Canada ready to sit down with 60’s Scoop survivors to work out a deal, but few details available

Executive Producer / Ottawa

Todd Lamirande is Red River Métis. Todd first joined APTN in 2000 as a writer - researcher. He went on to be a videojournalist based in Vancouver. Todd has hosted three programs for APTN News and Current Affairs: the national news, Investigates and Nation to Nation.

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2 thoughts on “Canada ready to sit down with 60’s Scoop survivors to work out a deal, but few details available

  1. my mom went through the residential school system and within a year she left this world, the anger and shame she experienced as a result and then after years of trying to forget it was all brought up again. I am positive that the memories caused her to give up …. she and I talked about the abuse once and she would never speak to me about it again. as a result of her upbringing and the loss of her familial ties she became as lost as I did … in trying to discover a place or people’s to belong with. I am one of seven children, none of my family members were in contact with my mom because we were all ‘scooped’ by the authorities of the day. from what I discovered all the family members were scooped in the United states and then my mom left and came to Canada where I was born, and then after having me I was scooped at 18 months old and mom said that was the end for her. I was brought up in a number of non native foster homes and am struggling with many issues but I am still here. I brought up my four children successfully without any help from the ‘authorities’ and am now a grandfather of two …. what can I tell or share with them about my family? not a thing …. what can I tell them about my culture? not a thing … this information and history should have been shared and taught to me with my own …. not strangers, not teachers, not the streets, and not the system!

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