AFN slams brakes on environmental talks with Trudeau over secrecy

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) slammed the brakes on drafting legislative amendments on environmental and regulatory processes with the Trudeau government last month saying it had become strangers within the process.

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4 thoughts on “AFN slams brakes on environmental talks with Trudeau over secrecy

  1. The Minister of environment should be the one at the table anyway. Jim Carr is just there to try and cut a deal for the resource extraction industry. First the environment, and then let industry fit itself in.

  2. As if they did not see this coming, there’s a relationship of broken promises, false hope and permission to ask for more slack on the leash around Assembly of First Nations neck. This will go on time and time again. The AFN is just the AFN, a necessity to have around. It’s not even the equivalent in functionality as The Senate,. Why continue with it? Oh yes, because that’s the way it is. Running out of time People’s, think, think, think.

  3. Much respect to Regional Chiefs Day, Hart and Erasmus, for putting their collective feet down on this crucial matter. Much less praise for Chief Bellegarde who seems to be confused on whose side he is on! The longer this issue is delayed, the more damage to the environment, and ALL the living beings whose habitat is Turtle Island. I also did NOT see any word about geo-engineering and environmental spraying, which are doing tremendous damage to our forests and natural fields, and most if not all the planes flying overhead almost daily, showering us with nanoparticles of strontium, barium and aluminum oxides, among other UNIDENTIFIED additives, toxins and chemicals, as well as bio-mass components, which would appear to be sickening not only plants, water ways, vegetation and animals, but human beings, too. Get WITH the program, Chief Bellegarde, or GET OUT OF THE WAY of the chiefs who are trying their best to push an agenda for changes on everything from the National Energy Board and climate change to the Fisheries and Navigation Protection acts. FOOD AND WATER SECURITY are two of THE MOST IMPORTANT issues facing North America, and Canada specifically, TODAY. So, ACTION MUST BE TAKEN……TODAY!

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