Assembly of Manitoba chiefs call on RCMP to investigate online Facebook comments

A resolution at a meeting of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) is calling on the RCMP to look into a number of charged comments on Facebook associated with a toddler who was killed in Edmonton.

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A resolution at a meeting of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) is calling on the RCMP to look into a number of charged comments on Facebook associated with a toddler who was killed in Edmonton.

The Facebook user, Allison Wiese, posted three comments on the page of Global News including this one; “I’m so glad this baby didn’t get a chance to breed we have enough natives in Regina.”

Reaction on the social network site was immediate and the issue found its way into a resolution at the AMC.

“We’re not going to sweep this under the rug anymore,” said AMC Grand Chief Derek Nepinak. “We as Indigenous people have a responsibility to stand up against racism and we’re calling on a broader Canadian society to stand up against racism because it’s been a significant detriment to a peaceful society.”

On social media, people are calling it a fake account – something that Nepinak said doesn’t matter.

“If it is a fake account that’s fine,” said Nepinak. “A fake account is still being actioned by somebody and behind that fake account exits a human being who is strongly demonstrating hatred against our people … and that person needs to be helped on some level but they also need to be held accountable.”

Anthony Raine is the 19-month-old who was murdered in Edmonton.

His body was discovered Friday on the grounds of the Good Shepherds Anglican church.

His father, Joseph Crier, 26, and his girlfriend, Tasha Mack, 25, have been charged with second-degree murder.

According to police, the toddler died from blunt force trauma to the head.

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46 thoughts on “Assembly of Manitoba chiefs call on RCMP to investigate online Facebook comments

  1. what about the other people who have been threatened all because they Crier and Mack…. not right either

  2. I am glad action is being taken, I hope the RCMP is able to locate these people. To take her hatred out on an innocent child speaks loud and clear as to the type of person she is. My deepest condolences to the families of this beautiful little boy, I hope I never have to experience that type of loss. RIP Anthony Raine.

  3. They can track down a fake account no problem even the house and computer it came from..they should find them and charge them.let it be a lesson for everyone you can’t hide on the interbet

  4. I agree with the Chief. .find this evil, hateful female an make her apologize to all the First Nation’s for her ignorant comments..I’m sure there is a way to track her down..with all the modern technology..indeed she needs help.

  5. RACISM is an essential part of survival, or at least it should be to my people . Without racism you wouldn’t be Nishnabe, Onkwehuwe, or Indian. Ur desire to blend in and be white would be successful. Racism reminds you of who you are. This conceipt of we are all the same is a lot of my peoples desires and truth. Without ur skin color you are the same, a lot have walked away from their culture and language…so what are u? Hell even skin color is a fake statement to “INDIANS” nishnabe, and Onkwehuwe……look at you skin color…hell ur same color as or Euro invaders. and in some cases, a Euro Invader could pass as an original inhabitant before you. It’s sad what happened to this BBY….that the thing that should be STRONGLY condemned……its our own PEOPLE murdering our own people. Let that be the Topic.

  6. With all of the racist acts upon natives in Canada is despicable and should not be tolerated. It is good that they are standing up to the deplorable people.

  7. The same thing happened here in WINNIPEG . This young native guy walked into the Women Hospital and killed his own baby ….He has gone through a couple marriages and today he is an ordained minister and excepted all over in the church world and nobody says anything … what do think of that ?

  8. in Sagkeeng and not just sagkeeng but all reserves in Canada, they should ban alcohol,drugs,pills,gangs,bullies, hatred,jealousy,men and young guys should leave girls and women when they sleeping they get raped when sleeping,its been happening for years nobody says anything because people are scared,, my concern is being bullied is 1 of the main reason, for the safety of all children in the reserves,, children need community centres to have activities and sports,swimming area and a theater to watch movies, and computers setup for them, and free fruit,snacks, lunch,bottled water and juice not all kids have money to spend when hungry and thirsty,and no child should be scared and be denied for the use of centres and no favouritism because a family member might be working there and reject some child or children because they are not family of the workers,, should have women and men securities at all times,, ban the bullies to have a safe place to hangout,, now the time to have this in the open your eyes and ears, for the sake of all children safety,, losing too many young generations,, every child wants to feel safe and treated with respect and treated equally the same as every child there,, this is my main concern theres nothing in the reserves for children and young generations.. too many missing and murdered young ones they have no where to go, but alcohol and drugs given by drug dealers,gangs,men with abusing a child and women young girls,, it has to be stopped.. the can kill me for saying this but it has to be heard for the sake of all young generations to come.. and i rather have not have my name being said about this, im scared too for my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.. please do not post this on facebook..

  9. I hear a lot about these racist comments and the injustice of it all, but how come no one is commenting about the fact that this baby was abused for months before his death and finally murdered by his own father. His mother was on the reserve, why was no one wanting or loving this baby that they created?
    Why don’t we hear about that part?
    It’s always others doing injustices to the natives and never them doing it to themselves……

  10. This vicious and tragic death of a young child is heart-breaking. My heart goes out to the community and family who lost this beautiful little one. Hateful racist comments by the ignorant and vicious person who posted them needs to be held to account. I am so sorry for the community that is grieving the loss of a precious child. Peace to you all.

  11. I been paying attention to the news about the baby boy and this report, comment is horrible. That is serious mental health issues, no concern for the boy. It certainly sounds like hattred at its worst and that is racism, particularly towards our first nations people. BUT!!, First Nation leadership must act to defend the people not their financial positions and popularity. Furthermore , I lost control of children at the hands of the leadership in the reserve and child n family services. These adult children now have alot of issues, mentally n physically. Drugs n alcohol violence rule.

