Brazeau: Attawapiskat chief's hunger strike doesn't set "good example for young Aboriginal youth"

OTTAWA–Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau says Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s now 10-day long hunger strike doesn’t set a “good example for young Aboriginal youth.”

APTN National News
OTTAWA–Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau says Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s now 10 day-long hunger strike doesn’t set a “good example for young Aboriginal youth.”

In an interview with APTN National News anchor Michel Hutchinson to be aired in full Thursday evening, Brazeau, who is Algonquin, said he is concerned about Spence’s health, but didn’t think her hunger strike was a good idea.

“Obviously, her health should be first and foremost, top of mind to everyone, including myself,” said Brazeau. “But having said that, I personally don’t believe in Canada, in 2012, that is the way to go and I don’t really believe it sets a good example for young Aboriginal youth.”

Spence is living in a teepee on Victoria Island, which sits in the shadow of Parliament Hill and the Supreme Court building. She is demanding a meeting between the prime minister, the governor general and First Nations leaders to discuss the treaties.

Her hunger strike has become intertwined with the Idle No More movement that has spread across the country through flashmob round dances, highway blockades and rallies. A major rally is planned for Ottawa Friday.

Brazeau said he wasn’t sure what Idle No More is about.

“There is a movement called Idle No More, I am not quite sure what it’s about. It started with opposition to Bill C-45, now we are hearing things about sovereignty and access to resources and it’s the whole gamut of issues,” said Brazeau.

Brazeau said people should focus on using the existing democratic “processes” to get the changes they want.

“At the end of the day, people have the right to protest in this country,” said Brazeau. “Having said that, there are a lot of processes in place where people can participate, such as pre-budget consultations, such as having their voices heard when bills are introduced…If people don’t take advantage of our democracy and those processes in place, well that is unfortunate for those who choose not to.”

Brazeau said he hoped the ongoing protests would be “civil.”

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95 thoughts on “Brazeau: Attawapiskat chief's hunger strike doesn't set "good example for young Aboriginal youth"

  1. First, how do you get to be a senator at such a young age? Second, not sure what idlenomore is about? What processes do we use? How do we get to prebudget consultation? Does Harper want to sell our resources? I am a lawyer. I have attended budget consultations in the past.

    You don’t set a good example for Aboriginal youth. You have been called worse than a traitor?? Use your voice to support First Nations people. Don’t be a conservative lackey.

  2. can someone get this NON-ELECTED idiot off of mainstream media, his word has no weight and not a damn first nation person agrees with anything he says, stop giving him a podium.

  3. I would love for my son to meet chief spence… and brazeau there is nothing wrong in being willing to die for a cause you believe in, sacrificing for your people

  4. PATRICK BRAZEAU! You once said “You were going to hold unaccountable people accountable!” AGAIN… i will say to you… “STAND UP AND GET RECOGNIZED!” This time as a senator! You are in a position to ensure the Native peoples to which you represent are aware of these issues you come across, as you sit where you do! It may be UNFORTUNATE to those who don’t choose to involve themselves in the democratic processes… but as a Senator… and an Indigenous person, its YOUR JOB to assist the Indigenous people and help them become aware of these processes… UNLESS OF COURSE, you’re just sitting in a chair to sit in a chair! If your position is the latter I say… You sit on the bench quite well! Idle No More is a movement, not something you will find remaining stagnant at someone else’s table!

  5. Brazeau OPEN YOUR EYES, there is no more democracy here. You are no different than general harper and The Cons! APPLE falls Far Short of describing who you are! Chief Spence is a HERO! As are the others who are supporting her in all ways! NO FEAR NO SURRENDER and IDLE NO MORE!!

  6. Omg…just when you think you’ve reached the end of his clueless meter…he sinks it ever lower…gag…

  7. Mr Brazeau you are not exactly in the position to tell someone they are not setting a good example for aboriginal youth. When your back yard was exposed to all of canada not that long ago. I

  8. If anyone is a BAD EXAMPLE to our youth, it is “YOU” PATRICK BRAZEAU…nothing but a sell out pocket puppet for Harper… just shut up, ya make me wanna puke every time you open your Siemen filled mouth.

