Barbara Kentner, who was hit by trailer hitch tossed from car in Thunder Bay, has died

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155 thoughts on “Barbara Kentner, who was hit by trailer hitch tossed from car in Thunder Bay, has died

  1. Smoke and prayers up, tobacco down. Heartfelt blessings for healing for Barbara’s family and friends. I am so, so sorry you have lost your precious loved one.

    May justice be swift, and to the fullest extent of the law for each of these men involved in their thoughtless, inhuman act of unkindness. You had a choice to be better men than this, and you chose a different path. Now you will pay the price.

  2. My heart goes out to Miss Kentner’s family. Such a loss of a young mother. Who wouldn’t think that this is at the very least manslaughter or murder? A hitch weights 15…20 lbs, traveling at 60 km/h+. Deadly! Hell, I’m careful even driving a truck or towing a boat and make sure that nothing could ever fall off and hurt someone. Brayden Bushby, you are disgusting. I hope our justice system doesn’t fail this woman.

  3. My sincere condolences to the Kentner family
    Prayers and blessings to all of you
    This a racist act and I truly pray for justice

  4. My question is this: How do we know that a guy didn’t just throw a trailer hitch out a window? How do we know it was an intended assault? The news that I have read so far, doesn’t say anything about him trying to hurt someone on purpose. It was a seriously stupid thing to do, but, was he aiming for a person? Or just didn’t want the hitch anymore. I can’t seem to find the answer. So far, it reads like he threw it out the window, and it just happened to hit someone. Sadly she died, but was it on purpose? Or a terrible accident? Can anyone clear this up for me?

  5. Listen to you all on here talking about charges white ppl natives this an that how direspectful u all are….
    A mother has lost her life here her baby passed.away, someones sister aunt niece daughter friend…plz stop everyone and think of the family and have respect for Barbra!
    My deepest sympathy to Barbs family,
    Soar high beautiful kwe, as you start your journey….rest in peace….sending prayers tobacco, smoke, respectfully. Hugs ox

  6. Fly High with the Eagles kwe, you are free!
    My deepest sypathy to her family, sending prayers tobacco, smoke, respectfully.
    your all in my thoughts an prayers, hugz ♡

  7. I pray the police and courts do the right thing for Barbara Kentner, and may the scum who killed her rot.

  8. This just breaks my heart. All I can say is there is no justice in Canada. It just doesn’t exist.if you want justice, you gotta take it.dont ever expect the legal system to help it is only a legal system of word games where victims pain doesn’t matter unless they are white, wealthy, or have some fame. F#@k the Canadian system. It has been F@#king citizens since it’s creation.

  9. no deal, charge him with a hate crime he’ll get extra time. Second degree is to easy for him, other pricks with him should be charged also. You rob a bank everyone with you gets charged as an accessories

  10. Prayers for healing for the family left behind. What a travesty and waste of a human life.

  11. This is disgusting. It matters not what colour the thrower was. He is an ANIMAL. A truly horrible ‘thing’ that should be hung! I would never call this person a human.

  12. I hope this incident sets a precedent for all future racist hate crimes against indigenous people. Is there ANY doubt that Bushby threw that rusty trailer hitch with an intent to kill??? Moreover, the other people in the vehicle with him MUST be charged as accessories after the fact. They were in a position to stop him from committing this heinous crime, but did not, which means they were UNQUESTIONABLE complicit. Because we all know that IF Bushby and his passengers get away with this egregious crime, they will try to do it again. That’s how white privilege rolls. #JusticeForBarbaraKentner

  13. This is absolutely uncalled for. Thunder Bay police we are watching now. The people responsible for this crime must be charged accordingly. No excuses now. They took one of our sisters. Sending my condolences to her family and relatives.

