Alberta First Nation to ban members if charged with violent crime

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The Paul First Nation chief and council have seen enough.

They say crime has become so rampant they have no choice but to draft a bylaw that will see members evicted from the community if charged with a violent crime.

Not convicted, charged.

APTN’s Chris Stewart has more details.

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1 thought on “Alberta First Nation to ban members if charged with violent crime

  1. How is evicting someone who has been charged going to solve the problem? So they want to go the other route and break up families? Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Im sure this is not inline with the Indian act and or the Charter in Canada. If it was that easy and legal im sure there would be communities all across Canada that would be doing the same, although a step in the right direction, they are looking to suppress there own people and cause more troubles with familys, and breaking them up. Although banishment was used in some tribes long ago, this is not the right way to deal with the problem. They created there own problem by allowing alcohol on the reserve a lot are dry reserves in Canada, but rather than going after the route problem which is alcohol, they are side stepping it. Time for a new chief and council maybe for a new view on the problems. Why is there the problem of people being charged with various crimes? The main reason is alcohol. Remove that and you remove a big part of the problem, not banning your own members and ripping apart familys. It is maybe one of the worst ideas they could have thought of.

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