Father charged with first-degree murder in deaths of parents and son in Prince Albert

Police in Prince Albert, Sask., have charged a 28 year old man for killing his parents and his seven year old son.

Nathaniel Kenneth Carrier was arrested Tuesday without incident.

Carrier is facing first degree murder charges of Denis Carrier, 56, Sandra Henry, 56 and his son Bentlee.

He is also facing an attempted murder charge in relation to his five year old daughter Kendrah.

She remains in stable condition in hospital.

A relative says the alleged killer is the son of the grandparents.

“I guess we are still struggling right now because stuff like this doesn’t happen to our family,” Sherry McLellan, Henry’s cousin, said Wednesday.

She said Henry and Denis Carrier began dating in junior high school. Nathaniel Carrier is one of their three sons, she added.

Henry worked at a local Co-op store, where she was known for her friendly demeanour and for making everyone feel important, her cousin said.

She liked to play cards, had a great sense of humour and referred to everyone as “cuz,” said McLellan.

She was also part of a large Metis family, said McLellan, and they are all struggling with what happened, especially since the restrictions around COVID-19 mean they cannot grieve together.

McLellan said she hopes the couple’s other two sons are receiving the support they need.

“We are a strong Metis family where we have values of family and tradition. Family is very important,” she said.

“We are still struggling and reeling from what happened. Our heads are in the clouds and we don’t know really what is going on.”

McLellan has started an online fundraiser to help cover funeral costs and support the couple’s two other sons. Money will also go to help the granddaughter, who remains in hospital in stable condition.

McLellan said she hopes one day there will be answers about what happened, but for now she’s encouraging everyone to tell their family members how much they love them.

“Don’t take your family for granted. Make sure that you check on them. Make sure you extend yourself out to them,” she said. “Let everybody know you love them.”

Carrier’s next court appearance is scheduled for April 15.

The incident happened Sunday Mar. 29.

With files from the Canadian Press

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