A rock and a bite saved young boy from abduction in Thunder Bay

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219 thoughts on “A rock and a bite saved young boy from abduction in Thunder Bay

  1. I have to agree with a lot why wasn’t his family contacted when this happen
    and why did the hospital release this child without a parent there
    also I like to say we all live in Canada and we all were bought up to treat every one with respect and treat everyone to be treated like you are been treated so it time to wake up people stop treating other like there no tomorrow as for they are our future I don’t care if they are white or native or any other colour for that matter everyone is equal

  2. Why on earth wasn’t his family contacted when this happened. The police and the hospital should have called his family. To release him back on the streets where he had to WALK home after being nearly kidnapped WITH is wrong with those who are being paid to serve and PROTECT our children. Get your ass in gear and find these SOB’S so our children are safe to walk the streets of their city. For the hospital authority what the hell we’re you thinking not contacting his family is 16 years old what if it was one of your children it doesn’t matter the color of his skin or is nationality he was a victim plain and simple his family should have been notified. Get your damn head out of your ass and start pertecting ALL CHILDREN OF THUNDER BAY.
    You are a very brave young boy Matthew I hope the catch those guys and put them where they belong. I pray you get help to get pass this and move on in life. Know this Matthew there are people who care and love you. Best of luck Matthew.

  3. He walked home alone from the hospital at 6:00 am and it’s the police who aren’t doing their jobs?

  4. I’m a mother of a fifteen year old and I’m aboriginal. Yes I’m a good parent,, yes at times my daughter doesn’t come home at nights and I can’t sleep because I worry for her safety. When she doesn’t come home I call police and I go out into these streets looking for her at 2 in the morning possibly knowing where she might be. Honestly police don’t do much here in the city of Winnipeg.

  5. Really people, no matter what the police do, our Aboriginal community is not happy , if you truly look at the crimes in Thunder Bay, you will see what the police have to deal with. If any Caucasian says anything they are racists, the hospital would have had a social worker and a native liaison person talk to him, this boy is 16, he has the right to refuse service, the hospital always gives tax vouchers to our Aboriginal people. The Aboriginal community knows that the police, hospital and other agencies are not allowed to say anything, but the Aboriginal community seems to like to say things that they know others can not defend themselves. 99% of Aboriginal death are at the hands of other Aboriginals. If the police get to involved with the Aboriginal family they call it harassment or racist.

    People really need to take a look at what is really happening here, Aboriginal community are upset with all the children that are dying at the river, I FEEL FOR THESE FAMILIES MY HEART GOES OUT TO THEM, but why blame the police, the non Aboriginal community for these deaths. It is not Thunder Bay that caused these children to drink, to fight, the inquest proved that these children died with tremendous amounts of alcohol in there system. But the first thing the Aboriginal community blames are non Aboriginal. Aboriginal communities need to look into there own Aboriginal communities and realize they need to take responsibility for the people and stop blaming everyone but themselves. Yes they had things rough but so did others remember our great grand parent, parent and even our generations. Remember Catholic schools, Caucasian children that been beaten, molested, raped, Caucasian children in foster and the horrors they went through it was not just the Aboriginals. And lets not forget the Irish children ripped from there family (from overseas) to work as salves in Canada, parents being told that there children were going to be taken care of, because of the famine happening there. Please even if you do not agree with me look at the whole story, I have worked in many medical centres, hospital, prisons and what you hear is not really what is happening.

  6. Just wondering, if the family was so concerned why didn’t they call the police around 11 or 12 when the boy didn’t come home. They didn’t know where he was all night, no one told them. They should have been looking for him, not waiting for him. The police should have been called by the family.

  7. This is all bs tgose police should be doing a better job but because hes native they didnt i was attacted like that and i was 21 at the time the police waited n then escorted me home they probly only did cause im white if i was native they prolly would of left me like that boy!!!

  8. Jayden, I’m thankful you are safe. I’m concerned that your treatment was not what my white daughter would have received. I stand with First Nations in calling for equal treatment regardless of race — in healthcare, in law enforcement, and in every other facet of Canadian society. I long for the street to feel — and be — safe for you and all the other youth of Canada.

