Did Tammy Keeash have bite marks on her hand? Her mom thinks so

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25 thoughts on “Did Tammy Keeash have bite marks on her hand? Her mom thinks so

  1. non senses i say, the police aren’t doing their jobs right because they are racist towards us First Nations. This is why I try telling some of my family to get outta that town it’s not safe anymore, to much hate on us FN youth. Prayers to Tammy’s family

  2. My condolences to all the familes and friends who have lost their loved ones. This is tragic and doesnt seem to be an end in sight.
    I am non-aboriginal and have been the victim of what I could only call borderline torture at the hands of Thunder Bay’s “finest”. Sloppy and lazy are kind adjectives to give these sadists. Granted not all the officers are cut from the same cloth, but the rotten ones spoil the bunch as the saying goes.
    It truly would not surprise me if it were actually a police officer(s) killing these kids. Call me a conspiracy nut, but truth IS stranger than fiction!
    Also as was previously stated, no one is drowning in their home communities. You can’t go more than a few kilometers anywhere in Ontario without reaching a lake or river.

  3. this is bullshit and the genocide is allowed to continue, there would be outrage if this happened in the non aboriginal communities…prayers to the families may you find peace and forgiveness to those that stole your children senselessly…be strong and i walk with you in your grief.

  4. If you read the article, it says she had been drinking with her cousins. I guarantee that everyone who has ever had a little bit too much to drink can vouch for me that once you have too much and because drunk, you are not in full control of yourself. You do stupid things that you normally wouldn’t do, and sometimes you don’t remember even doing these things.
    What I’m saying is it’s very possible that she had too much to drink, left, decided to go back, but her cousins weren’t there anymore, so she went looking for them.. ended up near the water, and decided to go for a swim. Personally, when I am drunk around water, all I want to do is swim. It would be so easy for a drunk person who isn’t in full control to drown because they thought they could go swimming. Just saying that obviously the police had evidence to base their decision that it was not criminal and that it was just another drowning.

    1. If you read the story,there was next to no water there,no possible way she drowned.

      1. If you actually walk out into the reeds it looks completely dry but the water goes above your ankles

    2. U read the article very carefully it says’she left cause she didnt want to be late for her curfew,n there was little or no water where her body was.thats not stupids things.

    3. U read the article very carefully it says’she left cause she didnt want to be late for her curfew,n there was little or no water where her body was.thats not stupid things.

  5. Its a high ranking family member of either the police or mayor…or possibly a police group themselves…because it is totally correct these kids do not drown on their reserves and most reserves are next to lakes without lifeguards. Someone or some group is killing these kids.

  6. I believe these kids are being murdered. We have a serial killer out there. I just have that gut feeling and he or she or both are targeting our native children… I have native children and i fear for them everyday now that this is going on…. Thunder Bay at on point use to be such a safe place to live.. Police need to look deeper into these deaths and really consider that just maybe we do have a serial killer in thunder bay…

  7. I believe there is a group out there targeting First Nations people. The whole thing is too fishy. You don’t hear of First Nations people drowning on their reserves. Why here??? I truly believe these students/First Nations people were murdered.

  8. Time for our own Ppl to start getting into the coroner profession. These non natives are doing a poor job of it. That tune the Police sing “no foul play” needs to quit playing.
    Families who find themselves in this situation need to check their loved ones thoroughly before burials…
    Pray the creator protects our Ppl from these heinous murderers.
    Condolences to the family.

  9. These police officers are so lazy and unprofessional about their job. Maybe it’s time the United States steps in and show them how to solve a crime. How many people have to die to get them to do their job. I think it’s time for this country to have a conceal carry law so these individuals can protect themselves because the police are not protecting these people. It’s time for someone to step in and start putting these lazy police officers to work. I’ve never seen lazy police work like this before in any country. It’s time for these youth to carry guns.

    1. This is still under investigation, preliminary results mean first look. It’s not over. And giving a weapon to someone under the influence is never smart. If we want a police state, keep blaming the police. If you want freedom, we all must take some responsibility. I am doing my part, by trying to add, not take away. I’ve seen lazy cops first hand, but no one wants to go to work and have recovered a dead child. Police officers are members of the community, fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers. I have been accused of racism in the past because I wasn’t a real “Indian”, or “Indian enough” because I was a “Mixed Breed”. How could I possibly understand? I look white, when fathers of girlfriends found out, I had “Native” parents I became a no good “Dirty Indian”. There are 23000 First Nations people in Thunder Bay, and all are judged for the actions of a handful of drunks, drug addicts, and criminals, who also just happen to be First Nation. Don’t let opinion become your facts. Most people do.

  10. I’m starting to think maybe it’s the family members of the Thunder Bay police. Why are only First Nation youths for dead. Something is going on. Now I scared to send my two grandkids off to University am I going to see them again? I’m not racist I grew up in town all my live & have family members (non First Nation) who are police officers.

    1. Thats what I thought too. Racism all the way through. Wouldn’t doubt Aryan Nation.

  11. I’m so sorry Pearl for the loss of your daughter. If your gut is telling you to fight for answers then you need to.

  12. Sounds like a cover up or sloppy police work. It would not be the first time.

  13. I have so many questions welling up inside me, that I don’t know where to start. They have probably already been answered, but they are still with me as I don’t see the answers. Who, what member of the family identified Tammy’s body? Was there an autopsy? If not, why not? If yes, what were the findings? I believe the questions of Tammy’s mother. And I find the answers for some just a little bit too glib. Why was Tammy’s mother not allowed to see her daughter’s body when she asked? Some of the answers given to Tammy’s mother by police, would more rightfully come from the coroner’s office, (I think). I Wish there was some way for me to get at the answers to some of my questions. Right now, I do not have enough information, and am dissatisfied with what I have, to determine this was just a drowning. My gut tells me that there is a lot more that is missing. I don’t care if I sound paranoid. I have an instinctual feeling that some truth is missing.

    1. The problem with her being in protective custody, is that it is difficult for her biological mother to advocate for her, and might be the reason for the vague response from the authorities. Hence, the poor girl is really left without any viable advocate. The biological mother needs to insist on her rights as a parent, and insist on further investigation.

    2. Your right something is missing but really how much booze did she drink? Because I have my life guarding and I once fell off a dock drunk and it took me 15 mins to realize I was in chest deep water….. Because e they were drinking is why I think they arnt taking it as what I think it is a murder

  14. Hmmmmm? Wasn’t Jordan Wabasse found with one shoe on in the Kaministiquia River back in Feb. of 2011? The other on the bank? Something sounds strange to me!

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