  9. Honestly, I don’t know why you give this person the time of day. He is looking for attention and we are all giving it to him. We are feeding into his already overly inflated ego. I bet he is sitting at his place, looking at the comments and basking at the attention he is receiving. Let’s direct our attention to someone that actually cares about the plight of first nations and let go of giving it to someone that obviously does not care. His record as Senator speaks volumes about his lack of committment to his seat and to aboriginal people.

    1. antisocial – hostile to or disruptive of normal standards of
      social behavior; “criminal behavior or conduct that violates the rights
      of other individuals is antisocial”; “crimes…and other asocial
      behavior”; “an antisocial deed” …..This is not to justify his actions (heaven forbid)! (Thank goodness for Karma) But talking to him or getting him to understand things that we believe in or have strong feelings for is like talking to a rock. He has no feelings, no remorse. In high school, based on personality assessment in our Career Choice course, it was concluded that his best profession would be a businessman. I believe it.

  10. Conervative Definition = To Con and Self Serve I guess Gahndi was a bad role model to, I will tell my Great Grandchildren about why she is going on a Hunger Strike

  11. sorry, but what an uninformed person, he is! chief spence is doing something incredibly humble and it IS catching people’s attention. her heart is leading…and so it goes for an entire movement and so it should. long live IdleNoMore!!!

  12. I admire and respect Chief Theresa Spence immensely, her strength, courage and voice are attributes that our youth will remember for years to come, not apples behaving badly, what’s his name brazeau, only the child maintenance office remembers him.

  13. It’s a shame that you Brazeau, don’t undertand the message that Chief Spence is sending….Chief Spence represents true courage, dignity and unity for all First Nation People…..Prayers for Chief Theresa Spence….

  14. annoying people that don’t understand our way’s as native people, should just keep their mouth shut!!! she is setting a great example for youth, she is leading by example, what is he doing? running his mouth about some thing he doesn’t understand!!!!

  15. Creator ……… we feel the spirit that you share ………. take us over and make better what we could not ………. in front of our suffering brothers and sisters whom you love ……… so that they may see , hear , learn and accept you for who you are …….. so that you can be with us always …….. for you are the end , the begining , the everlasting ………………

  16. nothing like demonstrating his how disconnected he is from the grass roots people, and the culture. If you don’t speak up and act, in Canada that is equal to walking around holding your ankles…someone is going to get screwed!

  17. Why should non-Indigenous Canadians care?

    First, it is a matter of social and
    environmental justice. When corporate profit is privileged over the
    health of our lands and waters, we all suffer. When government stifles
    debate, democracy is diminished. Bill C-45 is just the latest in a slew
    of legislation that undermines Canadians’ rights. In standing against
    it, the First Nations are standing for us too.

    Second, as Justice Linden of the
    Ipperwash Inquiry said, “we are all treaty people.” When our governments
    unilaterally impose legislation on the First Nations, they dishonour
    the Crown, they dishonour us, and they dishonour our treaty
    relationship. We are responsible for ensuring that our governments
    fulfill their commitments. If our governments do not respect Indigenous
    and treaty rights, then the very legitimacy of the Canadian state — and
    thus of all our citizenship rights — is in doubt. That’s what Idle No
    More is about.

    So, yes, Harper should meet with
    Spence. But a meeting alone will not suffice. Change requires action. It
    requires a shift in public consciousness. It requires all of us being
    there, Dec. 21 and beyond, to “live the spirit and intent of the treaty
    relationship, work toward justice in action, and protect Mother Earth”.

    Jeff Denis is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at McMaster University.