  9. Here’s my theory all the whites move from Thunder Bay let the First Nations have it that means no oolice no fire department no ambulances no public works and nobody that is white to serve you then how will it be better

  10. I hear alot of racism remarks. I am native. It’s in the past. Yes our ancestors had a lot to deal with. Yes we had tough upbringings. I heard horror stories. It made us strong emotionally and physically. I choose not to be a victim. I look at everyone equal. I dislike the rasict card. We all bleed the same. I have a white husband and beautiful smart Metis children. We all have our own paths and to choose our own path. We can’t all play the victim card ever. We all have choices. We can’t blame anyone else for our choices. That is in the past we need to move on. Yes racism is every were. We can’t change anyones insight and it hurts. It’s our choice to accept it or not. I hear it idc what I care about is what I think and what my children and husband think. That is all that matters. There is good in this world you have the choice to see it or not. It’s a tough world. Everyone has there own opinions. You can’t change that. So please stop on racism on both parts. Natives are racist to the white and then get upset when the whites are racist towards the natives. So who is calling the kettle black. He doesn’t deserve the racism either. We can all make a difference if we all just got along with everyone.

  11. To those saying the individual/victim needs to take some responsibility….that’s the same mentality that blames rape victims for being in the wrong place, dressing too sexy, etc. It’s messed up. Even if that kid were out at 2am, he should be able to walk safely anywhere.

  12. Why are the Police not doing anything,? Just another First nation person, this has got to stop.

  13. File a lawsuit against the hospital personnel and the whole police department. They didn’t do there job. CLEARLY!!!

  14. Well, I am glad he got away from them.

    I don’t agree with some people here who label him a child. The young man is a minor not a child. There seems to be a real issue in Thunder Bay so let us stick to that and not degrade it by adding things to it that do not apply.

  15. I am not happy about this and with the Thunder Bay police department most of all. If the boy was almost kidnapped by 2 men, altogether 3 because one of them didn’t get out of the vehicle he should’ve gotten a ride home by a escort. Thunder Bay is turning into a crazy city. My poor friend Josiah was found dead in the river there. DEAD! and another First Nation youth was found almost 2 weeks before Josiah was found. If you wanna keep the community save! DO YOUR DAMN JOBS RIGHT! This boy might be older den me but still, there’s younger youth running the streets out there! 16 year old was almost abducted and you guys don’t have an officer or an escort bringing him home!? that’s a poor job you guys are doing then! the boy must be terrified by walking alone at 6am! after what he had to do to get away from them. He thought was going to die that day. I swear in my own opinion Thunder Bay really needs more help. Police department aren’t doing their best effort into keeping our youth save. Outrageous!

  16. as a parent of a teenage son, this horrifies me…I really don’t see how race should even be brought up…a 16 year old fought off would be attackers..period. we need to make this city safer for ALL children. we need to teach our children to be able to protect themselves. and we should know where are children are. the problem isn’t going to go away if we as parents don’t do something….I do NOT blame the police because they can not be everywhere. but I know that my son would have called me before he called the police.

  17. Well the last time I checked the police were not told to raise your children. There is lots of responsibility by you the parent who should maybe raise your kid properly and not let them walk the streets at night. Every night you see this and kids walking all over. The police have other responsibilities as well and are busy and to babysit your kid as your lack of parenting. Shake your head and maybe step up to the plate and look after your kid. Once in hospital the hospital is responsible for the next of kin. The parents should maybe wake up and wonder where your kid is instead of sleeping and letting him or her out all hours of the night. Police are not your babysitter like you think. The tragic drownings that happened are a concern for anyone white or native or whatever nationality you are. Quite playing the racism card and step up to the plate.

  18. Thunder Bay is getting an extremely bad reputation. It won’t be long before a full blown investigation will be necessary. Too many bodies showing up and the police won’t or can’t seem to bring anyone to justice.

  19. I was made aware of this unfortunate event days before the story was posted, in the interim I had been in contact with people in the city and with various news outlets outside Thunder Bay, due to a probability that the TBPS wished to not have had their investigation compromised, I allowed the family of Jayden to develop the situation as they saw fit.

    Now that it is posted, it is my hope that the news outlets which have not deemed his story as important will understand that true reconciliation is not nor should ever be at the initiation of people like Jayden or myself, the true Indigenous holders of this territory.

