Doctors tell Thunder Bay woman hit by trailer hitch that she has just weeks to live

Willow Fiddler
APTN National News
A few months ago, a woman in Thunder Bay was struck with a trailer hitch thrown from a passing vehicle as she was walking down the street.

She was badly hurt and hospitalized.

Now she has been told by doctors that she is going to die.

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126 thoughts on “Doctors tell Thunder Bay woman hit by trailer hitch that she has just weeks to live

  1. That piece who hit this innocent woman should be charged with murder when she passes. It’s because of him that this lady only has a short time left on this earth. He completely changed her and her family’s lives with a malicious, violent act. there has to be consequences beyond the aggravated assault.

  2. I feel so sorry. That man should be charged with attempted murder. My prayers go to the family.

  3. so heart breaking , had tears ,, for this poor innocent woman , who just wanted to be happy and this racist piece of shit comes and ruins her life , and might end her life in a split second , hope he gets what he deserves , in life and after , he will ,,

  4. Right! Its very ssd how out great health care providers care less for addicts an alcoholics why??? Theyhave a heart that bleats the same as them an guess what oh her blood is same color. This upsets me how stereo typed these so called professionals are.. Who made them God? Everyone deserves same treatment. Whos to say if she was an addict or alcoholic this would be a life changing experience.
    Terrible makes me angry. Raceisit in hoslitals.Another thing most addicts/alcoholucs are just that because of trauma thats happened to them. So sad…
    sending healing prayers tobacco , smoke , respectfully. Blessings to you an your family, your chikdren maybe?

  5. Prayers to sister and family . I Love You !!! Hang in there !!! Sending Spirits of Healing your way . Silenced by this Atrocious act upon another . No amount of LOVE is too MUCH . PRAYERSUP !!!

  6. Take her to another hospital there must be something they can do find a lifer for her or kidneys it’s not too late pleases Melissa and barb find more dry willing y
    To help

  7. That poor family what the f–k this is Canada supposed to be a peace keeping country. I hope the family sues the assholes that did this to Barbara .my thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

  8. This is basically murder. Has the driver been arrested ? Justice needs to be done.

  9. I don’t have anthing profound to say that hasn’t been said or thought.
    These things bring people together but why does someone have to suffer for us to pay attention to each other humanely… and accept that we all have challenges …it’s what makes us unique. Some challenges or beyond some people’s moral comprehension and yet we think that we know what’s best for them. If they fall short of our life’s ideal for them, they are seen and treated accordingly as unequal.

    There is already so much pain…

    You and your family are in my thoughts Barbar ❤

  10. It breaks my heart to see how this woman is about to pay the ultimate price after being the victim of a senceless act of violence and racism.

    This case is far from unique, however, and old patterns unfortunately endure in this country, to the extent that the United Nations has clearly denounced the way this country treats its Aboriginal population.

    I sure hope for justice to be served in this case. He deserves no less than the harshest sentence available to be made an example, and to send a clear message that such violence will no longer be tolerated in this country.

  11. Ive kept close watch, and Ive prayed, but to see her beautiful face in such agony, I cried with her. I hope and still pray for a miracle.

  12. FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT READ EVERYTHING the accused has been arrested. Yes it’s wrong this happened however what was wrong with her before hand? If she is going to pass on should his charges be upgraded? Something I can bet on is most of the comments are from people who have never been to thunder bay or so on. Do not judge a book by its cover for every action has a reaction and a CONSEQUENCE.

  13. I read about this the other day, a friend of mine in Saint John N.B. posted the article. The young man was charged with something ridiculous like unaggravated assault. Pathetic. This woman’s life is no less valuable than any other human. I pray she proves the Doctors wrong.

  14. When:
    People throw GARBAGE at indigenous people as a regular thing.
    People make an indigenous woman with copious amounts of fluid pouring from a wound in her abdomen wait 6 hours.
    When a family just mentions “someone kicked her chair” hard enough to injure her like it’s a regular thing…
    Thunder Bay might have a serious problem with relations between indigenous and settler people, which should be examined further by APTN. No one should be living with insults and danger like that every day.

  15. Sadly the chances of a young Caucasian male getting a suitable sentence for a crime against a person of colour, especially a female, are extremely low. His getting off scott free or with a slap to the wrist sentence is much more likely.