  18. I truly hope that Brazeau’s comments on ‘iidle no more’ have been reported out of context. They are, otherwise, uniformed and bordering on ignorant. At the core of the movement is consultation. All nations, treaty or not, have been using democratic means to be consulted using international legal means, domestic legal means, and all political avenues. The unilateral changes to law that affects aboriginal rights is preposterous and a slap in the face for all of the men and women that have used democratic means since the mid 1800’s. We love democracy! Harper, however, has grown tired of using democracy to find answers. Either this, or he is willing to trample over the rights of what he considers a weak people.

  19. Brazeau and Harper are not setting a good example to society all around the world. Idlenomore is for our future not for money cause money can’t buy fresh air, green grass, etc. As we can see Harper’s priority is music artists like Justin Beiber.

  20. I am so sick of hearing
    “what do the Indians want now” or “I don’t know what this Idol
    No More is about”. News networks report nothing and when they do, it is
    short and miss-informed. If an individual cared, they would know exactly what
    “Idol No more” is.

    For those of you who are
    confused, First Nations have been waiting decades for their right to be equal
    partners in running Canada, this includes profiting and benefitting from the
    land and what is under the land. May I suggest to the people who comment out of
    their assholes, Google “INDIAN ACT” and read it, learn from it, know
    what you’re talking about; reading ignorant comments is embarrassing for this
    country. Once you understand how it limits, controls, degrades First Nations
    people, come back and apologize.

    There are no democratic processes that First Nations have not tried. How do you
    “voice” your concerns when these spineless politicians hide behind
    locked doors.
    First Nations are taking what is theirs, they will govern their
    territories and provide for their children. If this means blocking highways,
    railways, oil & gas production etc. then so be it.

  21. ashamed that I believed in you when you first got in Patrick… but yes… You are definitely a disgrace to our Nation…. Chief Theresa Spence is setting the best example for our youth as she’s showing how we must take these measures in order to have something addressed ….It’s about time we all come together as One Nation United… and then you & Harper have bigger issues

  22. Yup…I remember Patrick, the day you came into our class and waved that status card around like it was a winning lottery ticket. Our teacher for that period was Caron. I was not impressed with you prior to that….always found you egotistical, but especially at that very moment. You were telling the people in our class how you’d get paid post secondary education. People from our community are proud of their heritage. They weren’t traitors where they didn’t NOT like being who they are one day, then miraculously loved it another. You’re simply a traitor. You didn’t give a damn about first nations issues prior to that point. In fact you laughed when certain political events arose where people took stand on certain issues and fought for their rights. Only in your later teenage years did you start mingling a little more with the people from the community – when they were in town, might I add. You were never involved in any community event. You were never recognized as a community member. Those of us who know you and lived on the reserve near Maniwaki know that. Right now, you’re simply milking the system. Admit it. Just as your brother Frank Brazeau who became the secretary for the Liberal association for your cousin, elected MP David Smith. Your brother was in charge of allocating contracts to aboriginal firms and was suspended over the bad contracts along with David Smith, who owned the “Abotech” company that profited from those contracts. Who knows…maybe it’s a family thing….Like you, who was recently reported to have received $$ for your travel to and from Maniwaki, being a member of the senate. I personally believe that if the fact you were the head of CAP wasn’t reported, you’d probably be collecting six digit incomes from both the CAP and the Senate…Never mind those reports of sexual harassment that are against you. Having this all behind you, how can you possibly say you represent FN? You represent yourself. That’s all.

  23. I’ve read stories in past history books. Where the US army would hire native trackers to hunt down and kill their own kind. And of the Jewish people who sided with the Nazis thinking they would get clemency by spying on their own people in the death camps. Needless to say that their masters couldn’t give a rat ass about them. I think the same analogy can be applied to this instance here. I apologise for the harshness but I call it as I see it. And it is an accurate truth.

  24. This comes from a guy who doesnt pay his alimony, steals from the taxpayers with fraudulent housing claims and brown noses the conservitive party line with no respect for his own culture. Justin Trudeau should knock some more sense into him.