    But it should be from those who have settled our lands and have conveniently chosen to forget that they are the descendants of persons who have signed treaties with us, the people with inherent duties and obligations bestowed to us by heritage, family and race.

    Now to be fair and impartial and to consider the plight of the city and police service…it should be considered that the Thunder Bay Police Service is unionized with 240 officers on payroll, considering that half are likely administration staff and the remaining 120 are divided into forensics, homicide and patrol etc. and the number of shifts per week. It is my assumption that the actual boots on the ground number is probably 10-12 officers available at any one time or 10-12 cars. Less if they double up.

    Now considering this, and the expense of hiring more officers, (who would be unionized and less likely to be reduced in number); it would not surprise me and I am anticipating this is that the city will likely outsource a lot of duties that the police service are unable to perform themselves.

    So, I would propose that the First Nations themselves, should incorporate a security company, utilizing many of the First Nations combat veterans returning and reintegrating from the most recent wars. This would include approaching many First Nations veterans in the United States to meet this probable and likely need.

    The non-Indigenous population has shown repeatedly the habit of employing short term measures to offset or ameliorate a problem without considering the long term impact of their decisions. This habit which is fortunate for us as Indigenous peoples has to be identified and planned for.

    So essentially I am saying that if an Indigenous security company or service was in place, one which would enable street-proofing our children and partaking in investigative duties of which the various police services are unable or unwilling to undertake then further needless murders or deaths of our citizens (First Nations)would be avoided.

    Semper fi,

    Verlin James

  20. If this would of happened to one of there’s they would be all on the matter to take action.It sickens me to know that the children are not a priority and things need to be known.Young one should all feel safe in these situations of all color.You did good young one .Do not keep your head down, you did nothing wrong.Stay strong enough to get this situation out there.That the children are not protected by law.Sham on them.

  21. racism seems to be the topic here,,,nicely framed i suspect. so swift a judgement on such a mysterious story full of other questions. inflammatory journalism? hitting a theme guaranteed to bring response and fame? maybe there is an element but the band wagon here shows an excessive theatrical display .

    1. Sounds familiar doesn’t it…Facebook TB news, they have alot of keyboard warriors. Maybe your from there… not everything has to be directed as such. Just people like you read only what feeds you, and dont want to face the reality, even if its an ugly one. Randall go back to TB News hour facebook and post what you do. You can make up a fake name too. I like how you cant use a capital for a proper sentence, hmm must be a phone LMAO!

  22. The guy is 16, I would assume he is capable of using the phone. Or is he mentally challenged? If this is the case why was he out alone. Why is the family simple pointing the finger and crying victim….typical!

  23. if this happened to my kid I would be out checking every can watching my whole town and not put my gaurd down until there is justice for this kid

  24. why doesnt the cops watch the hospital records and see who came or comes into the hospital with a bite mark and needs a tetnus shot…….wouldnt that be a good lead????

  25. That sucks, if that was my 16 year old. I would be making some serious stink, the hospital staff should have offered some help. Dilco should have been called you would think or a Aboriginal liasian. Most times they are good people there to give out a transit ticket if you ask. Wow not long ago I read TB news, some white kid got thrown into the ditch by 3 native guys. He was given a safe ride home after…unless that white kid was lying to begin with. Bear Clan has to be on call for necessasry rides when things like this happens and they our PEOPLE need reliable ride home Come on someone step up and volunteer? Please?. Make safe rides also, its a idea.

  26. What is wrong with these Thunder bay idiots who prey on Aboriginal youth.. racism and s*%_* like that is way overdated..this is the year 2017 !! They must have had very sad..bullied life for them to treat ppl like that. Bullies! And for Thunder bay police..do your jobs..protect the people that you swore to protect!.. Get your assses out of your heads!!

  27. Put some undercover native (men and women) police officers on the streets. Have them dress like native youth, homeless natives etc.

    It won’t take long before they catch these cowards.

  28. Im glad the boy is safe. From roughly 10 to 6 am I agree notification from some authority . Why didn’t the boy call.? I would be freaking out wondering where he was between 10 and 6am and calling around myself. Mine would have called home scared. He would have said I want my mom. Lots of unanswered questions. Not a blaim till the facts.

