Bill C-45 passes through Senate; to become law

The federal government’s omnibus Bill C-45 passed through Senate today which is a main thorn in the side of all the First Nation peoples gathered in the Idle No More movement sweeping across the country.

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The federal government’s omnibus Bill C-45 passed through Senate today which is a main thorn in the side of all the First Nation peoples gathered in the Idle No More movement sweeping across the country.

Senate passed the bill with a vote of 50-27. It will now be sent to the Governor General who will sign off on it. It then becomes law.

Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, an Algonquin, told APTN National News he voted in favour of it as he was stopped just a short distance from a rally on Parliament Hill where people gathered to support Attawapiskat First Nation Chief Theresa Spence who is in her fourth day of a hunger strike.

Brazeau said many chiefs supported the bill and there’s been a lot of fear mongering in the Idle No More movement about it.

Some First Nation people say the bill attacks their sovereignty and treaty rights regarding lands in Canada.

Grand Chief David Harper of the Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak wrote Governor General David Johnston Friday “to urge and request” Johnston refuse to sign off on Bill C-45.

 “Many of the federal laws being amended by Bill C-45 touch on our treaty lands, resources and waters, and so affects the treaty relationship,” said Harper.

79 thoughts on “Bill C-45 passes through Senate; to become law

  1. Proud to be First Nation says:

    When the oil starts leaking in our waters and land, there will be no fish, animals, forests, will have no land to harvest crops they will be destroyed, our animals will have no water to drink they will die most of all this will eventually happen to all canadians when are resources for survival run out. I feel bad for future generations of all races all over canada.

  2. I see this Shadows comments here have pissed a lot
    of people here he only does this because he can not do it
    on other sites because they are under rule & do not know
    what real freedom of speech is or truth so for this i feel sorry for

    this person they beleive in nothing but what they are told
    they spread hate they turn people against people

    even our own have been twisted in the belief that

    money will make it all ok
    some have made it their new god
    so Shadow get help. food is grown not

    bought people here know the truth

    & people like you think we want money

    when most want to just have the land

    protected before it is destroyed go eat your money
    see how long you last .

  3. Question.. wouldn’t this be like a act of WAR cause they took away our rights?? if they did this to any other people or country, wouldn’t they see it as a act of war too??. why would you come and take out native ways away from us. we were fine before you white people came alone and took it all away. we treated our lands good raised our children gave back to the earth ect. you destroy our lands, pollute our air, all for money and power. Greed is all you see in your eyes. One day when every thing goes wrong you will turn back to us asking for help. I pray that we as one will say no, so that this will not happen again to our people

  4. No surprise, we have more native people coming on and making more claims to land that the no longer own. You guys should go do some research and look at other countries where the original owners were pushed off. They got nothing and have moved on knowing that they will never reclaim that land. They got no govt funding and neither should the natives. Just more lazy people using weak excuses to be lazy. Your people have suffered but no where close to the suffering of other people like jews and africans. You haven’t even entered into the top ten list of people that have suffered and yet you make so much noise like you are the first to ever experience suffering. Other races and cultures who have endured suffering have comeout and made something better of themselveswhy you continue to use the same stupid excuse that you have been using fora very long time. What has your cultureeven added that we can boast about? What, a natibe guy cutting off another guys head in a grey hound? Actively contributing to the crime rate in cities like Saskatoon? Being a public example of embarrassment in cities across Canada? Tell me one good thing you have added that has really wowed this nation or the world forthat matter? Only to complain and take and blow it off recklessly. Then you have the courage to come on here and defend laziness. You dont understand suffering. Your suffering is small compared to other cultures.

  5. Plain and simple, this is an abrogation of treaty rights that belong to mainsteam Canada as much as First Nations. This is against the law and will be challenged. A whole slate of legislation to complete the cultural genocide is to follow. Oh! they forgot just one thing–distributing the smallpox infected blankets, Shame on the Canadian Government under Herr Harper.

