AFN chiefs reject call for MMIW inquiry commissioner resignations

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Assembly of First Nations chiefs on Thursday defeated a motion tabled by Manitoba leaders calling for the removal of the remaining commissioners heading the inquiry into the national tragedy of the disproportionate number of murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls.

The AFN did adopt a resolution calling for an expansion of the inquiry’s mandate and for it to disclose its financial reports.

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3 thoughts on “AFN chiefs reject call for MMIW inquiry commissioner resignations

  1. There never was going to be a fair vote! Payouts to host FSIN and the very organizational structure of AFN means BC controls all votes by a 60/40 veto margin.

    How many actual chiefs were voting versus proxies.

    All this tells national indigenous people that the AFN is completely useless.

  2. AFN funding in question if they do not toe the line. AFN may need new leadership itself .. to stand up to Trudeau Jr.’s Gov’t and the RCMP. It takes backbone to find your legs and now is the time.

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