  29. From roughly 10 to 6 am. I agree notification. Why didn’t the boy call.? Mine would have called home scared. He would have said I want my mom.

  30. Thunder Bay Police should be sued.. They know its their dutie to serve and protect.. And to notify care givers, just imagine those fukers couldv been waiting for him.. Let karma bite them in the balls and to bite all the negative cack suckers out there.

  31. US thinks Canada has the nicest people , I think they should wear a native’s shoes for a day and they would find out how much racism there against the original peoples of this country and glad this young man is safe

  32. Hi Mathew, so sorry that happenrd to you.I think the hospital should have called the police to give you a ride home. Dont walk by yourself after dark. Make sure you walk where its busy with restaurants & stores open not deserted areas. Take care so glad your ok.God bless you

  33. The treatment of this young man by the professional people surrounding him is terrible If this had happened to one of their children I sure they would have expected to been called and if not reached they would have expected their child been given a ride home for safety. From all the stories coming out about the deaths of these young people It makes one wonder if there is a cover up in the police department . It doesn t sound like they are doing anything to protect these young people. It sounds like they are being targeted because of their race.

  34. Hello hello Jayden I just want to give a message to you of support. I live in Toronto. I am so sorry you went through that. Be good to yourself over the next while, you are a wonderfully courageous person, take care so you stay well, go for the love and support around you and know many people care… There is something wrong where native youth are being grabbed, the police are not helping enough. Sending love to you okay? To help balance out if possible….

  35. I hope someone recognizes a man with a bite mark and maybe if the other hopefully has a bruise and put it together, especially if they are assossiated with a dark suv and call them in

  36. There are so many incidents that never get reported because City Police suck
    And they sucked 25 yrs ago too.

  37. Glad the young boy is okay and safe, the police should get decoy either male or female wired and gps tag to her or him…be on eye close distance to the decoy thats only way they will catch these individuals criminals…

  38. It’s terrible what this kid went through. Why was he walking alone at night to begin with? Where were the parents? The police deal with so much shit daily and get shit on with bullshit cries of them being racist for doing there job. Then something terrible happens like this and it’s somehow their fault again. Maybe make sure your children are safe and bit wondering the streets at all hours of the night. The police are doing their best. They cannot see into the future and stop this from happening, but they are trying. So let them do their job and if your not happy with it, I’m sure they’d love to hear your plan how how to fix this…

    1. I agree! Continually blaming the police does nothing but create more backlash.
      Did the kid have a phone? Why didn’t HE call his family for a ride? Ya bitch and gripe about the cops not doin their job in one breath, then you want them to take time to drive this kid home? Make up your minds people.
      I assume that because he was “age of consent” it was his choice not to have family notified. Any scared child would have had their parents called for sure. He obviously didn’t need his family there. You can’t make me believe that not one officer, Doctor, or Nurse didn’t ask if he wanted his family notified. That didn’t happen.

      1. Just wondering why he was not reported missing by parents or foster parents? I believe there is alot of misinformation & there is enough blame to go around. Public needs to be more aware & report black suv with 3 males, they need gas & food, & they get it from somewhere. Consider this, the police may even have people in their crosshairs but they need proof. It is a catch 22 situation, someone needs to be hurt before anytging can be done.

  39. Why on earth would a hospital release a minor at 6 a.m., knowing that the police had brought him to emergency? There’s something very wrong here. Is there no communication between police and hospital staff? Did anyone try to contact his parents?

  40. The descriptions of the attackers seem like police. Caucasian men in their thirties, in a black suv….

    1. Something to think about
      Just saying. It could very well be off duty policemen who are the culprits. It’s so sad that there’s so much hate going on. Is it ever going to end? Am just so happy the boy is alive.

  41. Oh l can’t wait for them too get caught! Lots of crazy hardcore natives gonna be waiting for you dude’s inside. Then u can try n play your badass role in prison with men n not kids!!

  42. There is something evil happening in Thunder Bay and the police are at at the heart of it. They turn blind eyes to the murderers living in the city, and the perps need to be rooted out by an outside body.

  43. Very sorry Jayden had this treatment by terrorists. They are terrorizing First Nations people right under the nose of the police.

