AFN chiefs reject call for MMIW inquiry commissioner resignations

Assembly of First Nations chiefs on Thursday defeated a motion tabled by Manitoba leaders calling for the removal of the remaining commissioners heading the inquiry into the national tragedy of the disproportionate number of murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls.

4 thoughts on “AFN chiefs reject call for MMIW inquiry commissioner resignations

  1. The requested changes to the inquiry are a backward step.

    The family orientation is mis-using the inquiry’s time.

    Expressing grief, extolling victims, ceremony and music are for healing. They have nothing to do with preventing more murders. The inquiry should focus on testimony from people who have something professional and specific to say about how to stop murders. Families with nothing to say about preventing murders are blocking them. To use the inquiry for personal healing is self indulgent and selfish.

  2. Yes I agree the MMIW inquiry must disclose its yearly audit and financial reports. The financial report and yearly audit must be made public .

    “Johnston’s successful resolution directed the AFN to push Ottawa into resetting and expanding the mandate of the inquiry and remove existing policy barriers that have hindered its work. It also called on the national inquiry to disclose its financial reports and “be accountable for how it allocates its funding.”

    “Over the last 11 months, the inquiry has spent $11 million of its $53 million budget and held only one hearing, while seeing string of high profile resignations including of commissioner Marilyn Poitras”

  3. You don’t think funding is an issue in persuading AFN to vote in favor of retaining the current commission. TRUDEAU and The RCMP can be relentlessly persuasive in this area.

  4. Yahooo … we will keep our Inquiry ~~ too much work has taken place ~~ the majority of families want it to work, we encourage the families that are confused to try be registered for a Hearing ~~ we love you

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