Autumn Peltier up for Nobel children’s prize

Autumn Peltier, a 13-year-old Wikwemikong girl who tearfully pleaded with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to protect the water is up for an international award.

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10 thoughts on “Autumn Peltier up for Nobel children’s prize

  1. This young lady is a gift from the Creator. I pray that soon, more than Prime Minister Trudeau listen to her words. Water has become more and more scarce on our planet as the years of my life have passed. There were, and continue to be intense droughts around the world. Please, please, please, listen to this child and her pleas. Thank you.

  2. Awesome! You go girl! Autumn is the rising guiding star that will lead us though this dark time. May the Creator bless her
    and keep her safe, healthy, and strong. The whole world needs her!

  3. You are an awakened soul, Autumn, and many more have work to do to save our Mother Earth. Be strong and stay focused as you grow up, develop your skills and abilities using science and public speaking to be a “Water Spirit” helper. Much love and admiration of your ‘warrior spirit’.

  4. Tanisi You are a brave warrior . I would like to share your speech in m seminar I as doing on traditional knowledge and what water means to Indigenous people of Canadaand the world. all the best to us and meegwetch

    1. Autumn you are on your way to making a huge, positive difference in the world. People are wanting to know more about the state of the water in our precious precious world. They may not be ready to hear the very sad truth about how “sick” our most precious commodity is, but its time that the truth gets revealed along side of a solution. You probably already know how wonderful nature is and how well botanicals work to clean contaminated water. If you haven’t seen what Moringa Oleifer Seeds can do; you tube; Moringa Oleifera and How it cleans water. Keep your hopes up Autumn, there are many of us who stand with you and will speak for the water with you.

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