Cindy Blackstock refuses funding from INAC saying it failed ‘ethical screen’ test on anniversary of historic ruling

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12 thoughts on “Cindy Blackstock refuses funding from INAC saying it failed ‘ethical screen’ test on anniversary of historic ruling

  1. Awesome!!! Vote Cindy for the highest humanitarian Award…in the world!!!
    & this government wants to celebrate 150 years of what??? Genocide! Oppression!! Subjugation!!! Assimilation!!! Deprivation of our lands, resources, languages, cultures, treaty rights, autonomy, family and our children…

  2. Always have seen this woman as the person who can get our country to brass tacks and ethical behaviour.

  3. Get rid of INAC replace it with something else. It’s outdated and full of crap. Too many rules and hoops we are put through by the government and INAC is a huge one. Leaders of aboriginal communities need to step up their game when it comes to advocating for their people in many ways. You can get a passport quicker then a status card with these people or replacement cards. Education is a joke as well, ESL receives funding yet we’re paying out of our own pockets to save our language.

  4. Such a strong voice Cindy. I admire you greatly for your perseverance and determination. Don’t let the government off the hook!

  5. Wonderful Cindy. Your efforts are monumental. Too bad our government has too many who are lacking ethics and are for the most part, dead from the neck up.

  6. Ms. Blackstock is the epitome of leadership. You can forget the sad sacks at AFN and mandarins in Ottawa. Reconciliation? What’s that?

  7. The system of aboriginal care and funding is corrupt. As a family member my matriarch rights are undermined. We are not informed when a parent lis lost thru mental illness of their own. Their own child borne onto them gets immediate apprehension without contacting the other family members. I am in agreement to not accept any funds from the corrupt work ethics of it’s governmental children’s care agencies. The grandchildren have all been apprehended without just cause.

  8. I FULLY support this amazing woman’s determination and will echo it in my band meetings as to why we should support her position

  9. Well done! Strong principles, show them we refuse to be messed around like that, no corruption. Marsi cho

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