  44. You are very brave and I’m very glad you were able to think quick and escape from them. I’m so sorry the police are not doing their jobs. Stay safe, please stay in pairs or groups until these animals are caught and put away.

  45. I wonder what the CEO/President of the Thunder Bay Hospital would have to say about his staff letting/making this youth walk home alone after an abduction? This is not okay. What else does this hospital do that perpetuates vulnerability of Indigenous youth?

  46. Sad to say but if he were a ‘white, blue eyed blonde child’ there’d be hell to pay! But he’s one of our own ‘native youth’ so nothing will come of it. It is a callous demeaning way to treat him by letting him walk home alone!! He should have been shown the common courtesy of a ride home. Happy he’s safe & sound with his family.

  47. I’m so glad you were able to get away Mathew. You are a brave young man. I hope they catch up with them and get them off the streets!

  48. There have been 3 attempted abductions by 2 men matching that description and vehicle – follow up on this with the police!

    1. Actually, the other 2 abduction attempts were reportedly by 2 men with dark complexions with thick accents (possibly of Jamaican descent, I believe). This incident involved 2 white men (and a 3rd driving the vehicle, if I am understanding correctly). Therefore, it is not the same men who attempted to abduct this young boy. Also, the other vehicle was a blue/green colour and this one was black.
      I agree that the Police need to ensure this is thoroughly investigated and I think they should ensure there are more police cruisers patrolling certain areas in Thunder Bay on a regular basis to make their presence known, and to make these areas safer for everyone!

  49. I am so sorry for this young man. I hope he knows he is not alone. I applaud him for standing up. How can we stop this from Happening in Thunder Bay.

  50. The outright negligence, racism and dereliction of duties frequently and persistently by the Thunder Bay Municipal police is diabolical regardless of whether it is intended or not. Fire the whole lot and start over with culturally competent, culturally sensitive bonifide MEN and WOMEN who will lead. Shame shame shame on Thunder Bay Police and the Hospital who released a traumatized Aboriginal teenager into the lonely and evidently unsafe streets of Thunder Bay

  51. Stand strong my Brother
    Maybe the children of your community should reside on our First Nations Reserve
    We have a high school here .
    We would wel come our brothers and sisters with open arms.
    Stay out of that city. ..there are other schools.
    Wikwemikong First Nations on
    Beautiful Manitoulin Island.
    Just something to think about.
    We have lost too many of our own.
    My prayers are sent to all those that have lost and are still missing
    May the Creator help those that are lost to find their way home. …

  52. I think you are all going to have to carry some pepper spray or at least some alcohol in a spray bottle at the very least to use on these culprits since no one else is going to come to your rescue from the police force.

  53. Wow that is very scary I am so happy you are okay. There are so many sick people out there.

  54. He walked home alone after nearly being abducted WTH there is definitely something wrong!!! I dont usually comment actually this is my first time & i’ve read others who have stated if he\she was non native things would be different & now i believe it 100% this boy should have been escorted home regardless if he wanted to or not hoe many more aboriginal lives are going to be taken before something is done. I don’t know you but my heart goes out to you & your family & i am very thankful you are alive!

  55. Why wouldn’t the police tell his parents or the hospital? And knowing wat happened why wouldn’t they give him a ride or ask if he had a ride i think a lawyer should be asking these questions or even a reporter

  56. I have said it before and I will say it again! Please do not venture out by yourself until these low lives are caught and prosecuted!
    It is terrible to say but you kids are not safe out on the streets. Please do not leave your buddies behind after a party and make sure all get home safe!
    Boarding parents in Thunder Bay have to step up and make sure the kids can count on a ride home!
    To the police of Thunder Bay……DO YOUR JOB …..SERVE And PROTECT ……all citizens!!!

  57. that’s pretty shitty …after what happened to him…..damn cops n hospital staff…where’s your brains…let him leave alone

  58. So thankful your alive Mathew, and to Thunder Bay perpetrators, Since when is Murder acceptable, wake up Canada

    1. Are you serious with that comment where the hell are you from? The comments up here are just amazing

  59. WTF is going on in Thunder Bay the police chief says everything is normal and this young man saves his own self from abduction and assault. This is not business aas normal there have been three attempted abductions in TB in the last month ??

