Cross Lake First Nation latest community dealing with COVID-19 outbreak

Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller says Cross Lake First Nation in Manitoba is the latest community to get hit by an outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

“Over the last week I’ve had the chance to speak to many leaders who are fighting COVID on the front lines, including Chief David Monias of Cross Lake,” said Miller. “Despite outstanding work in the remote community and deploying vaccines under difficult conditions, fighting many waves of COVID, they’re currently fighting an outbreak among the very young.

“So it’s with great joy that we welcome the news that Pfizer will be available to children 12 and over.”

Miller said the vaccination programs across the country are going well.

As of May 11, 416,000 people have been vaccinated with their first dose in 690 communities.

Miller said 134,000 have received a second shot.

“This represents about 68 per cent, a little over 68 per cent of Indigenous adults living on reserve or in the territories,” he said.

Reporter / Ottawa

Originally from the Cree Nation of Chisasibi on the eastern coast of James Bay, Quebec, Jamie has lived in Ottawa since 2015. Trained in journalism at Carleton University, he has worked as a freelance print journalist and as a writer/researcher for the Cree unit of CBC North out of Montreal. Jamie was hired as the reporter/correspondent for the Ottawa bureau in October 2019.