  6. our families were ripped apart because you didn’t think the way of our people’s was honourable, ur government then tried to kill off a nations people in silence(like Hitler), the peoples that were left tried to rebuild whatever traditions they had left all the while that sane government made us sound like welfare savages…then u paid off the survivors to hide the truth of who the savages really were and now u threaten to once again destroy our people’s rights and land. i pay my way in this country, I’m not one of those people u paint a horrible picture off but you Mr.Harper don’t care do you ?! imagine what this country would look like if we let this money hungry animal take what isn’t his… i thought those days off killing my people off were over

  7. I think everyone should be treated equal, we all pay taxes to keep this country afloat. No one should be treated better then the next. I was born here in Canada, I am a metis and I don’t think I deserve any special treatment. I know people who are treaty and they have some white blood in them to. And what does that comment mean ” by you not staying idol no more”, to me it means you have been sitting around doing nothing except waiting for handout.

    1. I’m really tired of the word handouts. Seems like you’ve been brainwashed along with a large portion of society on what reserves, treaty rights and responsibilities and the fight for sovereignty is all about. This has nothing to with handouts. Obviously you have internet access so maybe google and educate yourself on the history of our ancestors and the struggles and victories. I’m sorry you feel the way you do but you are entitled to an opinion just like everyone else is. Idle No More! Sucker Creek First Nation 150A

  8. i say we should be able too vote who gets into office too take over harpers place,and we can all vote against him next that not a good idea,and the gov who campaigns may give our rights i dont feels like wishful thinking.what you think?let me know my people.

  9. The people who took land did it out of greed, no land belongs to anyone, we belong to the land, we are the keepers only, we must protect the land for it is our mother, she gives us life, fight for what is right, take back what we are supposed to protect and start the healing for our mother for she has been wounded by these people who dont even know who or what they are……….or where they originally came from.

  10. Treaties were supposed to be deals made between the government and the first people of what you now call, Canada so we can all get along and live together. Canada gives meaning to the term “Indian-giver”. Thanks for the b.s. Harper. I hope you are ashamed of yourself. All the LIES were true. Canada is officially racist.

  11. Well, what did you expect? This is no news to
    me! They’ve been trying to achieve this for so long. We had our
    education paid for, we had “hand outs” as the weak and meek like to call
    it, we had all the advantages we needed to educate ourselves and work
    towards fighting and securing our rights all along! It’s only TODAY that
    it’s passed and only today that the majority are complaining, or for
    the p
    ast week that people have been
    standing up to say something. Why we’re we idle at any point in time?
    And that’s what their going to be saying, too! What ever gave us a
    reason to “trust” that they would honor their part of the treaties when
    they have never kept a promise before? I am not intentionally adding
    anymore blame to our people after all we have endured, and after all
    that we’re about to but I did have to say that! I am truly disappointed
    in after all that our ancestors fought for, for us to have allowed them
    to even get this far! And they can call us money hungry and I can agree,
    because no offense to anyone in particular — I am not attacking the
    group of council that is current or the one before that, but our
    community as a whole as we are the ones who vote our leaders in. I have
    seen time and time again EDUCATED community members who FULLY UNDERSTOOD
    our treaties and would know how to fight to protect them run, yet it’s a
    popularity contest! Yet it’s us whos being promised money in return for
    their votes! And don’t lie, you see it all over Facebook, we always say
    “We’ll take what we can get for their votes because it’s the only time
    we’ll get anything from them” Little did you know, had you VOTED for the
    broke who were RICH with INFORMATION of OUR RIGHTS, we may of still had
    them!!! I don’t even know if we’ll have chiefs and Councillors anymore,
    as I don’t think we’ll be able to govern ourselves after this but if we
    do I hope you are all smarter to realize the importance of VOTING for
    TERM fixes! How is it we knew all along the Government even gave us the
    option to govern ourselves knowing it would cause us to fight amongst
    each other as a distraction so we wouldn’t fight against them, and yet
    no one has joined together before to prevent all of this catastrophe
    until now? Well, I guess I should stop complaining about what if’s and
    should have’s and hope everyone understands the importance of it now,
    and keeps it in mind for the rest of their lives as I’ve seen people
    making jokes about it all week, lets see if it’s still funny when your
    medicare isn’t covered amongst all else… And for the non-native
    supporters of this bill, you DO not understand. You CANNOT understand,
    nor would you TRY if it was broken down into a million pieces. I realize
    that we are not THE generation of the First Nation Americans that have
    personally endured the massacres, or the residential schools (although
    some are still amongst us that were) but does time really matter? If
    someone raped you, or killed your mother or your child – and time
    passed, is it any less of a big deal? Or would it affect you for the
    rest of your life? And should you just suck it up and get over it if the
    predator was released after 5 years because time had passed and you
    have to move on? If you are big on your faith, and today someone just
    walked into your Church and burned it down, and made sure you could
    never attend one again and cut off your tongue if you spoke English or
    French, would that bother you? You may say “Well no one is doing that to
    you now!” Well you know why that is? Because no one has to now. What we
    HAD was ALREADY taken away. We lost most of our language, we lost a lot
    of our culture, we lost millions of our people, nearly everything has
    been taken away but I’m sure if we still had it as strongly as we did
    then in this day and age, YOU would STILL try to take it away! The
    government ARE the greedy ones! And this bill will not only affect the
    Native American. We protect our land with our fishing and hunting
    rights, and if we do not have any right to our waters or our forests,
    well then they are just free for the polluting. To be cut down for money
    with logging, to be polluted with oil for piping and etc.. Goodluck
    enjoying your summer vacations! I am so appalled, and annoyed beyond
    belief at the ignorance of all of Canada! Non-native people should of
    been SUPPORTING the NATIVE AMERICAN people as we have been SUPPORTING
    YOU ALL since your ancestors first arrived! We welcomed you, we clothed
    you, we taught you our ways, we let you live here RENT-FREE, we fed you –
    and you bite the hand that feeds you. And you think we’re the savages,