  25. If the Algonquins are a Nation surely they have control over who is a member and who is not. I believe a BCR would do it. What band is he from. I am sure he will dispute it all the way to the Supreme Court which he has so much faith in but by the time he gets there he will be a poor broke old man; kinda the life he is subjecting his own people too.

  26. So says the traitor. I am trying to remember what our traditions were for dealing with our own people who were possessed by evil and who could not be saved through ceremony.

  27. Chief Teresa Spence is a living example of what Indigenous youth should
    strive for: selflessness, honor for the land and people. She is a true leader. She has always been under scrutiny; remember Attawapiskat? I admire her courage. We should remember to pray for her often.

  28. Brazeau doesn’t set a good example for Aboriginal youth with his deplorable attendance record, poor communication skills, consumption of alcohol, and failure to pay child support whilst earning a six-figure salary. He’s only in his thirties, but patronizes Chief Spence and all of us for not taking advantage of democratic processes that he believes will be upheld in this “democracy”. He conducts himself poorly overall.

  29. Harper pulled the wool over CANADIANS Eyes once again who only Involved Our INHERENT TREATIES into the Bill to get Support from the non aboriginal people in a another attempt at GENOCIDE OF THE FIRST NATIONS…

  30. I have told my daughter about Chief Spence. I believe out of all the people that are doing something she is making a greater impact than we can see ourselves. What she is doing is the very reason why we have treaties and this is what a Chief should do for their people. I believe we should join her in her attempt to make a difference not criticize her for the effort that most of us are unwilling to take. It takes strength to be a leader and it is with strength that Chief Spence is able to do this. When it seems as if many of our leaders have failed us it is refreshing to see at least one Chief that can stand behind her words.

  31. Brazeau said people should focus on using the existing
    democratic “processes” to get the changes they want.

    The democratic process works sometimes, and when they do,
    they are highly publicized to suggest that the system works but in truth, there
    are much issues that are not justly resolved. the democratic process is there to make sure that things proceed as usual. As an example, James Bay Cree went through the process to stop the development but the construction of the dam proceeded anyway. As the dam was being build, the ecosystem changed, so that the animals and fish are not as plentiful in that area anymore, so then the Cree of that area had no choice but to sign the agreement with Quebec Hydro. This is the beauty of beauracracy, wear down the opposition to the point that they either give up or give in.

    I like what Chief Spence is doing, she know that the democratic process is broken, what she is doing is raising awareness, creating debates, and thereby is spreading the message. She is going after the partners in this policy, which have the power to strike it down. I guess i have lost faith in the democratic process

    The fact that he said to focus on separate issues suggests to me that he wants the people to divide, and when they divide, they become stakeholders in certain issues and weaken the pool of supporters for the grander picture; divide and conquer. I like the solidarity that I am seeing, and hope that we can proceed, becoming stronger, and maybe in the future, we can thank Harper for becoming the major catalyst for change in our country.

  32. seems like some puppet master has his hand way up the puppet now. Brazeau, your comments show 2 things: 1) you don’t really get what this movement is about. 2) Your party is scared shittlless about taking the lid of this can of worms. It’s opened now and this movement is a long time coming. For far too long our people has suffered and second tier existence, one laced with discrimination and suffering. Our communities are an embarrassment for this country and no one is doing anything to stop it let alone to change it. Idle no more will stop when Aboriginal people achieve social parody with the rest of the country. Until that day comes, I for one will be idle no more.

  33. Mr. Brazeau ….maybe she should sell out her people and work for the government in helping in destroying them …maybe she could kick it up a notch and become the Conservative governments go to ‘Indian’ puppet like you did Maybe she should put down First Nations every chance she gets….like you did. ..yeah you set a real good example for our youth.
    In the end I have to say thank you though because you and your governments actions are helping to justify our youth’s anger. You have absolutely no say in Nehiyaw politics…youre a turn coat and everyone in Nehiyaw country who knows anything knows youre a traitor.
    Chief Spence is an inspiration to the youth and First Nations everywhere YOU are a reason to stand up and be IDLE NO MORE!
    Enjoy your stay in the government cause when it changes I can guarantee YOU are going to be out of a job

  34. He really needs to stop and take a real hard look at himself and all the stuff he did as a leader at the national congress of aboriginal peoples I use the term loosely when I say leader too . His appointment to the senate was to appease the First Nations as well and even then he really should be appalled at the actions the senate is passing right in front of him.But I guess his appointment to the senate is a golden spoon for himself but who really cares on the bs he is really feeding himself as a person,it is him that has to live with what actions he takes and in the end he will only have that to take with him when he leaves Mother Earth !

