Family outraged RCMP labeled slain Indigenous woman ‘sex-trade worker’

APTN National News
The family of Monica Burns, the woman found slain on a remote forest trail in Saskatchewan, is outraged at the RCMP.

The RCMP called Burns a sex-trade worker at a new conference.

Burns’ family says it’s devastating.

APTN’s Larissa Burnouf has the story.

10 thoughts on “Family outraged RCMP labeled slain Indigenous woman ‘sex-trade worker’

  1. Canadians think we are “disposable” people! they just crumple us up & throw us away like garbage and what’s worse it’s socially acceptable!!! Canadian’s only are polite, considerate to each other and not anyone else! 1200 missing and murdered women speaks for itself, remember Robert Picton and how many people he alone tortured and murdered and that is only one individual, how many sociopaths live in Canada?!?

    1. that’s irrelevant to the fact that she was a young woman who was murdered. it implies certain sexist and racist undertones when victims are branded as sex workers and not just grieved as victims of violence. it also reflects poorly on the RCMP and the various news outlets who reported it as such.

  2. yea when I watched the news that night i was angered and flabbergasted that a label of sex-trade worker was put on the poor woman , who has family and a daughter grieving for her. i wondered why they would make such a statement. my condolences to the family

  3. Yes, what she may have done for a living is not relevant to the public, she was a human being, who was murdered. The police need to
    Quit making excuses and do their job.

    1. I agree. When do you ever see: Jim Doe, UPS driver or Jane Doe, Starbucks barista? It’s an element of Rape Culture thinking (which many will tell you doesn’t exist): ‘Oh, she had a low cut shirt on – therefore she was inviting *insert violence of choice here*…’ Sick of it.

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