Family and friends say goodbye to Barbara Kentner in Thunder Bay

Dozens gathered in Thunder Bay Wednesday to say a final goodbye to Barbara Kentner. The Anishinabee woman who was hit by a trailer hitch thrown from a car in January died on July 4.

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13 thoughts on “Family and friends say goodbye to Barbara Kentner in Thunder Bay

  1. Very sorry for your loss. This was a senseless racist act. May she rest in peace and may the family know that there are people long distance who share their hurt.

  2. Where do they learn such bigotry? It must and has to be stopped.
    May Gold bless all her family and friends and bring them peace with time.

  3. Aggravated assault?this child has passed,the charges should be moved to murder 1,fore thought ,and malice with Intent…..ifbthis was a white girl,assaulted by a native young man,he would be in an isolation cell,no justice…we are watching…

  4. To the family may your memory be happy ones keep her in your prayers today tomorrow and for ever until you meet her again . To her daughter my girl she your gardian angel now she be watching over you bless all the family member rest in peace Barbara no more pain . And too the person or persons who did this there is a judgement day in your future remember that.

  5. Beautiful kwe♡ Fly High,Rest Easy♡ Hugs & Prayers& Love sent to U Serena♡ & Ur Family.

  6. He will get a slap on the wrist. The city will protect this man from any kind of real punishment. They racist society of Thunder Bay encourages this type of behaviour from their citizens.

  7. Aggravated assault !! This animal took a life . A mother ! a sister ! a indigenous woman . Should be upgraded to murder , condolences to the family to lose someone so close . Nothing this perpetrator will ever know . Hope you get a severe sentence for the crime you have committed in the name for fun as. You racist call it , no excuse for your behaviour, None !!!

    1. very true and everyone in that vehicle is guilty !
      they all need to be charged ! they damn well knew what they were doing – the charge should be murder –
      they are old enough to know the results of their actions !

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