Edmonton lawyer sues province for illegally taking children away from families

An Edmonton lawyer has launched a class action lawsuit against the province of Alberta because he says authorities have no legal right to take so many children away from their families.

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28 thoughts on “Edmonton lawyer sues province for illegally taking children away from families

  1. I could sure use his help. My daughter was handed over to child services by my ex roommates, who i trusted to watch her while i went to Ontario to see my other children for my 5 yr olds birthday, which whom paid my ticket there. 5 hours before i got back to Edmonton they had handed her over, now they still havent given her back and coming up with a bunch of excuses on why they havent given her back yet….. im so lost without her. My baby is just gonna be turning 14 months old… I need this guys help.

  2. Very interesting Mr.Lee I would like to hear from you in regards to my case. I had to go to court to bury my own daughter. My name is Elmira June Deschamps and need a consult with a Lawyer such as yourself. One who has the experience in this field.

  3. I may not be indigenous, but my children were taken illegally as well permanent guardianship. The fatal care system does not like being proved wrong or parents trying to assert their rights, so I was targeted and harassed for years. When this came about I was acused of doing and selling drugs, and because I had never taken a drug test before I went in the day after being accused with enough money they said for a drug test on the phone. I did not know alcohol was extra. In court they stated they don’t know how accurate a urine test is and that I should have provided a hair follicle. Because it was three months later they determined that it would not matter to do one. I was innocent.. and they sent my son to live with his abusive drug addicted father, paid him 500 a month in food vouchers and more for gas vouchers. This enabled him and his girlfriend to be able to afford more alcohol and drugs, and he had to hear how him being there ruined her life and watch them fight… the whole time the director was calling me psycho and they would talk about how awful I was, united in their hatred. Finally the spiteful step mom got mad at my son and phoned and pretended he was on drugs after he told her mom on her for having a meth pipe.. he called it a bat and actually laughed that he knew more about drugs then me. He feels his dad was sticking up for him out of love and doesn’t see him calling her a stupid bitch and telling her to shut the fuck up as wrong, since she would say he ruined her life. I have four more kids in foster care permanent guardianship. He at least is now at my moms, and they want me to stay away making it so I can’t see my older kids as well. They refused me full disclosure and hid what my ex was doing, pretending he had a wonderful job and was loving and caring. They pretended I alienated the kids even though he blocked my number. If anyone knows who to contact about such things my email is [email protected] now that my son is back in my life he has given me the evidence that they hid from the judge to obtain a permanent guardianship order.. but I need help to obtain it. Thank you for your time.

  4. my 2 month old son was born in may and was taken from us 2 days after he was born and they said that we were neglecting him and we are un able or unwilling to provide protection from emotional injury. this is my first born child and I just turned 18. they have used my mental disability against me and used my other half against her, on top of that they applied for a permanent guardianship order on us and the thing is we don’t even know how we could have neglected our son when I stayed up for 2 days while my fiancee slept. I changed him regularly, fed him every 2 hours like we were told, marked down overtime I changed and or fed him and he hardly left our arms. on top of that child family services said because of my disability I am not mentally capable to parent a child and said we weren’t stable. I wish we could get our son back because it wasn’t fair we lost him when I know a person who poisons her daughter on a daily basis and she still has her daughter. like this isn’t fair there needs to be some criminal act against child family services in Lethbridge because they are known for taking children from good parents like my fiancee and I and put them up for adoption. they have no intention of returning our son to us and it is destroying us. I just wish there was some way we could do to prove to the courts we did nothing wrong and always take care of our son. if anyone can give us advice please do so we need some help to get him back.

    1. I’m sorry you’re going through this, my heart hurts for you all.
      Can we agree in Jesus name that you will get your son back healthy, while and strong. And that God will open doors for you and send help to you and your fiance, we ask protection over you and your baby and fiance and give you all wisdom and that your hearts prayers will be answered in Jesus mighty name!

  5. I am a foster parent for 10 years now…..I do not agree with this assessment. In fact I have found that the government does triple back flips for the First Nations…..the bio parents by FAAAAAR more often destroy their own children’s lives and now to blame the government -AGAIN!!!! Just take a look at scuicide statistics in reservations-ENUF SAID!

    1. so what is your point?, what if I state that all foster parents are deceitful?, every and all!! you are collecting money for providing foster care? Are you not?? that’s the real incentive for you’s, right? And that you treat each child according to the wage you receive for them? Right lol, You dont have to agree, but do tell us when have you cared for a FN child?? and how is it that you know the exact reason, why our FN children are committing suicide, you don’t!!

      1. Hmmmmm……actually most of the children in our care have been FN……& I agree, it would be better if we weren’t paid……I would rather receive a reward in heaven….. i shutter at the testimonies of foster children, and my earnest efforts is to give them the best care I am capable of…..we still pray for each one that has past through our home!
        I don’t know the exact reason why FN are committing suicide by the droves, but they are…..do you know why? Teach me.

    2. Ive seen this 2..there are times when a child should never have been removed from thier homes..the trama of being removed does more damage then whatever the reason is that they got removed…but in other cases..they wait 2 long 2 remove the child or childern..but i 2 have seen social services try very had 2 work together with the reserves ..

  6. We need a lawyer like him in Saskatchewan nd other provinces…too many of our children getting robbed from our home’s…

  7. Now all we need is a lawyer to do the same thing here in Ontario. Too many families here have been torn apart by the systematic racism in place in the child protection industry.

  8. “Some people dont understand the anquush of having children removed frim your care, when you know the best place is at home with you” its true that in some extremely severe cases children need protection and saftey to thrive. its true that some parents do notbhave a healthy bond with their child or issues with alcohol or drugs. Where no concerns exist the removal of children is quite cruel and mentally debilitating to that family.

