Father of Manitoba likeness on Canadian mint’s latest coin

Louis Riel is honoured by the Royal Canadian Mint on what would have been his 175th birthday. (Mint photo)

The father of Manitoba now has his face on a brand-new silver dollar.

The Royal Canadian Mint unveiled Louis Riel’s likeness on the shiny coin Tuesday.

“Louis Riel is both an iconic figure and an aspirational role model not only for the Métis Nation, but for all Canadians,” said Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand in a news release.

“He protected Métis self-determination, stood strong for language, religious, and Indigenous rights, and resisted injustice.”

The coin was unveiled on what would have been Riel’s 175th birthday.

It is the first coin produced by the mint to be engraved with the Michif language.

It also features an engraving of Riel’s signature.

It was designed by Métis artist David Garneau and costs $59.95.

Only 15,000 will be available in November.

“We are proud that our newest collector coin recognizes that Louis Riel’s leadership and tireless advocacy for the Métis Nation made an undeniable contribution to Manitoba and Canada,” Mint president and CEO Marie Lemay added in a release.


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