Some calling on Valcourt to resign over MMIW statistics

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There are calls for Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt to resign.

They come on the heels of the comments the minister made at a meeting in Calgary recently.

Valcourt said he has seen data that shows the majority of Indigenous women in the last 30 years have been killed by Indigenous men.

Thing is … no one has seen those statistics and the RCMP is refusing to release any data to support Valcourt.

APTN’s Annette Francis has the story.

1 thought on “Some calling on Valcourt to resign over MMIW statistics

  1. Harper’s Conservatives have no shame whatsoever. They invent figures on a whim, mis-name legislation, and could be considered political terrorists by some. They values they hold are not the values of average Canadians.

    Valcourt should resign, but he won’t.

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