Dozens of US veterans begin pouring into Standing Rock

Dennis Ward
APTN National News
Members of Veterans Stand have started arriving in Standing Rock.

They’ve come to help set up a new camp established by the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe.

They’re arriving as the eviction deadline for the main camp looms.

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12 thoughts on “Dozens of US veterans begin pouring into Standing Rock

  1. Thank you Water Protectors and Veteran, Water Protectors also. Your standing up is beautiful and have invited the Wakinya to come. Special blessing for all of you.

  2. How did they all get there? Skateboards….bicycles…hot air balloons? If they all drove cars they had to buy gas…where do they think that gas came from??? How do they keep their families warm at home…I don’t think they all burn wood. How many could really survive without the pipeline? Maybe put all of this time and energy to finding a better alternative …

    1. Sam. Are suggesting that we should all be passive to what the oil industry is doing at Standing Rock and around the world? Hell No! I support these veterans fully and I’m using solar panels and electric car too. I am fully aware that it takes oil to build solar panels…, but it is time to move very fast away from fossil fuels!

    2. Yeah, you can’t drink oil either! ! All they are gonna do is contaminate and poison our water. What’s going to happen to the animal’s, fish, farming and us human’s!!?? Lets just go spend our hard working money on bottled water and make them richer!

    3. You care to tally up how may times in a day you use water? How long will you survive without it? No one is saying oil is useless. What were saying, is that without water, there will be no need for oil…Honor the treaty’s, that’s it. If someone doesn’t want a buried pipe near their home. They have every right to say no. And that response, Should be honored. It really simple. If the Fort Laramie treaty of 1851 were properly observed, there would be no protesters there….

  3. Thank you again for protecting our 1st Americans and providing them with safe passage from camp to camp. Thank you laying down your lives for all Americans and thank you for never resenting it. Be safe. Be blessed and be proud . Thank you vets for never giving up on the real America.

  4. Thank you Vet’s and everyone who have put their personal lives on hold to stand with the water protectors.


  5. I stand with you in standing rock. I thank you, for fighting the fight ! ! For, everyone to have clean drinking water . I have, three grandchildren.. Plus, one on the way.
    I want them to be able to turn on their taps and not blow up! This scares me
    Makes me so angry, that this is going on .
    Telling natives to get over it.
    Thank you everyone that was and still at the Standing Rock a camp sites . God Bless ❤ #NoDAPL #ISTANDWITHSTANDINGROCK

  6. Very good reporting APTN, very good as well to see those veterans taking a stand on those proposed pipelines.

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