  35. Are you kidding? She’s a brave, indigenous woman who is doing something selfless for her people! Brazeau doesn’t set a good example for Native people. Work on yourself before you criticize others, brazeau.There’s more to being indigenous than just being born on a reserve.

  36. Chief Theresa Spence, I send so much prayers to you. you are very inspiring, I am so proud to be a Aboriginal Woman Today, because you are a pure example of “Warrior at heart”. Although you stand with your people, your strength represents our Nation’s dignity and pride. It is beautiful that you are willing to give your life for the people of this nation and our environment. You have under gone so much struggle; I have read and learnt about your community’s mistreatment and poverty from the government. I understand now that the pain in your community and its people will be ever understood, and your ways of making people understand is the hunger strike (The Pain Of Hunger), this inflicts understanding of strength and represents the fact that you as a woman; will never give up on their people even though you have the choice. You are a hero, so wise, and heart risen. Amen.

  37. Brazeau, If you get your head out of Harpers caucus long enough. You just might know whats happening with your own people.

  38. I disagree with Conservative Senator Patrick Braweau who comments that Chief Teresa Spence is “not setting a good example for our Aboriginal youth”, He should do his homework before making such remark since he seem to be ill informed about aboriginal issues including Bill C-45. Our treaties are at stake and so is our lands. I believe the national protests that are happening across this country is about the only weapon we have left to fight the Canadian governments. I believe the youth are the forefront of this national revolution that is happening. I am proud of Chief Spence and her young supports!

  39. It is u Brazeau who is not leading a good example, She stands for the people of the people and will die for the people. Would you die for Indigenous Peoples of anyplace? or would you cop a deal? Would you give away who we are? Even if you put a gerbil in a tigers cage and told him he is a tiger, at the end of the day when the gerbil looks he still is not a tiger….Brazeau you should join Theresa to support The First Nations fight to hang on to who we are!!! MEGWETCH THERESA YOU HAVE INSPIRED NATIVES EVERYWHERE !

  40. Brazeau says people should focus on using existing processes for change. Perhaps Brazeau is also in Wonderland with Harper and is not aware that the people have been using and exhausting those processes. The government is not listening and in fact is behaving in a manner befitting a tyrannical leader.

    Mr. Harper wasn’t always like this; in the past he promised to change his relationship with the Indigenous people and committed to not unilaterally rewrite the Indian Act, saying, “To be sure, our Government has no grand scheme to repeal or to unilaterally rewrite the Indian Act” After 136 years, that tree has deep roots, blowing up the stump would just leave a big hole. However, there are ways, creative ways, collaborative ways, ways that involve consultation between our Government, the provinces, and First Nations leadership and communities, ways that provide options within the Act, or outside of it, for practical, incremental and real change.”

    In the past, Harper was also against omnibus bills. In 1994, he was quoted as saying, “I would argue that the subject matter of the bill is so diverse that a single vote on the content would put members in conflict of their own principles. Dividing the bill into several components would allow members to represent views of their constituents on each of the different components in the bills,” to which he called a point of order.

    Now that he is the Prime Minister, he is using the tactics he despised in the past. He has force fed to Canadians; massive omnibus bills,and targeted the Indigenous people for cuts and now rewrote the Indian Act without true consultation.

    There is only so much you can force feed a person before he or she throws up. That is what is happening; people cannot take anymore and are regurgitating Harper’s force feed programming.