  12. “Move on and get over it” they say, I’m sure you would move on and get it over it if your child was taken from your home to get beaten and raped only parents who don’t love their children will get over it and move on…and why do I feel this residential school pay out is part of harpers bill c-45 is his payback?? so which means that his “apology” to the residential school survivors meant nothing. wait till the waters and lakes your children swim in will not be what it once was before this harper scum came and took that protection away remember if was the first nations that tried to protect the environment. Like someone said down there this is only the beginning we ain’t done yet

  13. senator patrick brazeau is not First Nations. He’s just another shill that never had anything to do with First Nations, but lots of his kind came out of the woodwork getting themselves status cards because they think there may be some benefit. Show evidence that way back your great-grandmother was native, and you can probably get a gov’t-issued card…but that card don’t mean you’re native, and brazeau sure as hell ain’t.

  14. Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau you are a liar you were probably hiding under your desk when all the chiefs came calling to protest about Bill C 45…as for being considered first nations you don’t deserve to be call this….I am full Blood Secwepemc come from the Kinbasket clan….

  15. All in all this Bill hurts us, as we have no input. These immigrant governments continue to take away, we have been too nice to them and it has cost us dearly, we have lost our lands, resources some traditions. Our rights are slowly eroding into the ground and being walked on by these people. Unfortunately more immigrants are rallying to become part of these governments yearly, we must strive to be more active to these changes sooner. As we struggle daily with few resources to draw from, hoping Chiefs and AFN can Stymie further changes that affect us.

  16. you expect to put us on Reserve’s where there are no jobs for the people who choose not to leave the reserves because that’s where they were brought up and resided there whole lives,then to come to the cities where we are discriminated for being Aboriginal,just to find work and,better home lives. We lived off the land,hunted for our food,we survived without any cement on our grounds what so to take away our treaty rights on our land pretty much leaves our people with nothing. We have Korean people for F sakes running our stores???when it should be us working on our own land! My last name is PAPASTESIS,apart of my original band here in Edmonton,but that got taken away years ago and we had no choice but to reside to another reserve that wasn’t even ours. goes to show how humble our people really take away our treaty rights means the Government has all rights over our land. I’m not happy with this at all and fear the future..but I will stay positive so negativity never comes our way.


