Algonquin grandmothers continue fight to stop condos on sacred site in Ottawa

Todd Lamirande
APTN National News
A group of Algonquin grandmothers believe they’ve brought a failed legal struggle back to life.

They’re trying to stop a land claim from being negotiated between the non-status group, Algonquins of Ontario, and the federal government.

But ground zero is a planned development on a sacred site along the Ottawa River close to downtown Ottawa.

The grandmother say condos will be built on the site, while a supporter of the project say it’s much more than a housing development.

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5 thoughts on “Algonquin grandmothers continue fight to stop condos on sacred site in Ottawa

  1. Windmill Co is illegally developing on our Kaniengehaga Indian Reserve and reporting to INAC. The place in question is called Kana:tso and my family was evicted from our Reserve in 1903, we are currently preparing a statement of claim for the said land, stay tuned.

  2. Once again! Crown’s fiduciary duty to protect diminished….to many assimulated, colonized so called Indians making illegal decision and negotiation regarding land…..SELL OUTS!!

  3. The Grandmothers of Pikwakanagan are disappointed that your story focused on the side issue rather than the central issue to the story. They initiated this court action to challenge the authority of the Chief and Band Council of Pikwakanagan to extinguish constitutionally protected Algonquin Aboriginal title to Algonquin Lands without a mandate from the people to do so; and in most cases without the foreknowledge of the people. The Chief and Band Council signed the May 29, 2015 Agreement-in-Principle with Canada and Ontario agreeing to extinguish Algonquin Aboriginal Title to over 8.5 million acres of traditional lands, ignoring the “NO” vote of the First Nation membership in the formal referendum held on the matter. It is against backdrop that the Chaudiere Falls is considered. Alienation of title and development of lands (sacred lands) without the foreknowledge or approval of the Algonquin people.

    1. The Federal Government was suppose to protect us not cheat us ! A lot of it comes down to those white washed greedy Chiefs and its just as greedy members who sit on council.


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