Chief says RCMP threatened to call in child and family services if parents failed to leave community


6 thoughts on “Chief says RCMP threatened to call in child and family services if parents failed to leave community

  1. Are you kidding me. These people have been here longer then anyone. And handed down the knowledge of Survival.
    If the lawmakers had listend to the Elders This planet would be in better shape.
    The Chief did right in saying no to the evacuation of his people.they did save the land , good for you chief of the Bonaparte Indian Band .

  2. I’m a Eurocanadian settler descendant and I’m thoroughly ashamed of many forms of exploitation imposed on First Nations, including residential schools. But this latest incident is especially disturbing. Why? 1. There was a Truth and Reconciliation Commission: whatever its merits or demerits, it was reported widely in the mainstream press. There is no excuse for RCMP members NOT TO KNOW about this history and the intergenerational trauma it caused. They cannot plead ignorance. 2. Some ranchers in 100 Mile House are also staying behind to protect their lands, homes, and animals. They were not threatened with their children being taken away. So: Blatant discrimination. 3. In the quote above, Annie Linteau was responding to a reporter’s question yesterday. This was 3 days after the Sunday altercation. She had 3 whole days to think about it, modify her position, sound more conciliatory, etc. The reporter asked a second question, ‘Does this incident change the way you may interact with FN?’ Answer: No. Her ignorance and arrogance is thus deeply held; she should be replaced immediately. This type of attitude in the midst of major disasters will, I hope, be challenged. And I believe that First Nations are doing the right thing by staying behind. White settler, capitalist society has a long history of using disasters to dispossess more vulnerable people, e.g. African-Americans losing their homes in New Orleans after Katrina; they never got them back, as New Orleans became gentrified by real estate developers. If there is any protest about this issue, I would like to be there.

  3. Point to ponder folks….

    The Indigenous tribes in British Columbia have been successfully fighting forest fires before even Christianity was invented…The Indigenous People know their territories and they know exactly what to do in any scenario. These were all lessons taught by the Creator when we were born with the land….all Indigenous nations had that ability right across our vast ancestral land until colonial civilization ruined us…

  4. The relatives or neighbours of the families should take the children with them! RCMP don’t continue with breaking up our families! To serve and protect! You are in our Territories! Honor and Respect INDIGENOUS PEOPLES OF CANADA! It takes a Community to raise a child…

    1. I totally agree that it is your right to make decisions on your own land. But if you are unsuccessful in controlling the fire and children die…your nation wears it. Don’t finger point after the fact.

  5. Evacuation orders are not about safety .. they are about money, power and control, and fear mongering… money the province cannot spend helping people like these reserves. Fear mongering,by having the general population in fear of their future so when nothing happens the government can cllalim power and control by saying look what we saved for you and the population gives them more power and control for their heroic actions when in reality the government did .. little to save anything and purposely disrupted lives unnecessarily.

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