  16. This is horrific! Have you thought about getting a second opinion from another doctor? I had doctors tell me I didn’t qualify for a transplant because my lover split in two and my heart was in the wrong position, and so on! I came back to the transplant program here in
    Edmonton and back on the waiting list here for heart/double lung. My prayers are with you, praying for a miracle or answer to helping her find a way to heal from this or find help! God bless you all!!

  17. It’s beyond me why after the second attack she had to sit in emerge for six hours!! Hospital needs to be pulled up by their short hairs!!!

  18. Dear Barbara,

    Sending love light and healing to you and your family, trust and believe you can come through this dear one,

    Caroline, Calgary, Canada

  19. Why in the world would a kid do this other then to try to harm? Also why did the woman kick her chair into her at the restaurant? I do hope that woman was charged as well and charges elevated if this poor woman dies. So sad, so very sad.

  20. All the people in that vehicle should be charged, accessories to a crime, they drove around looking for a specific group to attack, they sure as hell weren’t gonna throw it at a white individual otherwise they would’ve been in the news.

  21. Until a Dr. Says it’s the trailer hitch caused her current condition i believe its the alcohol and drugs that is causing her current problems which she had plenty of.This woman also has numerous assaults againts others deffinately not an angel as she is portrayed in the comments.

    1. You’re full of white supremacist BS. What kind of a monster tries to smear a woman on her deathbed? Take a good look in the mirror, Richard. You’re no better than that KKK scumbag who tried to kill Ms. Kentner. You’re subhuman – no soul, no heart, no mind and society would be better off if you didn’t exist.

    2. Of course, if the trailer hitch had not been thrown at her and hit her and injured her we would not be talking about this…….and we would not have any questions about if the assault by a idiot white man asshole had contributed to her condition and if it come to it her death.

    3. Again …. thier is alot of people who have drank and have thies problems! Lots …! Even recovering alcoholics! And if u chuck a trailer hitch at them with a week kidney or liver what do u think will happen? And for the fighting she proably had to fight her whole life! Just to be treated like a human being!

  22. This is so very sad!!!!! This should never have happened!!!! God bless her!!!! Prayers, love and peace to this beautiful young lady and her family. ❤

  23. I am so sorry heart broken to hear this, THUNDER BAY YOU NEED TO WAKE UP … aboriginals are humans to , we all bleed the same way , we dress the same way, we hurt , we are all from one race , THE HUMAN RACE..

  24. That cannot be true, they are just unwilling to do whatever is needed to try to save her. Sure it’s a shot in the dark, but it least it’s a shot.

    Call Winnipeg and Toronto doctors. Ask about colostomy or hemodialysis. There has got to be something that can be done to extend that timeframe, allow the innards to heal a bit more.

  25. My heart is broken with this news. Thunder Bay has so many good people, but there are also ignorant, hate-filled idiots that plague us. We need the opposite of ignorance, hatred, and division to help heal the sickness in our community. In schools, workplaces, places of worship, and every social venue. Inclusion, education, love, acceptance, and understanding should be the focus and priority. Apparently these things are lacking and in dire need of enrichment. How many more lives will be taken? Prayers to this brave soul, I hope divine intervention heals before it’s too late.

  26. This is beyond tragic! This is beyond “just” a hate crime. The young fellows who did this need to take responsibility and be shown no mercy for this woman’s present fate. They were old enough to know right from wrong and that something so heavy as a trailer hitch, deliberately thrown at her, was going to do some damage. There was definitely “intent to harm” and whatever charges were laid in the beginning, they need to be upgraded to MURDER! I’m so sorry to Barbara and her family for this terrible time in your lives. I hope you can manage to find some kind of peace in your hearts and minds. You are in my Prayers.

  27. My prayers i send to you little sister and your family
    What has happened was a premeditated act of violence by this man
    And the law should see it as such.. But sadly all the law will see like the man that threw the tow hitch… Is just another Indian.

  28. My thoughts and perhaps actions are with you.

    What ever the circumstance of her health, the suggestion that liver transplant cannot occour because of needing to be free of alcohol in liver for six month is not an evidence based practice. Mount Sinai in NYC completed study that disputed this grand medical myth we have all heard over the years.

    1. I believe this requirement is in place so that the new organ has the greatest chance of preserving life. I am not saying that this is the case here but……… If they put the liver into an alcoholic and the liver is then damaged and they need a new transplant would the organ not have been better off going to someone who has proven sobriety. That is where the requirement is based off of is my guess.

