‘Anything to protect our elders’: Comedians create comical COVID-19 PSAs

Comedian, Candy Palmater said elders have sacrificed more than physical distancing and wearing a mask.

Toronto based comedian, Candy Palmater has created public service announcements to help keep elders safe from COVID-19.

The ‘Protect our Elders’ campaign started by the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation in Alberta, began earlier this year. Some comedians were asked to add a comical spin to the announcements.  

“They were kind of serious public service announcements,” she said. 

“So, they thought about getting some comedians involved would make it more fun. As soon as they asked me, I said, yes, absolutely. Anything to protect our elders.” 

 Palmater, who is from New Brunswick, is joined by fellow comedians Dane Cunningham and Dakota Ray Hebert, who have created their own funny public service announcements, encouraging everyone to isolate and wear masks to help prevent the spread.  

There are nearly two thousand active cases on reserves across the country. 

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Palmater said elders and have sacrificed much more than staying home and wearing a mask. 

“They were called to war. And they went without question. They were taken and put in residential schools and they survived that,” Palmater said. 

“And all my generation is being asked to do is stay home and wear a mask. I would hate to think we would drop the ball on them. What is being asked of us is really pretty simple compared to what 

was asked of them.” 

Palmater’s public service announcements will begin airing this week on APTN. 

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