  14. A horrible crime, with a more horrible result, for any race. I myself am part indigenous with other roots such as Icelandic and English. Each of which I am very proud. I believe there is only one race, the human race. Sadly we learn to separate ourselves by either race, religion or income. We are living in a time where it’s very hard to unite and help each other. We are taught by institutions and society to separate and classify ourselves. This is the root of that problem. If I had any power over this problem, I would make it possible to penalize anybody who had made any negative remark to another over value, cultural background or belief. I believe the only way to stop such heinous lashing, is to criminalize it.
    Condolences to the victims family. My thoughts are with you. x

    1. We have to stop separating ourselves and putting us into certain groups.We are all human and bad stuff happens to us all no matter what label we have on us.I just feel so bad for the family here. It has got to be so hard on all the family and friends of this poor heart goes out to them.God bless.

  15. Sorry to hear of her passing.. I have a question or two if anyone can answer and I am of no way trying to be rude but just curious..Did she pass away from injuries from the trailer hitch being thrown at her? And if so, how? Like what were the injuries?..

  16. All because she was aboriginal…was she a human bullseye for hate? What was to hate about her? “I GOT ONE!!” Bushby yelled! I have no sympathy for whatever he endures from now on…remorse? No such thing exists when you commit an act as hateful as this. I hope he suffers for the rest of his life…

  17. My condolences to Melissa and Barbara’s family on the tragic loss. so very sad and heinous a crime. Does anyone know if there is a walk planned in Thunder Bay today or anytime soon?

  18. Sending my condolences to the family, And I pray the man or men who did this get what they so deserve for their actions.

  19. My heart aches for this. There is no way for this family to avoid the pain, no way to rationalize this senseless violence. I am so sorry.

  20. Prayers to the family. I hope the charges are now first degree murder. Native lives matter. Now her daughter has no mother. A sister is lost. That pos kid wrecked a family. For what? Knowing our justice system he will plead guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter and serve less then 5 years. This makes me sick.

  21. I was adopted….she is part of my family. What a stupid senseless Corrupt thing to do to someone. you killed a Beautiful Indigenous Woman, INTENTIONALLY. HOW COULD YOU BE SO CALLOUS.


  23. Sorry to say all you saying he will be charged with murder. It’s going to take a ton of medical professionals to prove this is the sole case of her death. Any lawyer knows this and will fight for their client’s case. This is a crappy situation but her ongoing liver issues will not help build a case for a murder charge. I like how one lady says my people will get you also and calling this his white privilege.. yet if it was one of your own they would get Gladue. I see the hate comes from both sides.

    1. This poor lady lived with lots of trials in her life, that started with an abusive upbringing. Her daughter spoke of the many sadnesses causing her to have a real struggle with addictions. What this young boy did was unbelievably horrifying! But as Martin stated, she had other health issues that could have been a big contributor to her death so he may not have caused the death but definitely added more injury to an already existing problem. Condolences to all her family and friends. May this tragedy speak to hearts about racism being so wrong (and I’ve seen it from all nationalities), love and caring for all people.

  24. This is crushingly sad and tragic for Barbara Kentner, for her teenage daughter, for her sisters, family and Indigenous community. It is terribly sad and no doubt life altering for the Bushy family and others involved in what should not ever be construed as a horrible mistake. It was a devastating crime. It has caused tremendous suffering and will continue to. Thunder Bay has hit bottom. Barbara Kentner’s beautiful face should always be remembered and her story not forgotten.

  25. R. I. P Barbara, my condolences to the family. A cowardly act by a cowardly person.

  26. So very sorry for the suffering you have all endured. The cruelty of the action that led to the death of your loved one is such a horrible example of a society built on hatred. Please accept our condolences that your sister now enjoys the comfort of her ancestors and our hope that those who loved and cared for her are able to witness justice and find peace in her memory.

  27. That’s is horrible, for someone to do such a racist’s act! I hope and pray there is justice! We are human just like any other person living on this earth!

  28. Justice for Barbara Kentner sending my prayers and condolences to her family, may she rest in peace.

  29. Was a hate crime.Its all fun ,and games when a white man or non Native American hurt a person so we see ever since they have arrived.This lady was one of our people.Hate against a indigenous person in the land their ancestors lived for 10s of thousands of years should be a death penalty considering native Americans were nearly wiped out .You must protect,and learn to love all life on Mother Earth.

