Brazeau takes another cyber-swipe at AFN

Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau has taken to cyberspace again for another run at the Assembly of First Nations.

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Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau has taken to cyberspace again for another run at the Assembly of First Nations.

In a Facebook posting from his Blackberry this morning, Brazeau called on AFN National Chief Shawn Atleo and his organization’s national executive to disclose their salaries.

“If national Chief Shawn Atleo says he believes in greater accountability, why doesn’t he and the AFN national executive publicly disclose their salaries, travel and expenses for the public to see and set the example for everyone to follow,” said Brazeau on his personal Facebook page.

Brazeau said he would not comment on the issue until the AFN’s executive and other, unspecified Aboriginal organizations, released their salaries.

Atleo’s salary however, is already posted on the AFN’s web page.

Atleo made $136,5000 last year, slightly more than Brazeau’s basic Senator salary of $132,300 a year.

“The Assembly of First Nations believes strongly in the accountability relationship between governments and their citizens,” said an AFN spokeswoman in an emailed statement.

The AFN has an executive of 10 regional chiefs, but their “director’s fees” are not public.

Brazeau issued his call a day after the release of chief’s salaries across the country by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

The list, obtained under the Access to Information Act, revealed that 30 chiefs made more money than provincial premiers in 2008-2009.

Nine of the chiefs listed, whose names were not revealed, made over $150,000 a year and the top earner made $247,000.

Brazeau posted a YouTube video last month calling for the government to review its funding to the AFN, arguing the organization provided no services.

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28 thoughts on “Brazeau takes another cyber-swipe at AFN

  1. Ok here we have a “white mans dog” making statements about being the “grass roots” person while he hasn’t been elected by aboriginal people. What a hypocrit. He is so far up Steven Harpers ass it isn’t funny but here he is shooting off at the mouth all the time. Get rid of him and quit giving him the time of day.

  2. It is about time someone in a position is asking the salaries be disclosed. The Chief and Council do not disclose this information to local band members even though they say they do. They should be subject to discloser because it is federal dollars that are being used to pay themselves. The local band gets funding from INAC and Chief and Council set their own pay level and other programs run short of funds. The children and elders fall in this area because the programs dealing them always fall short of funding. The Chief and Council blame the Federal Government for funding being short or not funded at all. The band members across canada are getting restless because the Federal Government do not listen to them. There are going to be uprising against the local band government and no doubt the Minister of Indian affairs will call the police or the army to clean up the mess they have created. The Chief and Council are trying to abolish the Indian Act and make their own rules. They make the rules and you listen to them. You travel in various communities and you will see nepotism and vanity like you will never see. I feel that people have the right to know what if their money is being spent on and I’m not talking about a vaction all expenses paid to warm resort. Wake up people and support the people who is seeking the salaries of those who abuse their power.

  3. It is about time that people stand up to the Chief and council in any community. The salaries which they give themselves was never disclosed to the community members. They get INAC funding based on population and they award themselves. If it is federal dollars spent on the First Nation Communities then they should be disclosing what they earn. It is no wonder that communities are suffering lack of funding for programs when they allow themselves what ever they feel like spenting on salaries. The First Nation Communities are lead by nepotism and vanity and the members can not say anything. The leaders in the community are destroying their own communities. The Minister if Indian Affairs just lets them do whatever they want and they are not accountable to anyone. It is a shame that one man has that much power and wants to be called CHIEF. In my opinion this is person who takes advantage of the weak and they have no remorse about what they do. Children are suffering along with the elders and no doubt that people will protest against them and again they will be backed by the Federal Government by senting in the police of whatever it takes to calm the storm.

  4. Brazeau has no personal credibiity; that he was appointed by the Conservatives destroyed any political credibility he may have had with the remaining men of his former organization. The women he sexually terrorized have other opinions.

  5. what ever happened to the accountability of spending 1/4 mill CAP money on flat screen tvs for his office? Or transparent about the sexual assault case he is the center of? Pretty dumb to call for transparency that is already there! maybe he should learn about the issue before he vents about it….lmao! Can we seriously not get Libs in with a better token indian?

