Chief Bobby Cameron on new Saskatchewan task force: ‘None of them are wanted’

Saskatchewan has created a new protection and response team based on a rural crime report released last week which one First Nations chief says is a bad move.

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5 thoughts on “Chief Bobby Cameron on new Saskatchewan task force: ‘None of them are wanted’

  1. I believe that the FSIN should revisit its original purpose TREATY PERTECTION. be proactive about it .Then we won’t be reacting when its too late NOT CRITICIZING JUST A THAUGHT I KNOW OUR LEADERS ARE DOING THEIR BEST

  2. If having more law enforcement in any jurisdiction causes a particular demographic to “be in jail” then it is incumbent on that demographic not to break the law. That being said I think increasing rural enforcement will not lead to more arrests of indigenous people. The reality is there are mostly non-aboriginals going to farms to steal, vandalize and trespass. When it comes to rural crime in my experience they are usually non-aboriginal (white) criminals thieving metals for recycling, shooting deer from the road (then trespassing), taking farm implements and stealing from grain bins. I think the FSIN will be shocked when the rural enforcement starts putting white rednecks in jail who’ve been raiding our farm operations for years.

  3. There is racism against anyone that isn’t Aboriginal and this article reeks of same as well as discrimination and prejudice!!!

  4. We need more FN self-administered police services like the File Hills First Nations Police Setvices, to work in cooperation with the RCMP and municipal police services. Or else we’ll always be complaining about being policed by external police services.

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