Algonquin power lifter bulks up for first provincial competition

An Algonquin power lifter in Ottawa is preparing to be on his A-game.

It’s for his first provincial competition this spring.

“There’s no use in working fast through this stuff,” said Zac Liberty. “You’ve got to work and take your time.”

Liberty has been pumping iron for 10 years.

He first became interested in the sport in college.

“It felt like a natural thing that I really really got into it, took a course,” said Liberty, who is from Pikwakanigan, Ont. “I had a really, really good instructor and I just never stopped.”

Liberty is proud of the weight he can hoist.

“I’ve deadlifted 405, squats 335, and bench 275, so try to beat those,” he said with a laugh. “Some of them look like I can beat them right now, so fingers crossed that I have it together.”

The Canadian Powerlifting Union is hosting the competition in Hamilton in April.

“I’ll be heading there at the end of April,” said Liberty, “and I hope to bring my A-game for sure.”

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