BC Premier in waiting outlines agenda with a number of chiefs

British Columbia’s Premier in waiting John Horgan met with chiefs from across the province to discuss his plans when he takes over the job.

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British Columbia’s Premier in waiting John Horgan met with chiefs in Vancouver to discuss his agenda once he takes over the job.

The NDP leader touched on a number issues including pipelines, and the controversial Site C dam.

Horgan, with the help of B.C.’s Green Party, has vowed to defeat Christy Clark’s minority Liberal party.

“We need to re-insure that we are re-invigorating our relationships based on court rulings based on the hard fought gains that First Nations have made over the last decade and a half,” he said. “I believe
there is a tremendous opportunity right now in 2017 for us to make progress on all of the issues that we have been grappling with and all of the issues that have been raised around this table.

We need to re-charge mandates we need to recognize that we have failed in many ways over the last 25 years and then take opportunities that have been presented to us through the hard work of
Tsilhqot’in the hard work of people around this table to strike now for progress in the long term on a range of issues not just economic.”

BC Premier Christy Clark has called the Legislature back on June 22nd to test a confidence vote.

With the BC Green Party holding the balance of power and supporting the NDP, many predict its just a matter of time before John Horgan will become the next Premier of BC.

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