Creator of ‘Got Land? – Thank an Indian!’ slogan threatened on social media

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Jeff Menard, the creator of the controversial “Got Land ?– Thank an Indian!” – clothing line is in the news again this week.

This time because of threats to him and one of his young supporters in Saskatchewan.

APTN’s Shaneen Robinson has the story.

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11 thoughts on “Creator of ‘Got Land? – Thank an Indian!’ slogan threatened on social media

  1. I do love your tee shirt slogan and support your stand in wearing it proudly. I am not an indian…but my mom was a german (thx to hitler)….she was somewhat of an outcast in her child years and the only families that would allow her play with them…was the Indians.
    Thank you… My mothers best friends and my aunts and blood relations..were the Cree Indian (W
    pg, Thompson and Churchill). Thank You…. I support you totally and love the first nations…you have my support and always have had. And I thank you for the love and support you have extended to my family over the many many years. Grateful…truly grateful , I am . 🙂

  2. Cowardly punks threaten a girl because her hoodie or t-shirt speaks the truth? Quit hiding in your rooms behind your computers and show your faces and speak up so we all know who you are. These brave people have done that much. You scumbags just hide in the shadows and make threats.

  3. Thank YOU, Jeff Menard, for your clothing and your support for the girl who has been victimized by fellow Canadians. It’s a sad day when we see that our sisters and brothers have so much much hate that they resort to threats of violence just because of an opinion. It just goes to show that many people can’t handle The Truth. That is what we are put here for, to be a light for those lost in the darkness of ignorance. THANK YOU again for standing up for what’s right and true without hating back! And Thank You to APTN for sharing the stories! Stay real!

  4. so sad its a tee shirt and a true tee shirt so sad what happened to free speech in Canada

  5. This is one of the best slogans I have ever seen … Hats off [to you]! Wear the hoodie instead 🙂

  6. I know truth hurts but think of all the racist remarks there have been towards INDIANS, We have had a culture .and Land here before contact This land was inhabited before there were people washed up on our shores,we made TREATIES we were never conquered honor treaties not handouts. As they say get over it.

  7. I love this guy he is so right, 🙂

    our fore fathers lost it maybe he can help get some back !

  8. like I say our fore fathers lost it and this guy and anyone wearing the slogan just may get it back !!!!! can we get them in Ontario?

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