  30. I am so sorry to hear she’s passed. My deep condolences to her family and friends.

  31. Many prayers for her and family, may the Great Spirit watch over her and make her journey home a blessed one…I am sorry, and my heart is broken…

  32. RIP Barbara. You are out of pain now.
    I hope they change his charge to murder or at the very least manslaughter

  33. Sorry to hear of the loss of your sister. I hope she didn’t suffer of the immature and senseless act of another that caused her injury. Peace be with you.

  34. My sincere condolences to you and your family!❤⚘
    I hope your family gets justice!

  35. Our heart is breaking for this family. Rest in peace Barbara. Our condolences to your family. You are all in our thoughts & prayers.

  36. What the hell possesses a person to go this to anyone? That is just pure evil!! I hope he gets a long jail sentence because it was premeditated for sure!! They should all be charged as accessory to murder as I’m sure they were all in agreement to hurt someone, it so happened this poor lady was their target!

  37. So sorry Melissa, why Barbara was chosen for such a cruel act of violence will never be understood.
    When will this dehumanizing hard-on of hate towards Indigenous peoples of Canada end?

  38. I am so sad with heartfelt emotion for your loss. Such a senseless act that causes such a tremendous impact her family. I hope her daughter will be able to find a home with a relative to care for her My love goes out to you all.

  39. Prayers to the family. I pray for justice as she can not speak for her life that was cut short from a senseless act.

  40. He now needs to be charged with first degree murder. Premeditated and deliberate.

  41. Well I hope they charge him with murder now…. It is horrifying that a human being would do this to another human being … RIP Barbara Condolences to the family

  42. No justice on stolen land. Our sisters suffer. Prosecute the murderer for his hateful crime. Prayers to the family and to our indigenous peolpe for 150+ years of trauma put on us.

    1. Lol so in 1867 is when this all started huh? Get over yourselves it’s not always an issue about race, until all you white hating RACISTS (yeah that makes you the prejudice ones when you instantly want to act like all white people are evil and should be punished for other white peoples actio a white person is in control of their own actions just as goes the same for any race. Don’t hate me for someone else’s actions just because we are both same “color” my soul and conscience is clear I don’t have a color in my purest form ,now I suggest you get a clear conscience and stop this reversed racism nonsense before it destroys your soul and you become a stain of whatever color you think you are, perminantly, this body ,this skin is just an outfit for a long day called a lifetime, I have many days ( lifetimes) I rarely wear the same outfit. Maybe never, maybe the same color maybe the opposite. Skin color is such a tiny part of us to put so much of our focus on.. open your eye and stop looking at pictures and start seeing the words or voice within yourself and hopefully when you finally can hear it,it is the same wise words you are told that I am blessed to have speaking to from within. Than you will see that there’s more inside of you than there is on your surface or physical make up. Love is all we need, no religion no politics, all we need is ❤️.. I love you all, even if you hate me for it, I just love you more yet,for you are in far more need to be shown the love you do not yet understand.

  43. I’m so sad to hear this. Prayers for all those who know her. May your memories be happy, and full of joyous occaisions shared with her.

  44. Condolences to her family. I hope and pray that there will be justice in this case !

  45. If she was white than im sure her predator would have been charged for more than just aggravated assault

  46. So does that mean his aggravated assault charge will be upgraded to manslaughter??

  47. So very sorry to hear this. Many of us out here are thinking of you and your family Melissa.

    On another note, TBay PD better up those charges on that s.o.b. to murder.

  48. I feel so sad. Sending love to all Barbara’s family, and hoping for justice for the taking of her life. May we bury hatred once and for all. RIP Barbara.

  49. Omg…. prayers to Barbara on her final journey, and to her family, friends, and community.

  50. Please Canada be kind to our First Peoples. The First Peoples of this land are a beautiful people and they should not be dying in this way.
    My husband, son and daughter are First Nation and I hope that no one would ever harm this in this way.
    Condolences to the family and friends of this beautiful lady who has now gone to be with her Creator. There she will find love and rest.

  51. Upgrade charges to first degree, this was obviously pre-meditated murder
    Damn you Thunder Bay police!!!

  52. My sincere condolences to her friends, family, and community. I am so sorry this happened.

  53. My condolences to the family in this tragic event. Please see a injury lawyer and file a lawsuit. Enough is enough.

  54. Sick people in Thunder Bay. Crazy for land & money! You’re not taking anything with you when you die. You racist bastards! Life is short! Enternity is forever. Hell is not a vacation for murderers!!