  60. I can’t believe they let him walk home alone at 6:00 am. Those criminals/terrorists, killers, kidnappers, could have still been around. Makes you really wonder what’s going on in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

    1. Why don’t you come to Thunder bay and find out I really resent people saying stuff about Thunder Bay only when Toronto and Ottawa have been gunning down people in their neighbourhoods. Nobody calls that out on any level.

  61. I feel for this young man as I see that he has been traumatized, no 1 should ever have to endure this from anyone…..

  62. Must have been very scary for this young boy. So thankful that he was able to get away and I pray he is able to heal emotionally. But question….Did he not have any family to be with him at hospital or to drive him home? Seems like the Police sure get blamed for a lot of things that are not really their responsibility but rather ours. I do not mean to offend but I believe we need to take responsibility and be there for our loved ones in such a traumatic times. The Police must feel deeply offended by all the lashing out, blame and negative publicity they get when they are out front everyday doing what they can to keep us safe. We say all these situations happening in Thunder Bay (and many other places too) are scary for us -well they must be for these Officers too! They put theirselves at risk everyday -for us- and deserve more respect and thanks.

    1. Jumping to strong conclusions about the family even after you read the article? It states that the police nor the hospital staff called the family to inform them of what happened to the 16 year old child!!! This is total disregard for a child’s rights.

    2. The police nor the hospital staff called to let the family know that their 16 year old child was attacked. No paid adults who were supposed to have been doing their job did. Instead the boy was caused further trauma by this injustice!

    3. The family were not notified by the police or anyone at the hospital. They couldn’t be there for him if no one told them!

    4. His family was never not he was at the hospital. They had know way of knowing he was walking home at 6am. The police should have notified them.

    5. “Allowed” him to walk home? I’d wager no one had a car to pick him up, actually. If he had no money for the bus, then he’d have no choice but to walk.

      1. I’d wager that his parents don’t live there and the only reason he was there was for school boarding at someone’s house. I also wager that if this was a non indigenous child they, being the police and hospital, would have made dam sure to contact family and made sure they the victim was well cared for. I’m sure you’d be pretty pissed off if it was your child!

    6. The police do not deserve more respect and thanks when they are part of the problem and you can see that by how this boy was treated. They need to be disciplined and maybe an inquiry done or investigation on this police force overall. They need to be able to do their job and they need to watch biases which they appear to have in the form of racism ie neglect and not following through on trying to solve what is happening.

    7. That’s why the family is mad because the police or the hospital didn’t notify them that he was there or that there was an incident. Yes the police get blamed because they should of gave this child a ride home if they weren’t gonna notify his family. Please read the article again.. It tells you every question you asked

    8. I believe that someone should have notified the family and should not have released him until he was picked up by a family especially since he was almost abducted.

  63. Why would his family allow a 16 year old to walk home by himself from the hospital @ 6 am in the morning after being released……I dont understand that…..

    1. I think that’s what the family was upset about..that they weren’t even told by the police or hosp and the boy was sent home on his own after being checked…i may have misread it though.. .

    2. Yes, that bothered me that he had to walk home alone after such a traumatic incident. Why did someone not come to get him? Was his family not notified? Could he not call someone?

    3. Did you read the story? Aunt is saying the Police nor the hospital contacted the family,,,,,,,

    4. obviously because the cops didnt call the family to let them know what had happened if you havent read the article right!!

    5. Because the hospital or police didn’t notify the family that he taken to the hospital or even when he was released….Tbay police don’t even offer him a ride! Smh!!

    6. The family didn’t even know he was in the hospital so your question is just oblivious at this point

    7. Read the article. No one notified the family. Why didn’t the police give him a ride home for his own safety?

    8. The parents didn’t even know he was at the hospital
      Nobody called the parents to let them know – he is 16 and it probably didn’t occur to him that he could have the nurse call
      The police should have called, but he’s 16
      He was discharged and walked home

    9. It’d because First Nations teenagers in remote areas do not have access to secondary schools. They must travel to Thunder Bay to complete their education. Parents stay behind working and looking after other children. It’s an abysmal situation that Canada should be ashamed of.

