Arrest of Indigenous man by Prince Rupert RCMP raising questions

The arrest of an Indigenous man by at least five officers with the Prince Rupert RCMP has people on social media questioning whether the officers used too much force.

According to the police, the man was taken into custody after resisting arrest. The man was sleeping in a doorway at the time.

“An officer arrived on scene and requested a second member as he recognized the man from previous interactions and he knew him to have a history of violence,” said the police statement. “The officers determined the man was intoxicated in public and unable to care for himself, he did not provide a safe place he could stay for the night and therefore he was placed under arrest.

“When the officers went to secure the man in handcuffs for their safety and for the purpose of transporting him to the detachment the man refused to comply with their lawful orders.”

People on social media reacted to the video.

“That’s messed up, Rupert (sic) cops trying to pull what happened to George Floyd,” the commentator wrote.

Others questioned the number RCMP officers on top of the suspect.

“Wow, why so many [officers] why are they allowed to lean on him like that? Not right,” they said.

The RCMP said officers used pain compliance with a taser in a “probe mode” which induces pain.

Police said he was offered medical help but was aggressive with paramedics.

The man was held overnight and released in the morning.

Police are asking anyone who witnessed the arrested to file a statement.

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