Chiefs trying to get Canada to honour treaties

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Chiefs from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba continued their meetings Wednesday.

They’re in Onion Lake trying to figure out a way to get Canada to honour treaties.

APTN’s Jorge Barrera reports while chiefs are driving discussions, grassroots people are there hoping for change.

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1 thought on “Chiefs trying to get Canada to honour treaties

  1. as long as the elected Chief’s continue to stay in their positions, nothing is going to change. They ALL need to step down at the same time and let the people deal with it now. We have the people and we know what we are doing. We will handle this in a peaceful and respectful manner, but you as employees can not. Original signatories rightful heirs and successors…go ahead call me crazy, but it really isn;t that tough and please give me the respect and really think about it and follow the laws…Skennen’kowa

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