APTN confronts Stella Ambler over missing, murdered report

 APTN National News
Stella Ambler is the Conservative MP who’s chaired a special committee on violence against Indigenous women since last March.

She’s never granted APTN an interview on the issue.

But APTN’s Jorge Barrera caught up with her at the committee released its report Friday.

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4 thoughts on “APTN confronts Stella Ambler over missing, murdered report

  1. She is side stepping the issue and her little minion by her side is their to save her from obliging to her role has she was sworn in and should be held accountable to the people, whatever their nationality, her poise in leadership should be in question here and hopefully we deliver this to the opposition to prove the rights of Human Beings are being overlooked and tabled for the conservative ideological agenda’s. Not and MP of Mine!!!

  2. Wow, she smiles and says “they want justice and action” Can’t wait to see their action plan…

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