2 jurors dismissed as fate of Bradley Barton is decided

Bradley Barton

Cindy Gladue was a mother of three when she died in June 2011.

Two of the jurors involved in the manslaughter trial of Bradley Barton have been dismissed forcing the court to bring in the 13th juror to deliberate the case.

During Thursday’s charge to the jury, as Justice Stephen Hillier was instructing the jury on how to come to a verdict when it was decided that one juror was potentially not impartial, and another may have been trying to sway the opinions of other jurors.

Eleven jurors are now sequestered to find a verdict.

Barton is facing a charge of manslaughter in the death of Cindy Gladue.

Gladue died from massive blood loss in June of 2011 at an Edmonton Hotel.

Barton is accused of injuring Gladue in a rough sex act, which caused her to begin bleeding.

Barton says the sex was consensual.

During the trial, he said that Gladue never showed any discomfort or showed signs of pain during their two nights of sex.

Prosecutors say that Gladue was incapacitated due to her level of drinking.

They told the jury that Barton repeatedly lied to police about what happened that evening and morning, when he found Gladue’s body in the bathroom of the hotel.

Barton’s lawyer, Dino Bottos said Barton lied because he was confused, terrified and in a state of shock.

If convicted of manslaughter, Barton could face a life sentence in prison.

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