B.C. fish farms hit by occupations following release of footage showing sickly, blind salmon

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11 thoughts on “B.C. fish farms hit by occupations following release of footage showing sickly, blind salmon

  1. Ahh age old arguments, right to protest but follow the law. Meanwhile the government and fish farms are clearly trespassing, like really wtf how can so many people in government not see the issues.

  2. The DFO have NOT heeded our concerns down here in the Martimes (Atlantic Ocean) about the fish farms…..when something happens….they all die….then they get insurance money on top of our tax dollar subsidies…& all the Atlantic Salmon in the stores is farmed…& it is not labelled. Our Wild Atlantic Salmon are an endangered species that has received no concern from the DFO. They lie, lie, lie.
    Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia

  3. Someone should put in a freedom of information request to find out if those farmed salmon were GMO salmon, the Canadian government has just got finished bragging about how they have been feeding Canadians genetically modified salmon for over a year and then this fish farm collapses and releases Atlantic salmon in the Pacific Ocean. My gut tells me that those Atlantic salmon were genetically modified.

  4. People should put in a freedom of information request to the government to find out if those fish were genetically modified. The government just let the cat out of the bag that they had secretly been feeding humans GMO salmon for over a year now and as soon as they had finished gloating about that fact then the farmed salmon pen broke and released Atlantic salmon into the Pacific Ocean. I have a very bad feeling in my gut that they were all GMO salmon and they will mess with the genetics of the Wild Pacific salmon. The government allows people to play God for profit which is evil in its most vile form. Everyone should band together to eradicate GMO products from our society. P.S. canola oil is a Canadian patented GMO and the government subsidizes any business who puts it in their products, they claim it is a health food but it does harm to the body. Also all North American corn is also GMO unless it is herloom corn. They want us sick and dependant on their health care instead of healthy and living off of what nature provides. Natives are the only people with the true power to make a stand and fight this evil.

  5. This video is so important for people that care about our water to see. Thank you to the brave ones who risked their freedoms to get this footage, and we hope that this helps put open water fish farming into its place!!!!! (NOT IN OUR WATERS) … do not give up hope – this is the evidence that is needed to change the minds of many. do not be discouraged. This is the what we need to see! ….. masi

  6. This is one of the most disgusting things I think I have ever seen. Why does the government encourage this? I just don’t understand what OUR government is about!! Letting this kind of thing continue!!

  7. Good for these First Nations for taking back their power. I stand firmly with them as a White middle aged semi retired Social Worker.
    These toxic farms must get out of all BC WEST COASTLINE WATERS. While corporate blah blah blah is pronounced it doesn’t take a wizard to see the truth in real time. It’s a disgusting imposition on First Nations rights and attack on their food fish security rights that completely exposes the Non-reconciliation position of the federal government in its entirety, with most, if not every promise.
    His mother should give him some good butt kicks and a harsh lecture on humanity, MH and the human need for a peaceful, low stress life.andvtgat this is what a great MAN can do! But heh, he’s yet to prove he is anything but Harper’s Boi.

  8. I remember a National Geographic special that was broadcast a number of years ago that showed how an ordinary citizen, with no formal scientific training, traced diseases that were attacking wild salmon to the fish farms. Of course, the big corporations running the fish farms refused to listen to her and so did the government, but eventually, she got enough backing from scientists that they HAD to listen!

    And now I read the government recently lifted the ban on new fish farms…the almighty dollar doubtlessly spoke louder than the safety of the native fish populations! 🙁

    1. Alexandra Morton has worked for years on salmon, but the DFO worked against her. Now we are in this unholy mess!
      All fish farming must be banned. Including the east coast Genetically Engineered Atlantic Salmon, first in world –and Canada’s shame.

  9. This isn’t just because of the fish farming. It has to do with the constant leaks from the Fukushima power plants in Japan. The devastation has already reached the BC ocean coastline. Both should be stopped or there will be no more salmon or any other fish for that matter.

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