  18. When other people have access to proper roads, housing, education, and
    healthcare, are they “mooching” too, or is it just aboriginal people? If
    you want to pick and choose which races are entitled to benefit from
    your tax dollars, you have a democratic right to vote for a candidate
    who’s on board with that. I predict that you’ll just keep trolling aboriginal news to spread your incorrect stigmas about aboriginal people, but this needs to be said anyway.

  19. Before people start making ignorant statments about First Nations people taking handouts from the government, Take a look at what this Bill means for the rest of Canadians. It weakens the Environmental laws It eliminates the Hazardous Materials Information Review meaning they don’t have to tell you that you are exposed to chemicals in your water, food or air! We First Nations people as well as environmentalists are fighting this bill to save the environment and to prevent the Harper governnment from further damaging our beautifuil country for profit. Think about it before making uninformed statements! Get a clue it’s not about handouts! We never negotiated treaties with Harper, we negotiated them with the Queen. Stop the racist attitudes. One love!

  20. I’m so tired of people saying “pay your own way natives”, what is that supposed to mean, honestly. We have jobs and provide for our families just like the rest of you “white people”. You “Tonto” and “Shadow” act like your race is so superior, it’s no wonder you comment the way you do. All ethnic groups have their fair share of people on welfare and homeless people. You don’t understand what it is to be a First Nations person so why don’t you give yourself a history lesson and try to understand what we are about and what our ancestors did for your ancestors when they couldn’t survive in our terrain. “You people” are the ones who segregated us First Nations people into reservations and took our children and put them into residential schools. This is just a couple of things that your “superior” race has done to our people. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not racist, but I’m so sick and tired of people thinking that we just sit back and collect money when in fact, we live our lives just the way you do. Sure we don’t pay taxes on our reservations, but why should we pay taxes on a land that is our own? There is so much to discuss here, so before you comment, why don’t you go read a book and try to understand our culture and what we’re about before you try passing judgement on something you obviously have no clue about.

    1. Very good points – a lot of people lack education and awareness of First Nations – It was only when the hidden history was introduced to Cdn schools that I became aware – and jumped on board in support of First Nations. However there is still a lot of learned behavior and ignorance inside the homes of people – Stand Strong! 🙂

  21. UNN, here we come as a Collective body. Eviction notice should be forthcoming. Land Thief is no longer tolerated. Time to find the loop holes in the CCC and incarcerated their white collars,,,, International Law must be implemented, activated, and utilized as a Nation by Indiginous People from Canada. O Canada We stand Collective in Opposition to Bill C 45, O Canada, No more Land to Be stolen….. O Canada…… is O I can not tolerate Thieves. Bring it on. A battle to to be Won….

  22. leave us aboriginal’s rights alone it says in the damn national anthem ” our home and Native land ” we have treaty because we shared our land with you Caucasians and other races // Stephen Harper is just going to destroy the peace our country supposedly has… I am not gonna stop fighting for my rights till I get them back

  23. Mooch seriously like none of your family members never got any assistance from the government please thats BS read your history before slandering us we wouldn’t have this problem if you white ppl didn’t slaughter or take our land we helped your ancestors survive so your sorry ass can be here today so unless all your family are all working and not getting assistance I wouldn’t talk this is not your fight so go back where you came and live your sorry ignorant life ! One proud native

    1. Sure, every one has gotten assistance our sorry ass, lmao then why are you guys here mooching off our land ? pretty funny and typical statement that your defending something which you guys don’t even know or understand lmao we know what were talking about its funny how you guys think were under you guys even though we actual helped your sorry asses with our medical and our knowledge of herbs and what to use to fight against infections… funny how little that you know , we never asked you guys for help you guys came crying to us for it, know your history before bashing anyone else like every true canadians and natives that been posting we told your hard stubborn asses that we work, we have our own companies, quit being bullheaded and read before you speak, pretty ignorant in your part .. and were not going down without a fight,