      It seems to me that the assault uncovered a prior medical condition and aggravated it.

  29. This right here is a huge disappointment to not only to our own but to society!

  30. My heart is breaking for this beautiful woman. I’m so sorry, no words to describe how much better you deserve. Pray & Pray more, miracles do happen. Much love and hugs from Edmonton.

  31. This racist kid better get hit with a murder charge, he knew what he was doing, it was no accident.

    1. Why are they telling her she needs to be alcohol free for 6 months before she will be eligible for a kidney donation? This is a life and death situation. Something is not adding up. Call a lawyer and get a second and third medical opinion, preferably from specialists in Toronto, i.e. far from Thunder Bay.

  32. Really? That’s it, “she has been told she’s going to die”? Let’s try not to be lazy and go into a little more detail at least. This poor woman deserves more.

  33. So so terrible…love and prayers to the family… how can this be? Why so much hatred… ? Why?

  34. You are beautiful my niece’ I love you so much and your have your mother’s strength’ <3

  35. How sad poor Barbara and her family what a horrible thing to happen to her . I hope these assholes get punished severely.

  36. Wow, were they not able to out in a colostomy bag, is hemodialysis not an option?, there are methods of bypassing waste into a bag, that will allow he intestines to heal and rest. Weren’t these considered? Or were her options limited because she was considered an alcoholic or druggie that couldn’t abide with treatment protocols.

    I’ve had dealings with the hospital and every time, my other healthcare professional had to advocate for me and once they were aware other healthcare personnel cared for me greatly, they started treating me like royalty, instead of being treated like an “ignorant” person.

  37. May the lord god be with you….the sun will rise and set and your days will get longer sleepless night will bring you a better day and still you will make foot prints where ever you walk then when the sunsets you will close your eyes to sleep and wake up feeling better.
    And just know the lord god will be there and all the love you have from siblings family and most of all friends.
    You all have a good evening God bless you all

  38. I really hope that the people who done this get manslaughter charges brought on them. This was a racist hate crime. I hope this lady’s story gets told through as many news broadcast stations.

    1. My question too. How are he injuries linked to her impending demise? Or did the doctors uncover a fatal disease? Either way, my heart goes out to this poor woman and her family, and I hope her attacker is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

    2. Her kidneys started failing due to the trauma and she doesn’t qualify for a transplant at the moment.

      1. That is outrageous. A discriminatory policy to refuse treatment due to alcohol addiction when addiction is a medical condition. This is such a tragedy that an exception should be made

    3. Her liver and kidneys are failing and she can’t get a transplant or dialysis there’s nothing more the doctors could do

    4. She sustained injuries to her small intestines. Intestines are very thin and they run like a woman’s nylons unfortunately when there is damage it’s very hard for the doctors to operate and correct the problem. She is basically septic and her organs were failing. I had a girlfriend that had damage done to her intestines from undergoing radiation due to ovarian cancer unfortunately she lost her fight also.

  39. This is so sad and makes me angry. I am so sickened by the racism and violence in this country. Another woman’s life destroyed. Love and support to her family, friends, and community.

  40. Hi Barbra
    Your story made me cry, it’s so sad, There’s a way for you to have everlasting life by giving your heart to Jesus. I’m praying for you and your family, God Loves you and so do I.

  41. I feel so bad for her and her family…Such an unnecessary way to go…I hope and pray the person(s) know what racism does…it shouldn’t have to be that way… but they must pay for what they did her and her family….

    1. I’m hurting inside for the pain this lady is enduring, i also hurt because racism is alive and well in the Ontario Health Care system and the disgusting city of Thunder Bay which is where I am from and trust me I never want to go there again…As for Barb your parents are with you and they are waiting for you to bring you home God Bless Barb. and her family….xxoo

  42. This one has to classed as a “Hate Crime” because of its sheer maliciousness, but it’s the whiteman’s law against another whiteman. No Justice.

  43. This makes me so sad. What is wrong with people? Why such racism? Why so much hate? Why?

  44. This is just horrendous, why cant something be done to help this poor woman live her life?

  45. I am outraged that people do not, or can not see any consequences!! They are not raised with that instilled in them. For every action is a reaction!! I have no doubt that the kid that did this thought is was so funny at the time. The kids that were with him, if there were others, they should all have to face this woman and tell her what they did, why they did what they did, and above all apologize!! I honestly think that they should be made to stand if front of this woman and her family, let them see the reaction of their action. OMG they should have to pay for this woman’s medical needs. This woman deserves at least that!!