  6. what ever happened to the accountability of spending 1/4 mill CAP money on flat screen tvs for his office? Or transparent about the sexual assault case he is the center of? Pretty dumb to call for transparency that is already there! maybe he should learn about the issue before he vents about it….lmao! Can we seriously not get Libs in with a better token indian?

  7. What happened to his CAp time with about 1/4 mill in ridiculour flat screens tvs and the such? What ever happened to the sexual assault case he was going through? Pretty dumb to call for disclosure of something that has already been disclosed!!

  8. What happened to his CAp time with about 1/4 mill in ridiculour flat screens tvs and the such? What ever happened to the sexual assault case he was going through? Pretty dumb to call for disclosure of something that has already been disclosed!!

  9. Patrick Brazeau is going to end up with a $2.5M pension. For What !!!!! Aiding and abetting Canada in the systemic destruction of our Nations. I protest !!!!

  10. This Brazeau is a sell out to begin with and because he drank from the cup of those looking to politically kill aboriginal rights and their issues in Indian Country he now gets paid to say such things. He was a sellout to begin with and will forever will remain a sell out. Anything that comes out of his mouth has no value whatsoever, at all.nnAs for the Federation releasing the information I, as a Status Indian, am pleased to see the initialization of the discussion on the subject, it’s about time and a long time coming.

  11. Are senators still required to attend a minimum of 2 meetings per year to receive their full honorarium? I wonder how much time the National Chief has to put in to make his? If you want to make a fair assessment… determine the amount of work done, the time spent, and the fact of elected versus appointed.

  12. Patrick Brazeau – first of all self-appointd as CAP president. Who remembers elections being held for that position. Then wanting to maintain the salary alongside his senate salary. If you’re going to address accountability, let’s start with the democracy he represents and work our way down to his accountability. We should really question his ethics, before he questions those of Shaun Atleo!

  13. This is coming from the same guy who wanted to keep his CAP salary along with his senate earnings! Give me a break.

  14. Wow! Way to go Brazeau. Now you have really made Aboriginal people in Canada look like a bunch of idiots. I guess that’s why the Feds wanted you. You have no problem selling out and committing lateral violence against your own people in the face of Canadian people who know nothing about our history of oppression and residential schools (the real story). I guess now you want Aboriginal people in Canada to be accountable for their own third world conditions. God forbid we claim that the state of our people have anything to do with the wonderful and kind deeds committed upon us by legislation, the Indian Act, the Indian Agents, and inside the comfortable “Boarding Schools” that were so lavishly laid out to provide our children with proper educations and salvation from their savage parents.

  15. In the spirit of transparency lets see Brazeau’s status card. Hey Patrick produce your status card! Maybe you are self identified? The perfect conservative loophole right? 😉 You apparently represented so many of us without proving you are Indian. Some of us know a lot about you.nRemember how you used prowl Maniwaki (not kitigan Zibibi but the french town) and beat up Indians with your french buddies, remember that? Remember when your mother would drop what she was doing if an Indian walked into into her store and follow them around to make sure they didn’t steal anything, remember that? nSelf identification has been the loophole of all loopholes for a long time and you are the king of that loophole or should I say “conservative go to boy”. You are Harper’s dog that apparently has an Indian opinion because you self identify without qualification, community or otherwise. This is how INAC runs, self identified french people, where are the Indians? nBrazeau should be called out first before he raises his voice, produce any form of membership, I dare you!

  16. In every society there are the sell-outs and the traitors. Brazeau hides his betrayal with phony rants about accountability. He was an illegitimate leader with Congress (who are they anyway?) and is a TI for the Conservatives (TI, is a token Indian). His constant stance on individualism in Reserve’s is a sure sign of an assimilated Indian. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But assimilation at the cost of the community is following the path of people like Duncan Campbell Scott and the plan/wish for Indians to disappear.