  24. What gets me is that these were treaties! agreements! laws! signed upon yet people want to act like this never happened. I don’t understand how this can be so easily changed.. there is no way that the entire land mass of Canada (named after us first nations people) has been compensated entirely. Also were the treaty agreements not based upon sharing the land 50/50 not 90/10.. why do you think first nations were forced to live on sh*tty reservation lands.. because the intent was for them to not survive, yet we did. And what about the Queen, how is it that she is able to keep all of her land and fortunes and yet remain just as wealthy and powerful.. that doens’t make it right.. is it because she’s white?

  25. f*** u all really listen to your ignorance in making isnt being handed out just like that..first nations lost it and it was taking away from the brains of the white man..oh go off to war native and will just steal your land while your gone..cut ur own tongue off and try to speak..u ignorant p*g see how it feels to speak a language u dont no..

  26. What gets me is that these were treaties! agreements! laws! signed upon yet people want to act like this never happened. I don’t understand how this can be so easily changed.. there is no way that the entire land mass of Canada (named after us first nations people) has been compensated entirely. Furthermore, are the treaty agreements not based upon sharing the land 50/50 not 90/10.. yet they forced first nations to live on crappy land that wasn’t even fit for people to live on in the first place. Why? You may ask.. because the intention behind it was to get rid of the first nations people, thus they hoped we would not survive, yet we did. And what about the Queen, how is it that she is able to keep all of her land and fortunes and yet remain just as wealthy and powerful.. that doens’t make it right.. is it because she’s white?

  27. Well might as well call Canada a different country, canada was only called Canada because of the sign of the treaty rights, pretty sad that people from different countries came here too mooch off our land and call us the mooches,And this bill can`t really pass without the queens consent and the native aboriganl chiefs .. wth do they think they are, they maybe supposedly to run the country but without native peoples consent into this and without the meetings with chiefs and even letting them know that this was going to happen, is straight against The constitution act, Indian act, freedom and right`s act.. This is the most stupid and evillest thing and also selfish thing, In order to be a true Canadian everyone should have been learning our languages also and also what happened in the past how much of our native people died,,, our Holocaust because of greed over the land, It`s not something every one should forget and forgive, that’s something every so called Canadian should be learning… STUPID, IDIOTIC GOVERNMENT ANYWAYS.any response, that are negative towards this can kiss my ass and give your head a shake and go back to where ever you came from dirty bastards,,,

  28. This means and it is written in history as long as they are here and using our resources they have to pay the price.

  29. The
    ignorance of people who have an opinion about what first nations people
    do/don’t deserve is appalling. A cultural genocide has happened to
    people. To think that these people have been put through a government
    meat grinder, cast aside and face scrutiny for living in poverty and
    struggle to put a way of life back together then hear ignorant opinion
    that as a people they don’t deserve what little efforts put forth by the
    government to preserve and sustain a way of life that is in their
    blood. I am métis. I am of first nations people. I see and feel what has
    been aggressively and immorally taken away from myself, my children,
    and my brothers and sisters.

  30. How about abolishing treaties and taking the land, all for it. Enough handouts, time to earn your living like the rest of us.

    1. I have a job, I pay taxes. I support Idle No More. you clearly don’t understand the effect the bill has on all Canadians. You clearly have no idea.

    2. how about going back to your own country wherever your ancestors were from? we don’t need people here like you. Its not about handouts too idiot if you even know about everything even the agreement if you are true Canadian you were know why the treaty rights are so important to us natives. dumbass.posers like you shouldn’t even say nothing.

    3. Are you Canadian?? Do you enjoy fishing as a pastime? Do you know anyone that likes to fish for sport? Well guess what! The passing of Bill C-45 will make those waters unfishable. They will be poisoned now that oil companies and potash miners and diamond minors will not be held accountable for dumping waste in the water. Oh, and do you enjoy camping in the summer?? Well the trees will die or be at the mercy of the logging companies. Those treaties you are bashing PROTECTS the water, land and air. But I wouldn’t expect you to think along THOSE lines. You are all about money. Excuse us First Nations Peoples for trying to protect Mother Earth so you can enjoy fishing and camping with your children in the summers. Dummy.