    1. For every action is a reaction and a consequence. I guarantee you don’t know both sides of both people’s stories

    1. By what her sister said, “she has to be alcohol free for six months”. If the doctors had done their job the first time, I would think that nothing would cause her to have that little amount of time left, unless of course her kidneys were already too far gone before the attack. Which begs the question, what was going on with her before the attack? Did she already have health issues? She must have already been in need of dialosis, so why wasn’t she getting the proper treatment before the assault? So much wrong with the world.

      1. does it matter her health condition before the attack… no this is about racism nothing else.. she was attacked … because of her race.. thunder bay needs to face up to it.. it is a racist city.. unbelievable

      2. Her history has nothing to do with this racist crime but your remarks do. You are not much better than the person that caused her injuries. Would you be asking these questions if she were white?

      3. Regardless if she was at risk prior to the attack. The trailer hitch tipped her body over the edge and now she will die. Sad 🙁 … Nobody deserves that!!!

      4. Like your comment. And my daughter at 18 about 11 years ago had a empty liquor bottle thrown at her well being a passenger in a car by not to name the type of people to sound prejudice . She had to go to emerg to get the glass removed and told lucky she turned away may had gotten glass in her eyes. The two girls just out of the blue threw the bottle at the car at the corner well they walked around drinking till it was emptied. Same story here just different cultures reversed.

      5. Another report indicated there was pre-existing kidney and liver medical conditions before the assault. The report also indicated the individual refused treatment at one point and left the hospital. Later this report was retracted and an apology of breach of confidentiality was issued to the victim and her family. There seems to be more to the story than that is being told. So sad and tragic for all involved.

      6. why is it when a native person gets hurt its about racism. Its not about racism. Read these comment people have wrote.its kind words not racism words.i feel for this lady.a bad thing happened to her and that is sad.but im confused what did she mean 6 months free from alcohol before she can get a new liver. sound like her liver was shot already be for the accident. Where was she hurt.why will he be charged with murder if she dies.when she had hurt herself with alcohol.

        1. She certainly would not be dying in a few weeks had these kids not picked the weapon of choice on the fly. Apparently the pop wasnt doing enough. Seriously think about it. This is a “big deal” because it was a hate crime!!! Get it?! I would pick another battle if i were you.

        2. Alot of people’s liver and what not r shot from alcohol. If they leave the bar and have a trailer hitch shot at them and r going to die from it is that ok? I know a women who drank her teen years and her kidney and liver was runed so she quit drinking for 20 years and eventually died from her liver or kidney. And if a trail hitch hit her too she would have died from it. So thats ok?

      7. U can thank the wynne Gov for Barbara not getting the proper treatment . It’s seems to
        Me she had a pre existing condition that the drs couldn’t treat.

    1. Premeditated at the very least! Wasn’t a coffee cup they through out the window and it sounds like more than just one pos involved

    2. its premeditated as they knew what they were doing when they went searching to throw it. the point was to harm if it hit.

  46. I hope that hate crime gets updated to murder when she dies! What an evil entitled piece of garbage! I’ve known this family for a very long time. Not only did they lose their parents in a short amount of time, but their grief and loss has let them down dark paths!
    Why is it OK for white entitled privileged kids allowed to murder the marginalized first nation people?

    1. I’m not saying this wasn’t racist because it was and it’s horrible but please do give antithetical example or news story of a white person murdering a native? Please do

    2. Don’t to down play the situation, it’s terrible and I don’t wish it on anyone but he’s hardly entitled or privileged. He’s part native himself. Still, I hope he gets what’s coming to him.

    1. It has been traced back to Braydon bushby, he was known as an absolute as shat around town before and has since been arrested

    1. you are right Tom.. i once met a ‘jerk’ from Thunder Bay who indeed confirmed that he and most of the residents did not like Indians! And yet, he trys to make a living selling ‘Native ART’ .. such hypocrisy!

  47. Time to talk to a lawyer. The best legal lawyer you can find. If it was me. I’d be suing.

    1. What good would suing do when you are going to be dead in a couple weeks. The kids who did this turned themselves in and will be punished, and will serve a life sentence knowing they killed someone. They were 18 and made a mistake that ruined both her and their own lives in a couple seconds.

      1. At 18 it was not a mistake it was intentional and they had to know that the hitch would cause severe damage! I have no sympathy for them, but my heart goes out to that poor woman and her family! The woman who kicked her chair at the restaurant should be charged too!

