#APTNPipelines: Inside a Kinder Morgan pipeline deal and the fight that followed in a B.C. First Nation

Investigative Reporter

Kenneth Jackson is an investigative reporter in Ottawa, Ont. with more than two decades in the business. He got his start in community newspapers before joining the Ottawa Sun in 2007 where he worked the police beat.

In 2011, Jackson joined APTN to break the Bruce Carson scandal that sparked three federal investigations into the former senior advisor to then Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Carson was later charged with fraud sparking a court battle all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada. The conviction was upheld and was based entirely on APTN’s investigation.

Jackson has focused, almost exclusively, on the child welfare system in Ontario over the last five years. The work has earned multiple awards, including the 2020 Michener Award.

1 thought on “#APTNPipelines: Inside a Kinder Morgan pipeline deal and the fight that followed in a B.C. First Nation

  1. We,aboriginal people are controlled and manipulated by our own elected leaders through financial instability.Once elected our leaders see the finances, a dark cloud envelopes them.now ,they have all this money,check books.
    ,money in the bank,.OK?If there is no money, OK? through the Federal Election process,We elected them to do whatever they want to do with the finances. They can take the results to any financial institution,the financial institutions know that through treaty agreements,there is monies always available for first nation leaders to utilize at there own discretion.This is where,we as community 1st nation members are left to fend for ourselves,we climb over each other to,it creates havoc within our communities,strong family ties are ripped apart ‘What the previous Chief and Council worked on,if any?Is thrown out the door and the illegitimate process starts over and over,it’s endless!Every person has the right to express their opinion,and I am not very far from my arrow missing the mark,as a matter of fact ,I hit the mark ! I’m treaty Canadian”sorry”

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