    We have some democracy left in this country continue your peaceful protests and vote for another party in the next election. Vote for a progressive alterNative to move us to through the 21st century, vote NDP.

    By the way, I am stunned that Brazeau would say that Theresa Spence is not a good example, she by far has done more than good for the people of this country by awakening their spirits than any priest ever could. Brazeau could take some lessons from Spence.

    Lastly, I am reminded that when people are fighting for their people’s rights and he or she ends up dying; they become martyrs and with martyrdom comes a tidal wave of unrest. Brazeau perhaps can remind Harper of that when he pops into Sussex for tea.

  41. Wow! Brazeau, if you get head out of harpers you know what, long enough you just might know whats going on with your own people.

  42. ignorant puppet he must be loathing in money .. so he doesnt care about the rest of us .. Just himself

  43. “people should focus on using the existing democratic “processes” to get the changes they want.”” ???? This is just more pyshco-social babble from another conservative..I’m not buying it!!!

  44. Its as if the wolf in him has been tamed and of no use to the pack!! When you don’t support your people, show arrogance, you show youth how easy it is to give up on all that is good and just!

  45. Are you kidding me? This lecture courtesy of the worst Senator in the history of the country. Doesn’t attend meetings and doesn’t pay child support. I’m thinking you should step out of the way Patrick….

  46. This Brazeau is quite a character. I guess from my point of view it seems he has not been listening to what others are saying today or when those other democratic processes were taking place he speaks of. I think his ears are still closed and they will remain closed if he isn’t to sure on what Idle No More Is. I guess when he grows a little older and stops acting the way he is today and opens his ears and his eyes he will understand because half of the people our not speaking today but rather shouting and they are being heard by the true leaders and he isn’t one of them. So shameful this boy..

  47. Brazeau do you forget who you are respect Chief Theresa Spence atleast she is leader enough to bring it to this level and if the honour of the crown including you in it with your leader Harper has her blood on your hand that will be your history but the answers have got to be given it is just like the false apology given by conservative Harper who has not shown reconcilliation at all to our people and only given more lies instead of truth so much for truth and reconcilliation and you are a conservative

  48. That is a load of bull crap – Your own Premier (before he was Premier) moaned and cried over an “ominous” bill – that was only 23? 24 pages long? – Bill C-45 is over 400! Enjoy your riding Mr.Harper – I’ve had many responses to my emails from MP’s all over Canada Outraged by the blatant disregard for First Nations Inherent Rights – failure to consult – the inability for them to even grasp the entire bill before it was pushed through etc etc. here was NO pre-budget consultation with Aboriginal leaders- so how is it we are supposed to “take advantage of our democracy” ? This bill not only affects First Nations – It affects ALL of Canada – and if there was any thought that this Idle No More movement will pass in time? You are sadly mistaken – there are many MANY non-First Nations who are proud to join our First Nations Brothers and Sisters in this movement – As long as the Sun shines, the Grass grows, the Rivers flow – We are all Treaty People! Brazeau – you should be ashamed of yourself.

  49. This is exactly what we are opposing. So sad to see our own people disregarding their heritage and own human rights. Let’s not forget he’s getting paid from the opposition, how cowardly. Doesn’t want to bite the hand that feeds him. You’re ancestors must be proud. Shame on you. Idle No More will keep strong no matter what!

  50. Brazeau said… “Having said that, there are a lot of processes in place where
    people can participate, such as pre-budget consultations, such as having
    their voices heard when bills are introduced…If people don’t take
    advantage of our democracy and those processes in place, well that is
    unfortunate for those who choose not to.”

    That’s all fine and dandy but the HARPER CONS don’t listen.

  51. I didn’t know the voices of any Canadians other than big business and it supporters, were given the opportunity to voice their concerns when the bill was introduced.