  55. Of gosh this has to be the saddest thing ever to happen to anyone! God Bless u Barb n ur family may she fly high with the angels n rest in Jesus’ arms

  56. Prayers for a safe journey to the spirit world. Prayers for her family and friends. Prayers for justice. Time to upgrade the charges.

  57. Thunder Bay Police, are you now going to charge Bushby with a hate crime and manslaughter? A predictable outcome of throwing a trailer hitch from a moving vehicle at someone is death, simple common sense. Please show justice in action for the murder of Ms. Kentner.
    To Ms. Kentner’s friends and family, I offer my deep condolences.

  58. So very sad. So very senseless. It may have been aggravated assault back in January. Today it is murder, or manslaughter. The T-Bay police can’t screw this one up as they have done repeatedly with their terrible reputation investigating or ignoring crimes against, and suspicious death of indigenous people in that community.

    1. They screwed up with Tim McLean. The young native man who was beheaded on a Greyhound bus. The Chinese man who committed the horrific crime is free.

  59. Hope this woman gets justice. She was murdered… straight up. And it could easily be any Indigenous person. When I lived in Sagkeeng I used to walk around with my son (just an innocent 3 or 4 year old boy at the time) and a car load of white male teenagers drove passed us slowed down and held up their hands to give us the middle finger and the “L” sign for “loser”. It could have been much much worse.

  60. The person who threw the trailer hitch and killed Barbara Kentner can now be charged with murder. The people who were with the person who threw the trailer hitch can now be charged with being accessories to murder.

  61. My condolences to her family and loved ones. I hate to ask, but the article doesn’t say what she died from. Is it from the trailer hitch incident? If so, he needs to be charged with a more serious crime!

  62. Now the person who threw the trailer hitch and killed Barbara Kentner can be charged with murder. The people who were with him when he threw the trailer hitch can now be charged with being accessories to murder.

  63. I hope they charge him with murder. Such a senseless hate crime! Prayers to her family at this difficult time.

  64. So sad that this happens in country that believes this is the land of greatness of course that depends on if your First Nations. prayers to her family and prayers that the guy responsible lives forever with the guilt of taking a life.

  65. My heart is breaking, when will this senseless hatred stop. I am sorry for the loss of another beautiful woman, my condolences to Barbara Kentner’ s family and friends. Brayden Bushby must be held responsible for this death.

  66. My condolensces to the family, friends, community and nation. This is incredible sad and my heart breaks. We have so much work to do as a nation to stop this.

  67. This is very disturbing and my deepest sympathy goes out to Barbara’s family and friends no one on earth should have to endure hate crimes like this, it makes me realize how bad our native people are discriminated against in our own Country I hope that people will wake up and see what they’re doing to us as a people, because soon we will fight back and if that happens I pray for their souls.

  68. I sure hope the perpetrators are held accountable in the justice system. What would be fair is to prosecute them the way First Nations are.

    1. thats not fair, thats barbaric. why would anyone think that behaving like abusive, batterer-mentality, violent colonizers is in any way fair? what would be fair is that canada takes accountability and responsibility for the evil racism that is in its cultural DNA and put some honest work in eradicating it. what would be fair is that white people who consider themselves decent and non-racist start speaking up in their own communities about their community’s racism….what woould be fair is that this woman would never have been assaulted in the first place, but to get to that place the people like the young kid who did this need to be healed from the kind of sickness that lets them think this is okay because racism is a mentally sick way of seeing the world….healing is jusitce, not turning into colonizers and acting like them.

  69. I’m so sorry my beautiful Sister. May you find peace with the Old Ones who went before.

    1. Shannon, somehow racism doesn’t seem a strong enough description of this kind of behaviour. It seems to go beyond race, colour, religion…it’s deviant…or maybe just plain evil covers it best.

  70. Heartbreaking to think that a person could be so cruel, prayers for Barbara Kentner’s family and friends

  71. The racist Thunder Bay police force had better upgrade the charge. Everyone is watching now. FOR ONCE, DO THE RIGHT THING.