  48. OMG how horrible. My heart breaks for this family. There is no punishment great enough for the offender. In the end,its the families who lose

    1. I am so disgusted and angry!I wish i could get hold of the beast who did this.He is a piece of shit,a worthless human being,a complete waste of space!

  49. How very disturbing that an individual could actually do this , I hope this person is caught and is incarcerated for the rest of their lives ; what is wrong with some people to think that’s this is okay. Very tragic …

    1. He did get caught and was charged with aggravated assault and released. And history repeats itself.

    2. This person was charged with aggravated assault. He has since been released and is working at a local grocery store called ‘Renco’ as a security guard.

      1. OMG, such a typical response towards our Indigenous people and how justice is served. This person will go on to continue to work while she will die. UNFAIR. Prayers to this young lady and to her family.

    1. the one responsible charged with aggravated assault ?
      are you serious ? attempted murder is exactly what it should have been !

      1. It is clearly attempted murder. That trailer hitch didn’t just fall out of the vehicle. It was thrown with the deliberate intent of harming this woman. She needs justice and the man who attacked her needs to pay the consequences for his violent actions.

        1. Wanting to harm someone isn’t the same as wanting to kill Someone. The crown will have to prove there was intent to kill rather than Harm. That’s why it will be aggravated assault.

    2. I don’t understand why she has to be alcohol free for six months before they will even put her on the kidney transplant list. This sounds like BS and discrimination. Thunder Bay has been exposed as a cesspool full of violent, racist white supremacists… it’s obviously infected the entire community. I wouldn’t even trust the doctor’s there, especially given how the hospital staff ignored her in the ER. They need to get a second and third and fourth opinion and call a good human rights lawyer to deal with the hospital ASAP.

      1. I don’t think it’s a racist measure. I believe that potential kidney and liver transplant recipients must be alcohol free for six months because the kidneys and liver are the body’s filtration system. That’s why a lot of alcoholics develop cirrhosis of the liver, liver disease and/or kidney disease and/or kidney failure. To be blunt about it, they don’t want to waste a good kidney or liver on someone who is going to kill it. 😛 It’s a pretty standard requirement. Organ transplants are not easy surgeries.
        *I’m not a doctor or healthcare professional.

        1. true. Plus if a person has too much alcohol in the system it can make the blood too thin for surgery. Body needs to heal before surgery

      2. Alcoholic liver disease (ALD) is the second most common diagnosis among patients undergoing liver transplantation. They ask that you wait the 6 months so your body can fully recover to withstand the undergoing of your body accepting an organ that was at one time in another body!!!(LT).

      3. Patients who continue to drink alcohol despite medical advice are not considered for transplantation in Canada.
        It does not matter what nationality you are, if you continue to drink you will not be offered a liver, because you will ruin that liver too.

        So they give this lady a liver and it helps her get better for a while and heal from her trauma and she continues to drink she will ruin that liver.

      4. I am white My mom is white- She also needed to be sober for at least 6 months before receiving a kidney. It has nothing to do with race- the Drs want to make sure that any adult with any sort of history of drinking is sober for x amount of time so the kidneys- which there arent enough of- go to recipients that have the best chance of not harming the new transplanted kidney. Im sorry if this doesnt make sense to you – I lived through it and I can still respect this policy. BTW my white mom never received her kidney as she could not maintain sobriety- she died. I still support this policy. Not everything as something to do with race

      5. Being alcohol free is required because drinking affects the kidney in a negative way.. its not about race , its about damage to the new kidney..


      7. god will bless her and take care of her ,

        As for the (white guy). I hope he goes jail and get locked up looooong he deserves it!!! Grrrrr I hate racism

      8. Get with it if you want to complain learn first don’t jump to conclusions this is why we have so much racism and violence idiots like you post such stupid comments before finding out facts I’m sure u will just blow off all comments!

    3. who in the name of god would do something like this to another human being,they should be arrested and put in jail for life
      Roy Carpenter

    4. Yes it’s horrible but people always seem to let things go too long would of been great it one of the friends or family tried helping her for other issues before this happened I’m sure if helped before she may not ……….citation hope she gets better .

      1. I agree with u 100 percent she needed help for her other issues . I feel for her and her family it’s a sad situation I understand they lost there parents early on but that’s no excuse not to get the help u need when u need it.

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