Bloody Thunder Bay ‘murder capital’ of Canada

Thunder Bay is the largest city in northwestern Ontario.

APTN National News
Thunder Bay is the largest city in northwestern Ontario.

At first glance it looks like any other Canadian city.

Except it isn’t.

APTN’s Wayne Rivers reports that after a summer of bloody violence, Thunder Bay is anything but a typical northern community.

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3 thoughts on “Bloody Thunder Bay ‘murder capital’ of Canada

  1. If we really want to help the young people who leave the reserves and come to the cities, it has to start before they actually get to the cities. Each community needs to educate its youth about life off the reserve. Each community needs to develop and maintain social programs to prevent and aid in drug addiction issues, physical and sexual abuse issues, mental health issues, etc. There are many programs available in Thunder Bay to help them transition to city life, but if they already arrive with drug and alcohol issues, a past riddled with physical, mental and sexual abuse, a lack of education, and little hope for a better future, the hurdles they believe they have to overcome become insurmountable. Your culture should not be something that prevents you from become a productive member of Canadian society. Many immigrants come from much worse situations, but they work hard to become successful while maintaining those aspects of their culture that makes them unique; so do many of our First Nations people. Maybe more discussion needs to be happening to explore how some are able to make the transition…and learning from their successes!

  2. Apparently this article has gone full retard, I say that because the title of murder capital of anywhere is something that is a yearly statistic and a yearly statistic is something that cannot be made official until the end of a year. While Thunder bay may be leading the list or well on it’s way to this it is impossible to make the official statement.

  3. Wayne Rivers needs to get out more and see all the positives about this city and the community.

    Very disappointed in this piece. Why does APTN only seem interested in the negatives about this city? Like we need any more of this kind of reporting, we face it on a daily basis here in the local news and on social media.

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