    1. All of Canada will be watching closely. This should be second degree murder, as he knew there was a chance someone could be seriously injured or killed by his act-otherwise, why would he have thrown the trailer hitch out in the first place, secondly, why would he watch it hit it’s mark? I am also white, and a mom to 4 Metis children. The way the govt keeps shafting the Indigenous people makes my blood boil, but they do that to to the disenfranchised of Canada-disabled, children, women, elderly, poor. God forbid if you are all of those! The
      Liberals said they would be different, and they lied again.

  72. Up his charges now. Little bastards always think the ‘white privilege’ is there to help them. Well guess what… won’t. My ppl will find u no matter what and give u ur Justice

    1. Please do not think that all white people are like this. I am a white person and it breaks my heart that there are people in this world that will do harm to another being. Indigenous people have suffered greatly. Let me tell you when I hear of people doing stuff like this, they should take a trailer hitch and knock him in the f****** head. I hope he gets what’s coming to him. Our condolences to the family no one should have to put up with this kind of hatred.

      1. Unfortunately like they say one bad apple in the barrel spoils the whole barrel, like they say all first nations are drunks and we are not all drunks. I do believe though not every race is bad but only bad people. I Thank you for your kind words and hope our society gets better.

      2. Thank you for your compassion, John. That was so gravely unfortunate resulting in a senseless loss of Barbara Kentner’s most precious life. This a despicable act that someone will have to live with for a lifetime.
        No one knows what consequences will result, but I pray for all involved. These things will be addressed, if not justly in this world, then- in the next, where repayment is everlasting…

      3. Agreed. It’s share eful of any one person, any culture, to do such a thing. Very sad indeed. Prayers to her family. May she RIP. So so sad.

    2. I am certain that there is a slew of charges that can and will be levied against him. These people, a term that I use very loosely in this case, need to see that their hateful behavior is absolutely NOT TOLERATED by anyone at all; they need to be treated as terrorists, because that is what they are. I am most sorry for what the families in this community has endured, not only the great loss of a beautiful person but also the fear. I pray that as terrible as this is, that people will finally realize the terrible consequences of these actions and value human life above their own ignorences. I pray that people please open their eyes and see that all life is precious, every person should be safe.

  73. What’s happening with the charges now for Brayden? Are they raising the charges to man slaughter or attempted murder ?

      1. Butter Dion, Yes people like this Brayden probably do call First Nations people savages, but there are many that do not. It is the same as you saying “they” as in meaning all caucasions. I was moved to tears reading this article and my heart goes out to this family. I hope that he is dealt with not only in this world but in his spirit world also. Pls we must come together to make the hatred stop. United we can stop the vile entity that breeds the hatred that keeps our peoples apart. The haters do not realize that they are only puppets being used to keep the separation going. I pray that he is dealt with severely but I do not have that kind of faith in this system. Only his maker will do that. Peace be with you.

    1. My deepest sympathies for Barbara and her family. This breaks my heart. This makes me sick to my stomach in every way. Brayden, I hope your soul is impacted so greatly that you are forever haunted in your dreams. Your life will never be the same. You have taken the life of someone else and you have done so purposely—your Karmic payment will reach you one way or another but it will not bring back the life you have taken and it will not clear the pain that you have begun.

    2. The problem with upping the charges is , if the police cannot prove it was murder , he will walk. The police lay charges they know they can prove. Upping them before they have conclusive evidence is dangerous cuz he cud get off.

      1. The police follow instructions of the Crown prosecutor, but sadly you are right. This guy will probably get off with a slap on the wrist.

      2. If she died.. and he caused it and was charged .. it should and likely will be upgraded… if she died as a result of something he did …. it’s murder… there’s no need to prove it .. she’s dead and he was the cause … simple …

        1. To get a conviction for murder the Crown needs to prove he intended to kill her – and that would be difficult, given the circumstances. More likely is a manslaughter charge, where death was caused but not intended.

        2. Murder is dependent on intent. The prosecutor would have to prove that he intended to kill and and set out to do so. Otherwise it is manslaughter or death due to negligence.

