Cree and Inuit gather to share knowledge in launch of Hudson Bay consortium

More than 200 Cree and Inuit gathered to launch the Hudson Bay consortium.

Lucassie Arragutainaq is from Sanikiluaq, an Inuit community located on the Belcher Islands of Hudson Bay.

Since the 1990s he has wanted to collaborate to share Inuit and Cree knowledge of the ecosystems of Hudson Bay and James Bay.

“We understand what is going on exactly. That is what it matters really,” said Arragutainaq. “We just want to be a part of the process and understand what is going to happen within Hudson Bay and James Bay.”

Arragutainaq dream came true this week as more than 200 Cree and Inuit gathered in Montreal to launch the Hudson Bay consortium.

“How can we keep the bays healthy for future generations, how can we make sure that young people can learn Indigenous knowledge and go out and hunt” said Joel Heath, co-founder of the Arctic Eider Society, explaining its purpose.

MP Hunter Tootoo says it’s positive to see everyone around the same table for a common goal.

“For us that live there, and rely on it, we all have something at stake,” said Tootoo. “I think it is important that everyone come together and collectively come up with a plan on how to preserve and protect and monitor the waters that we rely on for livelihood.”

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