      1. Further to that, why don’t you “abolish treaty” geniuses apply your own logic and go to yoour car dealership and tell them “yeah we’re going to abolish this lease, I’m sick of you getting my handouts” and see how well that goes over. Then you can tell the bank who owns your mortgage that they’re not getting any more of your dollars. How would that work out? Same scenario, smart guy. You would know that if you read more and talked less.

    4. yes we can live like the rest of you and in the next 20 year will you or us be able to
      consume & eat the money? that we have profited from by allowing foreign countries You need to read the Bill C- 45 this passes our minerals & most vital resource water WILL NO LONGER BELONG TO CANADA! This Bill C- 45 Will affect all Canadians!

    5. We did not ask for our people to be part of a mass genocide in the name
      of colonization. We were also not asked to be moved from our natural
      lands and shoved onto reserves. We also did not ask for our people to be
      ripped from their homes as children in the name of religion to
      “educate” us and sent to places where survival rate was only 50%; to
      suffer punishment that was in fact torture. I would invite you to try
      live one month as the poorest of our people do and see how long you
      survive and see if these “handouts” are worth it.

  31. Seriously, the first nations have gotten more than their fair share of government payment and assistance. They have spent it recklessly and continue to use the past as an excuse to be non entities in society. I have 0 issues with this bill and i can’t wait for the government to introduce a bill that stops paying first nations. The new generation of first nation citizens did not experience the past. You don’t see the African american people in the USA asking for reparation payments. The whole first nations need to just move on. This is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. A country where jobs are provided on a basis of skill. Work hard and stop mooching off the government.

      1. As far as history can prove, First Nations people have been living in not just Canada, but the America’s alone for the past 14,000 years…and for you to state an ignorant comment like that is just sad. Know your history before you make ignorant comments like that. This land here in the America’s was always Aboriginal People’s land. The Europeans came here for their resources such as Gold, Coal and etc…We’ve fought this type of assimilation before, and we will do it again.

    1. Maybe you should study your homework before you state a comment like this. First Nations were here years and years before the white men came over to take their land. Maybe everyone should go back to where they originally came from and this wouldn’t be a big issue. The First nations were fine with what they lived off the land without any money at all. It’s just sad that you feel like that. Obviously you weren’t brought up in a caring home. Where peace was a place!

      1. Wow. According to our creation legends, everyone all lived in one place before. Some people believe Canada and the U.S is the “holy land” where we once all lived. So, everyone is home. Everyone only cares about land and money these days, what about our cultural beliefs? We are supposed to be role models and the most spiritually connected race in the world.

        1. Role models?? ok like we would want to be people who destroy our waters for money, let your own people live on the streets but pay for oil and other environmental destruction to benefit a country that doesn’t belong to you HA nice role modeling

    2. Whitemen were ALWAYS jealous of us…. This is OUR land.. YOU stop mooching off us and gtf off it…

    3. the treaty wasnt made because of the residential schools!! it was made way before that…get your facts straight!

    4. This comment is yet another demonstration of pure ignorance of people who live in Canada who do not even know the true history of Canada’s relations with Aboriginal peoples who are the FOUNDING members of our nation. The only reason why we are here is because the First Nations peoples generously agreed to share the land with European colonizers through the treaty process, who in turn promised the provisions which you call “fair share of government payment and assistance.”

      In fact, Aboriginal Canadians are 30% underfunded less than every other non-Aboriginal Canadian in all the socioeconomic indicators of well-being (acknowledged by former PM Martin). Pain and suffering is not a competition between those who were enslaved and repressed. Just as you wouldn’t tell a Jewish person to move on & forget about the Holocaust, you can’t tell the “whole first nations to just move on”. Especially when current state of affairs for Aboriginal peoples are just as worse, if not more worse now.