      3. In many cases you’d be correct, but not this one.

        They initially charged him with aggravated assault because she didn’t die. Now they can and should charge him with manslaughter. Charging him with murder and not manslaughter would be risking acquittal, but manslaughter would surely stick.

      4. “I got one!” You don’t normally say that while ‘hunting’ that unless you “bag a kill”….

      5. Here in the US they lay on all they can. But that is bc our family is not white, I guess.

    3. Why would it be attempted murder? That doesn’t make sense. He assulted her she ended up dying. He should be charged with murder.

      1. Man slaughter fits this. If u look up the definition of it. But I agree it should be worse. No one deserves that and I hope he gets what he deserves as he took a life do to his actions.

      2. They have to prove intent to harm in order to charge murder… just because he threw some hung out his window (which is stupid and reckless) does not mean he intended to harm anyone

    4. This is sad ……and also why you should not throw stuff outta your window while driving . I think this man deserves some type of punishment for doing something stupid and taking someone’s life . It shouldn’t matter if she was nationality she is . However I don’t think he looked back at the car behind him and said ” Wait look that is an Indigenous woman let me throw this out my window and kill her ” . He was a dumbass no doubt and I truly feel sorry for the family and friends of this woman . He should get punished for sure but lets not make this seem like he did it because of her nationality

      1. She was targeted as the accused was heard boasting ” I got one!” It was deliberate it was planned therefore I believe he should be charged with manalaughter

      2. He threw it at her as she walking down the street. He intentionally threw it at her. Have you not heard of the rampant racism in Thunder Bay?

      3. OMG….Wake up Amy. This part of the country has much racial overtones, every day. It was planned, it was done, and it is horrible. He does deserve to be tried and punished for the crime he did. A planned act of malicious harm, that resulted in death.

      4. He didn’t throw it at a car behind him. You need to look up articles from the original attack. They were walking. He threw the trailer hitch out of the car and yelled “I got one” when it hit her head.

      5. If he said “I got one!” As I believe was in the original story, than it appears to be a racial attack. Did he intend murder? He would know significant harm was likely from such an attack.

      6. amy, i believe that in one of the articles he threw the hitch and said- hey i got one.
        this wasn’t an unintentional litterbug incident.

      7. He yelled “got one!” after tossing a trailer hitch at her as she walked down the road. Lets not pretend he’s not a racist pos, give me a break. Racism needs to be addressed and called out in Canada, it’s rampant.

      8. I think he did know she was Aboriginal and for that reason he intended to hurt her. The charges should be upped to manslaughter or 1st degree murder. Her death was as a result of his actions. Like who does that? A jackass who needs time to think of the consequences ..
        Let’s set an example that these assaults against our ppl are no longer justified! Where’s the zero tolerance?

      9. He shouted, “Oh, I got one” when the hitch hit her.

        He wasn’t tossing junk out his window. He threw it AT HER.

      10. He intentionally threw it at her because she was Furst Nation… his actions leading up to the incident were why he was charged in the first place. It wasn’t just an accidental situation where he happened to toss something out the window and it hit someone by hapstance!

      11. Unfortunately it happens to First Nation women more often than non First Nation women. So yes he probably did throw it at her because of her race.
        We can not change racism and become a better society if we do not acknowledge it.
        This woman has suffered and died because he did a dumb ass thing! Really he killed her. Anyone with two active brain cells knows that will cause harm. This was and is a racist act. Accept and create change. I am so sorry for the heartbreak her family will endure for the rest of their lives. Inexcusable he needs jail time.

      12. You obviously aren’t informed about the story. He yelled out, “I got one”. He knew exactly what he was doing. It’s murder.

    5. They should get charged for first degree murder, knowing they won’t do a day in jail because there white

    6. Yes, where’s the rest of this
      story??? This is horrifying, what a stupid act and now has destroyed family and friends…the ripple effect is long reaching.

    7. Well it’s murder not attempted murder… the charges should reflect the crime yes.

    8. this seeems as thought someone needs to be investigati g hate crime charges as wellas rhe exsiting charges my love and prayers goto all of her loved ones

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