    10. Really??? Read the article again! I was in Sarnia, walking to our vehicle when a Caucasian male and two females mimic a call to me, oh how I wanted to shove his hand in his throat! Ppl in ONT are very racist, n honestly Trudeau has to get canned from his position! Pretty pathetic, uncaring, unprofessional authorities and Health officials to allow this young man to walk home alone at 6am, yet not post sketches of the culprits!! If it were vice-versa they would jump to look for the SUV but in this case nothing was done! I’m glad he is safe!! Angry mother here!! I’d sue both the police and hospital for not neglecting their responsibilities in not contacting the parents!! He is still considered a juvenile!!

      1. He is 16, he was not out cold, that we know of. Maybe he chose not to call home. You can not assume that everything you read or watch in the media as the absolute truth. All details are never published. You cannot lay blame without knowing all the facts.

    11. The family was never called is what the article says. The police never informed them of what took place.

      1. Again, maybe at 16 he chose for them to not be notified, and/or did not have identification with him and again you CANNOT believe everything thing you read and see. The media choose what you get to see and hear! Terrible generalizations and assumptions do not help anyone.

    12. When I had to leave home at 15 yrs. old to attend high school off reserve and to live in a boarding home, my parents were temporary white parents until I finished high school and went home back to the reservation. This is why this young boy was not picked up. He probably has temporary white parents. Most northern isolated First Nation should be entitled to have their own First Nations High school in their own communities. When I sat on the Board of Education for my First Nation, we pushed for our own high school n we were successful. We have our own High School today.

    13. Try to blame the family is what a racist would say, and not posting your real name makes you look like a racist coward. Notice i gave my name? Coward!!!

  64. I hope the police will post a composite drawing of the two individuals with where the bite mark will be as well as where the rock hit the other guy

  65. Wow and they left him On his own. Its about time the Thunder Bay police were investigated. This has gone on too long. There are to many unanswered questions. Glad that young man fought back and lived to tell about it.

  66. With so many native kids found dead in the river and stories about overt racism I’m surprised thunder bay is not embaressed for condoning water lynchings and Canada does not recognize a dangerous emergency when they see it.

    1. have you ever heard about the 8-10 abduction attempts on white woman and males in thunder bay in the last little while

      1. have u ever heard about the 60’s scoop, the genocide? its always been like that thats nothing compared 8-10 abductions n i havent heard any not of youse been pulled from the river.

    2. First off, no one here is condoning any bad behaviours especially what has happened to the poor children we have lost either at the hands of someone else or by unfortunate accidents. If a child is 16 by law no one from hospital etc is allowed to contact family unless given permission from the individual himself.

      Do we have a problem here, we most definitely do and there are many factors that come into play but I think it is very unfair to put blame on the police, hospital, or every Caucasian person for the problems.

      Why was family allowing a 16 yr old to walk in that area at night alone, especially knowing what was going on? Even before all this stuff started happening that was not a great area of town!

      People have to be responsible for their own actions or lack there of as well and not blame everyone else!

      As for racism that goes both ways and you can’t portray all are racist and that it is only the “white ppl” that are the racists!

      1. I agree with Victoria. Persons are of legal consenting age at 16 years they ca drive a car, consent to medical procedures, are there no curfews in Thunder Bay? may be there should be but don’t expect the police to babysit your children, look after them yourselves. I knew where my children were 24/7, and I was a single mom, worked to support us and never was on assistance. Fed my kids before they went to school and packed their lunches!
        This child was 16 years old and also I bet he had a cell phone! Just saying….

      2. I have to wonder why his family wasn’t calling police and the hospital when this kid was out all night. Think about it … he goes out and doesn’t come home until 6:00am and nobody thinks to call police or go out looking for him? Time for the family to take a bit of responsibility here as well.

  67. Good job Jayden! Bite, Scratch, Kick em in the balls. Kill or be killed, that’s what this world has become. Good on you for defending yourself!

    Don Gibson

      1. This is a disgusting and uncalled for comment. Shame on you, whoever you are. Rabies? Why in the world would you even say such a thing! A young boy fought for his life. He bit his attacker. I would too. Would you say the same about me, if you knew I was white? I doubt it. These types of comments are what keeps the divide between people alive. And YOU make me ashamed.

