Family of small boy with cerebral palsy in Winnipeg say they are being discriminated against

Shaneen Robinson Desjarlais
APTN National News

It’s an unfortunate reality for many First Nation families from northern and remote communities that when their children are sick, they must leave home for health care.

And when families are away, they are put up in motels.

That was the case for one Manitoba family who said they were discriminated against and kicked out of their Winnipeg hotel with their disabled toddler.

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18 thoughts on “Family of small boy with cerebral palsy in Winnipeg say they are being discriminated against

  1. This is terrible, these people should be respected and given the finest room in that facility. After all they are the real owners. All the material it was built with came from their land and resources.

  2. Happen to us in wpg. Wen our twins were born told the clerk he better smart up or I would drag him around n den call the cops on myself. And wait. For them n explain why. He looked at me den my wife. N apologize for his actions n told him I was sorry too but would of did wat I told him if he didn’t. We shook hands. Still told the manager in the morning tho

  3. Medical Health services need to put up a step forward into accommodations and be more reachable as well without long waiting holds on telephone.

  4. I wonder if this family could apply to stay at Ronald McDonald House? It’s a nice home away from home and way more affordable than a hotel. The hospital social worker should be able to help arrange this

  5. This is horrible. Don’t back down and speak up for your family..No need to be treated like this, we are all human and deserve the same treatment as white folks

      1. the fact that a child in a wheel chair was put on a second floor in a motel with NO elevator is extreme discrimination not to mention one hell of a safety risk not only for that sweet child but his loving family that wouldn’t leave him behind in a fire as well anyone else on the second floor that may need to use those stairs to escape a fire. No one has it easy, there is always someone that has a issue. Its time we all join the one race we have in common and that’s the HUMAN race. Stop seeing just the skin and see the deeper and scarier issues. Even if something as bad as a fire didn’t happen, think how many times his family carries him and his wheel chair up and down those stairs. Imagine if one of his caregivers fell and lost footing or pulled their back out and could care for him. Imagine how you would feel if that was your child and you were treated or spoken to in such a manor. Discrimination isn’t limited to just skin!

  6. He apologized! He should be fired. I am so tired of people getting away with discriminating against Native people in this country and getting away with it. I am disgusted with what happened! This poor family has enough to deal with. I wish them the best.

    1. If your leaders are discriminating against any human being, its time to step up. Whether that be through your election process or through outright charges through law enforcement agencies. No one should be above the human values of respect, compassion or honesty.

  7. So heartbreaking when you hear this kind of treatment especially when there’s a child involve and special needs at that, where is your humanity, your heart and your conscience. what makes you sleep at night when somebody has to face this kind of treatment, it’s already stressful for a parent that they have a special child but be kicked out like that? I don’t care who you are, when there’s children involve you have to be responsible to insure that they get the treatment they needed to the best of your abilities. somebody has to act now before this kind of problem strike out again.

  8. I had horrible customer service when we stayed there overnight for a weekend birthday party. I literally saw this male front desk clerk basically yell at a customer who found her room to be dirty before even getting her things in and wanted a refund for her money. He was extremely rude to her about the situation, and when I went to pay he was not friendly at all. Very bad customer service there!

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