  17. Oh yeah, and isn’t the National Chief considered like a First Nation people’s “Prime Minister?”nWell Brazz, he definitely should be making way more than you, as you’re only a senator!nBesides, I sure as hell hope you do not represent any of us First Nation people, if that were the case, we would all be shot and P****D on!

  18. It’s hard to know what or where Patrick Brazeau stands as the only time he says something publicly regarding native people it is usually in a negative, non-supportive sense almost like a child throwing stones at people asking for a fight. The issues he speaks of as addressing were brought to the publics attention by the various lobby groups he speaks against that rally for grassroots people so their voices can be heard so something can be done. If they aren’t there then how will parliament hear what concerns the grassroots have? The only messages natives hear from Brazeau is usally after a rally is done and it something from a non supportive stance to counter act anything positive that can be done. He never says or does anything publicly to help only as a reactive measure after much lobbying is done by native people, it seems that way from the news reported on him. The way he behaves is Not how native leaders traditional act when they are trying to help others, if that is his intention.

  19. When you seriously consider it why not have full disclosure?nnI know this Brazaeu guy is a total sell out to Indigenous peoples and the token Conservative indian (note the lower case).nnBut lets look at the facts,nnThe federal government created the Indian Actnnthe governing structure,nnthe pay structure,nnthe voting structure,nnprovide the resources for it,nnWhy should they not put in national policies to ensure these federal employees have all the rights and priviledges all other federal employees have?nnThey have destroyed our traditional governance structures, regulated women to powerless pawns, created division throughout the 633 first nations (note lower case again) as family fights family over these scare jobs.nnWhy should I defend the Chiefs, it is what it is, the colonial system? I have great hope in our future generations to turn this around, I just hope their is a struggle for them to inherit.

  20. Whatever!!!! Divide and Conquere tactics are all you got!!!! Come On Canada! Wake Up! First Nations people suffer long enough! Get Off them!!!

  21. This is coming from the same fella whom tried taking both his National “Chief” of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples salary (provided via government funding) while at the same time accepting Canadian Senate Salary….this would have brought his personal tax funded pay to well over what the highest Chief salary referred to in this story….give me a break Brazaeu! You have no social capitol to spend in indian country…

  22. if you are in cyber-space taking a swipe at People, you may as well be 10 million miles away…where there is no sound (judgement) and no one can hear you. Mr. B. hides behind the Hill & not once will he venture out into indian lands to take a swipe!

    1. I have been trading comments with him on FB. This is cyber sense. Information is power. e g I have taken the liberty of shortening the AFN document presented to the Senate on Bill S-21 to the barebones, outlining their real concerns. and call their bluffnnThe bottomu2010line is we must get it right. nnOur role is to bring together perspectives and to bring forward consensus. This is not consultation. It is facilitation of constructive solutions to urgent problems. nnChief Garrison Settee reminded us of the 1000 homes in northern Manitoba that are without running water.nnGrand Chief Evans is spearu2010heading a campaign about the human right to water. nnElders and Chiefs reflect on the Treaties. nnTheir knowledge that the ancestors advanced Treaties as a means to create viable communities. A fundamental interest like drinking water would have certainly been part of expectations on both sides of the Treaty process. nn1. Financial Issues nnThe Expert Panel on Safe Drinking Water for First Nations said the federal government must close the resource gap and identified this as a precondition: nnIt is not credible to go forward with any regulatory regime without adequate capacity to satisfy the regulatory requirementsnnThe major deficiency in Bill Su201011 is the lack of financial provisions. nnEnsuring safe drinking water is a matter of addressing critical needs; but it is also an important governance matter. nnWe must ensure that First Nation jurisdiction is respected, that effective coordination is in place and that the regime is sustainable, stable regime is sustainable and accountable.nnWith figures on what is actually happening (or not) , I engage him in discourse. He has said enough to show his personality. But, the main effect is to share that message with all the others on the issue.nnHe, like Duncan, is quick to pick a version of Harper’s thinking and “put it out there” for all of us to comment

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