Family of Peguis First Nation hit and run victim still looking for answers

Police have no suspects after driver who struck Brad Flett fled scene

Members of Peguis First Nation in Manitoba gathered on Thursday to raise awareness about the death of Peguis member Brad Flett, who was killed in a hit and run earlier this year.

A vehicle struck and killed the 52-year-old on the evening of Feb. 1. The individual responsible has still not been identified.

A bald eagle flew overhead as the ceremony commenced, while the family marched in hopes someone will come forward regarding his death.

Rosemary (Rose) Flett leads her community in honouring her brother Brad Flett. She saw the eagle as a sign, and gave a message for the person responsible.

“We ask you to please come forward. Give us peace. Give us justice, as we walk this earth hoping that one day we’ll have closure,” she said. “My kids and grandkids saw that eagle, who do they say right away? ‘It’s uncle Braddy.’ And I said, ‘Yes uncle Braddy is walking with us.’”

The RCMP say they have no leads in the hit and run.

Police escorted the group walking from Rose’s home to the mall in Peguis where traditional jingle dancers and drum players paid their respects.

Although the nature of the gathering was somber, folks were in high spirits, pointing out what they loved most about Brad.

“Today was to honour him, first and foremost, it was to pay tribute to his spirit. He was a kind-hearted person,” said Coun. David McPherson. “As we call it in our language, someone that has a really good heart.”

McPherson added, “There’s lots of memories of Brad in this area. He was one of the first people to stand along this sign. One of the first to support chief and council in their endeavors and willing to help, saying way to go.”

The family then travelled to the scene of the accident, where they’ve set up a teepee and cross.

Rose finished the day with a heartfelt message.

“We ask you to give us peace, comfort and closure. We as family, we ain’t going to hold that hatred. Accidents do happen. We ask you to come forward with any information. We walk with a broke heart not knowing who did this to my brother.”

“I love you Brad, I miss you, until we meet again.”

Family and friends of Brad Flett hope for justice and continue to look for answers as the search for the driver continues.

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