  9. Mona , email 60scoopclassaction ,
    Give them the info you had shared they will contact you
    Ask bout 60Scoopclassaction info as I cannot explain

  10. I went to jail for supposedly obstruction of justice n resisting arrest I’m a grandpa fighting for my grandchildren the ministry tried taking my grand child away from my family
    ..thankful my chief backed me up the child is still with my family now she is 6 years old .I won’t hesitate to fight against if I have too
    Sixty scoop is still happening by our own child n family services even today.they are trying to adopt one of my grandchildren out

  11. I was put in foster home in 1970,put in various homes were they gave me spankings when I spoke cree, was made ward of the government ,in 1980 I ran away from my home when I was 13 years old and my mom took me back, I remember being hungry, getting no presents at Christmas or birthdays , being told Indians were savages, worse was getting endless liickens. For speaking cree when it was all we knew I blame the welfare for doing that and making me hate white people for all the abuse I had to go thru,,,when I got home I learned my culture but to this day I do not remember to speak cree guess too many spankings I do so want to learn my language maybe. Go to a hypnotist and maybe it will all come back to me with no fear, only two homes were really mean one was stedals in Hythe Alberta and one in Grande Prairie the Prices, we were in that one for three terrible years , she hand made are cloths and they were ugly, we were given crackers and peanut.butter for lunches no fruit, cookies or sandwiches no meats at all, we were treated very mean given spanking with a fly swatter, wooden spoons, belts, and bare assed lots with her hands getting pinched with her very long nails , made to do various chores , she was very mean hateful women, every Saturday they ate steak shrimp we were given soup from a can, I hated her , her husband would never lock the door in bathroom I remember seeing his penis in his hand when I would walk in the bathroom and I was 8 years old and sometimes he would walk in when we were having baths dirty man , I hated that home and that’s were welfare put me and for my safety I do not agree with that, I totally blame the government it was when I was 9 I went to a group home in Dimsdale Alberta were I was treated good, got lots of food never went to bed hungry, got two sandwiches and two fruit and a baked treat, got presents at Christmas plus Birthday s and even a rabbit chocolate at Easter , was punished when I disobeyed but it was not to bad mostly grounded and had to stay in my room after school and when I done my home work even went on vacations there, I loved that home cause they were other natives and it was ok we had religion had to go to church but it was fun, with my bad experience I promised when I had kids they would never see a home had two and they are grown up now a girl whose 34 and a boy 26,, they never had to see a home for I was abused torn from my mom dad and grand parents and aunts uncles and cousins

  12. Can we not use the word Aboriginal in your Discussions and Negotiations…..it’s can be very confussing and it is very demeaning to all First Nations, Metis and Inuit alike. We are Indigenous People and should be recognized as such. The word Ab-Original in the governemnts eyes means NOT original and we see ourselves as Original First Peoples of this country. How can you mix cultures and say it’s the same thing. It’s like calling the Chinese, Korean and Japenese People Oriental. They too have their own specific culturals and you can not mix their culture and think it’s ok. Indigenous people of this country can be recognized First Nations, Metis or Inuit Peoples.

  13. We need that type of exposure here in Saskatchewan, ICFS (Indian Child and Family Services), are doing the exact same thing here too. I am aware of a few families that tried everything to get there children back, and apprehended right out of school, no reconciliation from ICFS, no honor to the parents or parent that attended programs and services. Parents finally gave up, they are exhausted from all their efforts. Now the children are in permanent custody and the families made to look like they made no efforts. This so wrong and not fair. Some of these children have outgrown ICFS and are struggling with alcohol and drugs, depression and suicide ideations. I hope help shows up soon. I believe in family and community and I cant look the other way, knowing these children are out there, moved from stranger to stranger. ICFS has a mandate “to return children to their families”.

    1. I’m praying with you sister. If we can agree and ask in Jesus name, it says if we ask in your name our father will grant us our prayer. Open doors no man can close and send your mighty help that will answer these hurting families prayers. We accept, claim and declare victory over the injustices as you make it right was is wrong in Jesus name we pray with mountain moving faith! Amen

    2. Yes we do need a lawyer.up in N.T.too .lot off children’s been aprehanded by child welfare. Some are gone for years and years .l wonder how parents feel .l do know cause when my children’s were taking away from me .l was lonely and miss them so much .l agree we do need a aboriginal lawyer yes yes l say

  14. This is a Blessing. Thank you to the lawyer that is making a stand against Alberta Children Services. I feel for the poor families who suffer from cruel actions of abduction/kidnapping done by the Alberta Children Services. The child is just swiped away without the parent(s) and grandparent(s) knowing. The parent(s) grandparent(s) are denied phone calls, visiting rights, and whereabouts of the child, this is called mental cruelty. The child who is abducted/kidnapped and parent(s) grandparent(s) suffers mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Alberta Children Services stated I had no right as a grandmother to question anything. I went ahead and applied for guardianship, and kept a journal on all the happenings, conversations, who I spoke to and when I spoke. This hurts because it is happening to me, I am the grandmother (kukum).

  15. Hallelujah! ! About time! These children belong to their respective indigenous nations! Canada has no right to take them!

  16. I sure could use his help getting my grandchild back…he was taken the first day he was born and adopted without us knowing…he is a First Nations child being raise by an non Aboriginal family…I have contacted Alberta Social Services and was told there is nothing we can do since his mother was denied all her parental rights….please help…

    1. Praying for you and him, may we claim and declare your victory over this in Jesus name!

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