed. But i ended up feeling ashamed because they threatened to send me back to the reserve – so I grew up thinking it was a bad place. I had not experienced culture -the odd beading gift -until 10years ago when my 4 month old daughters father died and randomly someone fromNCFST taught me how to smudge when I walked in for guidance. My learning & path then began and I decided to go back to college and graduated from Community and Justice Services Program and am now on their Program Advisory Commitee. I then became the volunteer coordinator and then the Aboriginal Provincial Youth Outreach Worker for Native Child and Family Services Of Toronto. I believe my past literally launched me on this path after dealing with my father who was brutally physically abusive on a daily basis to all of us except that one brother (?)and it progressed into something darker just before I moved out.

    One of their natural sons sexually abused me too but from a little girl till was 16 and i subsequently was kicked out because my foster sister that had left a year earlier told the police. My parents chose to believe my brother. I spend 26 years away from that house by myself .. no holidays .. nothing… and only recently gone back by request because my dad is dying. I forgave them all years ago.
    Creator helped me heal from this. NOW after having a stroke in December life has really put a bump on this path for me and I have nothing but time to research what went wrong and how can I be compensated even a little..or will I fall into a category where do I deserve it or not again?! I’m hoping this book I’m plugging away at will be welcomed and help me pay off loans that I completely messed up due to dealing with my own demons and mental health and causing immense roadblocks for me.
    Either way we all have our 60’s scoop stories.. How can we all be heard and included?

    The Milkmans Daughter

  2. I live in the united states i left canada in 1985 but i was in foster homes and went to catholic schools since i was 5 or 6 put in foster care they took me from my mom .. i ran away from the foster home they wrre christians and they pushed me into learning there way ,,,and also when i went to school i wasnt allowed to even try speak ojibwe they told me not to talk that jibberish here

  3. I have a claim with a lawyer in Vancouver B.C. for the 60’s scoop, I wonder now if all the lawyers that have taken names or signed us up, will get this done for us of are we suppose to sign up again under a new lawyer for the 60’s scoop case?.

  4. I do not agree with this so called settlement it is another slap in the face by this Federal Govt…I have a lawsuit here in Alberta and did not agree to anything else and was never consulted on these matters in terms of a National settlement….

    1. I think the government should cover our lawyer’s, this is so wrong that we are still paying for what the government did to us as a human being.( just because our skin isn’t white

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