  12. We as a Nation need help. Doesn’t matter what colour we are black, white, red or yellow. Let’s stop the violence now, stop the racism because it happens far to often, way more often than what happened to that little spirit. Love one another, guide one another. We are only here for so long, let’s show our next generation how to live and treat one another. Prayers for everyone reading this.

  13. That remark is disgusting and wrong and racism is wrong but what happend to this child is wrong
    What these people did was wrong
    There’s no excuse for something like this seeing this has giving me nothing but motivation to reach out and try and help in some sort of way I’m gonna look into this I don’t no where to begin but I want to help!! I agree with find the racist and something has to be done about what he has said. But now I u wana here talk about how can we help instead of just looking for Exuses.

  14. Sad statment of humanity, Allison Wiese seems to be one of the many that has forgotten that she owes her very existance to indigenous people, The ignorance and and vile hatered in such a comment is beyond forgiving. Sadly this isn’t going to go away, But I see that there are a lot more non indigenous people that are stepping up and seeing that the elders and other indigenous people were right all along about many things, especially respect, this idiot woman needs to learn a little about it

  15. Was a horrible thing to say Regardless of Cree or colour every child has a right to be loved and protected by his parents and family .This child did nothing to deserve this Rip little one

    1. I Agree and while everyone is commenting on these comments no one is commenting that this was done to him by his own father .
      If he didn’t want the child, the mother was on the reserve so why didn’t she take him?
      This is what needs to be commented on and fixed l within their own community, as well as the racist comments happening outside it but you never here them addressing these things that they are doing, just what’s being done against them..

      1. The father was taking care of the child while the mother was attending nursing school according to the media.

  16. It isn’t just prejudices these days .. I can live with those ,lived with them 6 decades’s racism hatred that worries.. my tobacco all…

  17. I think that the statements were cruel and feeds the racism between Aboriginals and very racist non Aboriginals such as Allison Weiser. If there are laws of anti semitism I’m sure this type of ignorant statements would qualify for charges. But let’s wait to see what the REST. C.M.P. are capable of doing or not doing???

  18. I feel for this innocent child, let him be surrounded in love even in death. I pray for the child’s family in this time of great loss. No one should have to endure what this child did alive or in death.

  19. I agree that the person who posted these hateful comments needs to be accountable and hopefully receive help

  20. This so sad and heartbreaking it rips my heart out. This little boy was a baby , a human being. This fascism beyond words and it has to stop

  21. There was another person who wrote hate comments towards indigenous people, her name is Amanda Lynn Suski. She should also be investigated! It says she is educated as an early childhood educator! Who would want their children being exposed to her if she’s working with native children!!

  22. As First Nations we deal with ethnocentrism, stereotyping, stigmas and blatent disregard as sole inhibitors of this land called Canada today. We have been herded or colonized away from urban areas with resources and forced to live in less rural areas where the Government can pretend we are not part of mainstream society, or that we exist. We get the poorest healthcare,education and childcare. Our housing funds are set regardless of the Natives being the most rapid growing race in Canada. For to long the Government has ignored the Natives, we are getting educated in your schools and learning how to read these agreements upon which you slap us in the face with. We are learning how to understand your misinformed writings, your short cuts, and your illegal neo-liberalism traditions.Thus woman who wrote this…well even if it wasnt her ..if she was hacked..its still wrong. Society has grown desensitized to the stigmas and stereotypes upon which Natives deal with day in day out. Enough is enough. My name is Lance Stevens, I am from the powerful Wolf Clan of Gitxsan Nation. Hamii Yaa…All my Relations

    1. It’s great to hear that our first people’s are finally starting to get in the know and question government official documents ,that effect your immediate futures. May be Iam naive but why are some First Nations doing great financially, and seem to prosper,and some that flounder and live in extreme poverty. If all first people’s are one people then why the big distance between the really wealthy reserves and the really poor ones. Just wondering why there isn’t more sharing of the wealth among first peoples.At least those in the know show others how to get prosperous.we can’t always blame others for what happened before any of were born. Its time to learn from our mistakes.In God I TRUST. Wendy Gardner

  23. I’m with you. But so much needs to be dealt with. Find Protecting Canadian Children (Velvet Martin – google her – videos of how they (Child Welfare) killed her beautiful daughter). She’s smart and cares, I believe.

  24. It is not the “race” that is at fault here. It is two individuals that brutal tortured this child long before he had died. The two individuals NEED HELP not criticism

    1. This is a statement about the racist Facebook comments after the child died. It isn’t saying the child died due to racism.

    2. Very well said. It has nothing to do with race. These are two evil individuals that need to be brought to justice.

  25. Too bad that Nepinak couldn’t be so passionately moved to say anything about either Anthony Raine’s alleged killers or the two girls arrested for allegedly killing Serena McKay and posting her assault on FB. Seems like he’s mighty selective with his indignation.

  26. Who cares if it’s a fake profile? If the RCMP can’t handle it hire someone who can. Maybe someone not racist and will make an effort.

  27. Hatred is hatred
    Hiding or enabling the identity of this person is wrong
    Why does facebook enable people to access Facebook under a fake identity

  28. These remarks must be examined so that those printing them are seen for what they are.,. bigots full of hatred and causing mischief if that’s what they call it.
    Great harm comes of them and hatred is spread.
    I agree with Chief Nepinak.

  29. I have a comment I agree with the chief these people should be shut down. We don’t need ignorant people like this spreading racist comments in regards to a baby who suffered so much. I’m white and would like 10 minutes alone with this bitch!

  30. Omgosh
    I hope the person responsible for the ignorant comment is found and is held accountable.
    So much hate in the world

  31. Thank you for standing up for our people this child was innocent m deserved to be loved rather than murdered, and those who use this as a forum to promote racism should be made totally accountable

    1. The RCMP have every resource to find this person. It’s a hate crime as all hate crimes. They have the technology to find them.

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