Feds seek to delay human rights tribunal until fall

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It was supposed to be a full two week of testimony at the Canada Human Rights Tribunal hearing a complaint that the federal government under funds First Nations children.

But after a meeting behind closed doors for much of the day Tuesday lawyers appeared long enough to ask for a two-day adjournment

At issue are thousands of documents held by the government as reported by APTN Monday.

The problem is the feds didn’t offer them up. They were discovered through access to information.

The government is expected to enter a motion Thursday asking that the tribunal be put off until the fall.

APTN’s Annette Francis has this story.

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1 thought on “Feds seek to delay human rights tribunal until fall

  1. this decision by the justice legal reps is not srprising. The Canadian human rights system is broken. I have been involved in cases that have been delayed and forced to drag on over 25 years and remain unresolved. The government has unlimited money and the rest of us don’t!!

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