Death and questions along Thunder Bay’s ‘river of tears’

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6 thoughts on “Death and questions along Thunder Bay’s ‘river of tears’

  1. The river of tears is in fact a man made floodway river system constructed to address the flooding of waters away from the intercity area of Thunder Bay… Man made diversion, prevents the flooding of intercity…

  2. I too am wondering if there is something more sinister going on here but, I believe if there is any blame to be brought about, there is plenty to go around to all parties, including intoxicated students putting themselves at risk. You can not only blame police.

  3. The police staff needs to be fired immediately and investigated. They must be involved if they are trying to say the murders are non violent, after finding the youths with their pants down. Honestly they need to be put behind bars. They can’t be doing that line of work if they are racist pigs.

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