Coroner’s jury begins deliberations into the police killing of Rodney Levi


Rodney Levi in an undated photo. Photo courtesy of the family.

Jurors in the corner’s inquest investigating the RCMP fatal shooting of Rodney Levi, 48, from Metepenagiag First Nation in New Brunswick have begun deliberations.

Levi was shot dead by police in Sunny Corner, N.B., on June 12, 2020, after officers responded to a complaint about a man with knives at a home.

The shooting was investigated by Quebec’s police watchdog, the Bureau des enquetes independantes, and prosecutors determined the officers on the scene believed Levi was using force against them and were justified in killing him.

Levi was electroshocked three times and then allegedly told officers they would have to put a bullet in him.

Coroner John Evans gave his instructions to the five-member jury this morning, telling them they must decide whether Levi’s death was a homicide, a suicide or whether neither can be determined.

Coroner John Evans. Photo: Angel Moore/APTN.

His family maintains that he was not suicidal.

Evans says the jury is not to assign blame but needs to determine the nature of Levi’s death and issue recommendations to help prevent a death under similar circumstances in the future.

With files from the Canadian Press