Conditions wiped from Brazeau’s cocaine possession, assault case, according to Quebec court records

Reports say Brazeau to plead guilty to lesser charges in sexual assault case

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All the conditions imposed on Independent Senator Patrick Brazeau have been removed from his cocaine possession and assault case, court records show.

Brazeau is scheduled to appear Tuesday to face charges of assault, uttering threats and cocaine possession stemming from a 4 a.m. April 2014 incident that ended with his arrest and his belongings tossed into the snow in the backyard of a residence owned by his current girlfriend

Court records show that all the conditions stemming from the April case were removed on June 30.

The conditions initially imposed on Brazeau included staying at his designated residence between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., abstaining from alcohol, staying away from a man involved in the April 2014 incident and undergoing counselling. A condition to stay away from his current girlfriend was removed at an earlier date.

In a separate case against Brazeau, the Algonquin Senator is also scheduled to appear Tuesday for the continuation of his sexual assault trial which was adjourned June 30. Two conditions imposed on Brazeau as part of his sexual assault case were also removed. He is still required to be of good behaviour and stay away from the alleged victim of the sexual assault, who is a different person than his current girlfriend.

The Ottawa Citizen is reporting that Brazeau is expected to plead guilty to simple assault and cocaine possession as part of a plea deal struck to end his sexual assault trial.

The Quebec Crown handling Brazeau’s multiple criminal cases had been treating the cocaine, assault and uttering threats case stemming from the April 2014 incident separately from the sexual assault case.

Crown prosecutor Sylvain Petitclerc would not comment on the Citizen report, telling APTN National News to wait and see Tuesday.

A plea deal in the midst of the sexual assault trial would be a stunning turn given that Brazeau’s alleged victim had endured about five days of cross-examination by the defence that at one point left her in tears. The judge-only trial adjourned June 30.

The Crown was expected to submit video evidence when the trial resumes Tuesday showing Brazeau’s statements to the police shortly after his February 2013 arrest for sexual assault.

The trial also heard testimony in June from the alleged victim who said she feared for her life during a morning of strife with Brazeau at a Gatineau, Que., residence. The woman alleged Brazeau sexually assaulted her at the home after he pushed her down the stairs. She also alleged that Brazeau choked and spat on her.

The trial also heard in June from the Gatineau police officer who was first on the scene. He testified the alleged victim was crying and trembling when he showed up at the door following a 911 call. He also testified he smelled alcohol on Brazeau’s breath as the Senator was cuffed.

Brazeau’s defence has tried to counter the Crown’s case by portraying the alleged victim as an aggressor, who physically confronted Brazeau that February morning because he wanted to end their relationship.

Brazeau’s defence lawyer Gerard Larocque has also tried to undermine the alleged victim’s credibility by highlighting her entry into Canada. It emerged during trial that the victim, a Colombian national, entered Canada from Mexico using fake Mexican passports for her and her children.

Larocque also suggested she received Canadian residency in a quid pro quo with the RCMP for her help in their Senate investigation into Brazeau.

Brazeau was also expected to testify in his defence when the trial resumed.

Larocque could not be reached for comment.

Brazeau is facing a separate set of charges across the Ottawa River in Ontario. He is scheduled to face trial in March 2016 on charges of fraud and breach of trust charges related to his Senate expenses.

Brazeau was also charged in October 2014 with two counts of being in the care and control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and being over the legal limit. That is also being handled separately.

Brazeau was kicked out of the Conservative caucus after his arrest for sexual assault. He was also suspended from the Senate. That suspension ended after the writ was dropped triggering the current federal election.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper appointed Brazeau to the Senate.

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