  52. #hangaroundthefort CON-Senator Brazman sets a good example for us all on how to be a tax payer free riding, self hating, child abondoning, fake indian claiming bully

  53. Incidentally, IdleNoMore is not only galvanising the Aboriginal youth in this country, it’s moving Elders, Chiefs, parents and Non Aboriginals here, in the States and around the world. The youth may be the engine, but the car is doing just fine, thank you. (okay enough with the car metaphors)

  54. Our youth can speak for themselves and they are doing just that by participating in these peaceful demonstrations. Furthermore, alcoholic political leaders are the one’s who aren’t setting a good example for our youth.

  55. I read a book once called “Here First” it’s a collection of short stories by First Nation people anecdotes really. But one of the stories that stayed with me is that a method of the colonizer is to use the colonized to oppress each other. Mr Brazeau I pray that you will look into your soul and find your true place in this universe, because I can’t believe it’s doing the colonizer’s work. Especially if you think that Chief Spence’s fast and all the voices that have risen in the Idle No More movement has only to do with “issues” you state in your interview. If you don’t understand it than I believe you need to widen your world view and have a real conversation with those of us who feel compelled to be “idle no more”

  56. The youth in this country know EXACTLY what they’re talking about. It does start with Bill C45. Mr. Brazeau is a Senator, and heard the opposition and, if he reads his mail, the opposition of thousands of youth who wrote letters to the Senate in protest to certain articles in that Omnibus. It’s not just about land and water, it’s about due process, which has not, in their minds, been followed. This youth is not just a flash-mob in the pan. They are getting more and more informed about the law of the land and their ancestors. You underestimate our youth, sir, with due respect.

  57. Furthermore, I cannot even begin to fathom how he can proclaim himself as a champion for Aboriginal Rights when he CLAIMS to know so little of what is happening in this country with his people. As an Aboriginal youth, I must say that he does not represent me, speak for me, or even obviously remember what it is like to be an Aboriginal youth in this country without a voice, without acknowledgement, without resources. Clearly that annual salary and title he holds overshadows any connection or resonance he likes to think he has with Aboriginal people. He doesn’t even go on to say what this “bad-message” is, because he doesn’t even have an argument; just taking orders from above like were sheep in a pen, as if we’re going to listen to one Aboriginal member of Parliament trying to sway the education we have already received from real leaders that have our best interest. This is pitiful and despicable.

  58. This stupid comment of his only proves what a stupid.ass he is ! Aboriginal youth will respect her far more than him ! This coming from a so called native who went along and voted in favor of that bill …..How can he forget where he came from? Easily when the pompous ass never lived on a reservation ! Sellout Brazeau ! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED

  59. How can we have our say when the government cloaked this bill in secrecy? Maybe the conservative population of this country were informed, but we sure as hell were NOT!

  60. Shameful and very ignorant. If we had the right to have our voices heard when a bill is passed and given access to pre-budget consultations, this movement would not have happened. And I am an Aboriginal youth, an educated Aboriginal youth as that probably matters in order for my opinion to be ‘credible’, and I am truly inspired by what Chief Spence is doing, not only am I inspired but I support and stand behind her. Some people may cower at the idea of self-sacrifice, especially members of conservative politics (the word itself contradicts the very definition of democracy); that does not make Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike illegitimate.

    -Kristen McArthur, 22, University of Alberta

  61. She is setting a great example for Aboriginal youth. She has taken action for the good of the people. She is an inspiration.

  62. if he doesnt know whats its really all about like he says……he should shut his big ignorant mouth and get some facts before he thinks he knows whats best for anyone…..instead of tryna be the “only senator” on facebook and sending out autographed 8 by 10 pics of himself……..

    1. hey may have not forgotten where he came from but he sure as heck forgot who put him in the chair he sits in and my advice to him is don’t get comfortable sitting in it “idle no more” is our voice’s joined together so that we are heard cause the ones we put in office don’t seem to speak our language

    2. he doesn’t even know.. he has no fixed address here in Kitigan Zibi though he claims it for a $20.000 year grant for living allowances… tsk…. he belongs right along side with harpeR!

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