      Furthermore, maybe you should research the Indian Act–a colonial document still operating to wholly dictate Aboriginal peoples’ life and economy, effectively precluding them from self-sufficiency and economic growth, before stating they are mooching of the government. Unfortunately, this type of ignorance is a nation-wide problem which hasn’t been resolved because educational institutions do not teach the truth of Aboriginal peoples’ relations with the Crown.

    5. They dont ask for anything because they didnt take their land away, I guess their land was not “rich enough” for them! Money is your god, and trust me, your god will fail while us FIRST Nations prevail!

        1. Well you clearly don’t understand don’t you. If it came down to money not being around, then you personally wouldn’t survive. As WE First Nations People would know how to live off the land. WE were thought, from our parents, and their parents, and so on and so-fort, to live off the land. So why don’t you get a clue. It was the “White Man” who needed First Nations People to live, when they came over. I am a First Nations Aboriginal, and I would know how to live without money and live off the land if it really came down to it.

          1. Keep feeding yourself that bs as you type that comment on your computer. What a load of rubbish.

    6. And there is no similarities with the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and the African Americans! Who knows, maybe you’ve just given them an idea!

    7. you clearly lack a knowledge of history, law, politics, and propaganda. the natives held this land in balance for longer than recorded history and only after our colonialist ancestors came over and enforced manifest destiny did they get destroyed and have their balanced form of life completely eliminated. you should have a look at this and learn something:

    8. Very strange.. I replied to this a few minutes ago and even saw it posted then it
      disappeared. This is a re-post (p.s. if it this also becomes censored & deleted,
      that is a clear violation of my Charter right to freedom of expression!):

      Unfortunately this is yet another demonstration of pure ignorance on the part of those living in Canada who do not know the true history of Aboriginal peoples who are the founding members of our nation. The only reason why we are even here is because First Nations peoples generously agreed to share their land with the European settlers who came to assert sovereignty over this unceded territory through the treaty process. In return to share the land, First Nations were promised provisions which you call “a fair share of government payment and assistance.”

      In fact, Aboriginal peoples are underfunded 30% less than non-Aboriginal Canadians in all socioeconomic indicators of well-being (acknowledge by our former PM Martin). It is wholly inappropriate that you suggest “the whole nations need to just move on”. You cannot tell people to “just move on” if historical suffering continues to this day. You wouldn’t tell a Jewish person to just move on from the Holocaust. Furthermore, perhaps you should research these type of issues before stating such a bold comment. The Indian Act would be a good place to start.

      This is not a personal attack on you but to the nation-wide ignorance of Aboriginal peoples’ relations with the Crown and current state of affairs exists
      nation-wide. Our educational institutions need to resolve this through teaching
      the true history of our founding members.

    9. oh Shadow, your shamelessly misinformed understanding of the situation, quite unfortunately, reflects just what Canada wants you to believe… this country has been built over top of hundreds of pre-existing nations which all had, and in many cases continue to have, their own sophisticated economies, political structures and types of labour which do not revolve around the global capitalist economy – which is a relatively new invention. your narrow view of what constitutes ‘society’ likely reflects normative values which are derived from this capitalist economy, and so your understanding of what is meant by ‘work’ is likely limited to the types of labour which feed into this economy. there are countless ways of existing, working, learning and living which, just because they fall outside of your very narrow views of what it means to be “in society”, does not mean they do not exist. First Nations are just trying to carry on their way of life and Canada is getting in their way- over and over and over again. you’re the mooch, living on this land without an ounce of respect for who’s land it really is.

    10. This is the second time someone uses the African Americans in America as an example related similar to First Nations rights. I understand you obviously are confused and lack understanding between the nature of the relationship. So, African Americans did not originally occupy the United States, they were brought as slaves, and therefore could and would not sign treatys. A treatys is a formal agreement between two states or nations in reference to peace, alliance, commerce or other international agreements. Having said that, when white immigrants arrived to Canada they signed treaty agreements to settle in Canada and colonize, these treatys provided designated land, hunting rights, tax free, health care, education etc. I will also have you know during the time these treatys were signed there were no such thing as taxes or health care, and education was residential schools. So if you or anyone else for that matter thinks these treatys shouldnt exist, then you should also think of where you would like to reside, pack your stuff and go else where, like America.

