Canada taken to task on racial discrimination in Geneva

Indigenous nations and other groups took Canada to task Monday over its record on racial discrimination, as well as recognizing lands and resources in Geneva, Switzerland.

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4 thoughts on “Canada taken to task on racial discrimination in Geneva

  1. Wish someone would bring up the issues of racism within the court systems from the provincial to the Supreme courts. Lawyers lie to beat the band and the judges stand alongside and behind them. Really bad in divorce court and small claims especially if a female First Nation is the plaintiff. The White male and female lawyers ensure that they win with their lies. The court system requires an indepth review here in Nova Scotia.

  2. I am so glad the world can finally see how racist Canada’s policies toward First Nations are. How they smile and say one thing and then do another. Truth is the only way things can begin to change. Pam and and everyone who has worked so hard to not let them get away with these vague lies, my family and I send you love and respect. Thank you.

    1. In most cases when Canadians say they\re exposing the truth of how Aboriginals have been treated the story is so distorted that there’s lucky if there’s only 5% truth to the story! I’ve spoken out to the media many times and nothing was ever mentioned of the issues that I researched and exposed except when I wrote for Kahtou, an Aboriginal newspaper based out of Sechelt, BC. I’m Aboriginal, born in 1955 and can’t see ANYONE who went through what I went through and saw what I saw stand up and say, “I’m PROUD TO be CANADIAN!” I wrote an autobiography titles “Almost a Born Loser!”, available at [email protected]. It’s me and the girl I called Jennifer, not her real name, about our life experience being the 1st generation after the Residential Schools and the struggle we went through to do something with our life but still weren’t able to work to our full potential!

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