      Also, when you say “their fair share” I wonder what you are referring too? The minimal funding the Federal govt provided to First Nation communities? The govt funds the First Nation communities significantly less than communities with comparable populations. Some reserves are considered third world living conditions. Reserves that do have money, and that you may hear of some misappropriation are usually the funds First Nations have self – generated through economic development. Enoch for example has a casino operating on their land generating revenue for the reserve and its members.

    11. Are You for Real? First Nations are the Righful owners of Canada period. To try and compare African Americans is ignorance. African Americans were slaves to the white people doing the hard work that whites did not or could not do themselves. African Americans were enslaved, worked to death, beaten, raped, murdered etc all due to color, They did not own America as the American Indians did. First Nations with the envasion of Europeans into their country Canada saw the vast lands and waters along with rich mineral resources so, out of greed for the land they tried to commit genocide by murdering whole tribes of men, women & children. They formed your governemnt ( First Nations had their own government from the begining of time before the iinvasion of white settlers) which they imposed their laws upon the rightful owners of this country. They imposed restrictions on their way of life forcing them to stop their cultural ways, lanuage, nomadic way of living forcing them onto small parcels of lands called Reserves. Understand: First Nation People were wholly and soley independant prior to the invasion of their Lands. This tells you we did not need you or any diverse culture to depend on period.
      Go to the Ministry office, food banks, low cost housing, free furniture & clothing , hospital emergency dept, free food on street by donations, Free english classes for the culturally diverse to learn to speak english government paid, Mental hospitals, you will discover more culturally diverse people using the system at government at high expense then Africans or First Nations. Therefore: the culturally diverse cost more than First Nations. More culturally diverse use of our legal aid system at the expense of our tax dollars.
      First Nations isssues with the government is of no concern or business of anyone else’s as they are the rightful owners the rest are foreigner’s in First Nations Land. Tell the Jews to get over the Holocast same thing. The Injustice still continues so how would one get over something that continually repeating it self? Ingorance is Bliss…. Knowledge is Power…The Informed Educated ..Excell.

    12. Wow Shadow ur an ignorant fuck ! Mooching off the government? This land was ours before any European settlers came here ! The handouts you speak of , is money entirely owed to First Nations people for having their land taken ! Brush up on your history before making such dumb ass comments

    13. To shadow…what a coward, you can’t even put your name. Always the ‘cowards’ speak up only because you hide under a screen name.

  32. Fear mongering? We should be scared, Idle No More is trying to prevent catastrophe from happening. As Treaty people we are the ONLY ones who can stop the government from destroying the Earth. Don’t give up. This is only the beginning

  33. So Patrick voted with; as one Chief put it, the ENEMY.
    Where the hell was Patrick a week ago when a hundred or so AFN Chief’s and their supporters came a knocking at the door of the House of Commons and they weren’t jumping up and down with glee? And like a typical PC he still doesn’t get the message. IDLENOMORE is about no longer allowing the “Harper Government” to unilaterally change the nature of the relationship between the First Peoples and the others (like the Crown for instance). As each day goes by he seems less and less able to recognize his own people as he steps over them.

    1. Yvon, Brazeau *IS* the enemy. He is not an indian, he is manufactured by the government’s blood quantum policy, and trotted out as a false ally by Harper. People keep calling him a traitor, but he would have to be one of us before he could betray us.

  34. I don’t know what this means?, how is the bill going to effect the first nations across canada?. for shame on the government!!!

    1. Challenge this new Law in supreme courts and have all first nations people who wish to oppose this bill sign a petition before going to court. do homework on this before hand. Do not give up your rights so easily. Treaties are not to be played with or threatened , it protects aboriginals infinitely. If Whites are backing out of treaty which was sworn in what will they do next .

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