      2. Was that a lame attempt at a joke? or blatant racism. Good job saving your life, Jayden.

      3. @george that is not even a joke. Children are children everywhere and the abduction and abuse of any child is pure evil. So you to compare a bite from a child to survive an abduction to a dog? You are clearly desensitised to any human suffering, does that make you an animal also because you cant express empathy?

      4. heh george – there is no joke here – you might want to examine your ‘LMAO’ and reflect how you would feel if it were your child.

      5. I hope those guys get jail time and I don’t think what happened is funny at all!

      6. I hope those guys get jail time and you must be as sick as they are to think that this is funny?

      7. Yes…and if they do, maybe the hospital can do their job and report this to the police before they leave, as a possible abduction intetest.

      8. What a disgusting, racist comment. You should be ashamed. I hope that something will make you reevaluate your racist views.

      9. This is the worst thing someone could say ….Wow really ? Are you in humane

  68. I am so sorry for such a horrible incident to have happened. Stay strong Jayden Matthews……Your time of Healing starts now. Many Prayers to the Native Community.

  69. Wow..an than to walk after that on top of what he went through..not even a courtesy ride being a child..let alone not call to his family..what is there role responsibility as a office of law..

    1. While I totally agree with you, I also wonder why perhaps a family member didn’t stay with him too. Not trying to be nasty, just wondering. Of course, perhaps it was not possible, maybe younger children at home etc. But with what appears to be going on in the community, people need to support each other to protect the children.

      1. My understanding is that they didn’t even know where he was, the hospital didn’t call them, etc

        1. ‘Your understanding’ is that his family weren’t called? And you’re basing that on what exactly, because the article doesn’t bother to interview anyone from the hospital or the police.
          He’s 16, that means he’s legally a minor. Even if – and it’s a huge IF – the police are so racist and so completely unprofessional as to not get the child home safely, there is no way hospital staff would discharge him and let him walk home alone at 6:00 am. NO WAY.
          The best that can be said about this article is that it’s very poorly written and researched. Whatever happened to this child I doubt it was anything resembling the fiction in this article.

      2. They were never informed from the police or hospital about what happened. Read the story.

        1. Don’t you think the family would call police when the boy didn’t come home..just saying…

          1. Police say they have to be missing 24 hours or more before there is a search, and most cases its TOO late!

      3. It says right in the article that the family was upset because neither the hospital or the police called or told them what happened. They found out when the kid walked home.

      4. His aunt said they were not told what happened so it looks as though they didn’t even know until he got home. So he would have been gone all night without anyone knowing where he was

      5. The aunt just said no one notified them and the boy probably never called home!

      6. His family wasn’t notified that the indecent occurred. Yeah, the police and authorities at the hospital reportedly did not call the minor’s relatives. Imagine that.

        1. Yeah let’s blame everyone else except the parents. Parents do you know where your children are and what they are doing? Stop blaming society and put the responsibility back on the parents for their kids.

          1. Damn right. These kids need parents who are roll models. Let’s not pretend that some of these kids are getting any kid of guidance and discipline at home. The aboriginal community need to take some responsibility.

      7. If you read the entire article his Aunt said they didn’t know where he was as the police or hospital never called them. With everything in the news you’d think at the very least the Thunder Bay Police would contact his family/guardian to let them know where he is and that he’s okay. How would you feel if it were to happen to someone in your family (child, niece, nephew, etc), especially finding out that an adult with authority knew the entire night?

    2. Please understand that there are pieces of information missing. If the police didn’t call his parents, what about the dispatcher? Intake nurse? Doctor? Main nurse? Ambulance dispatch? And paramedics? This is not a conspiracy, some articles are written to Get people talking by leaving out pieces of information

    3. Just curious. Why did he not call his aunt from the hospital. I am positive a staff member would have called for him if needed. As a minor he would have been asked who his contact person was…..thankfully all ended well. The world is a big bad place now, I urge all young people to not walk alone at night if you have too go out! Unrealistic at times but it’s almost necessary. We are in sad times.

  70. I am not first nations. I am very concerned about what is happening in Thunder Bay. I am not about to blame police because I have no proof or substantiated evidence but I certainly hope the streets and waterways are being watched closely. These are just young kids.

  71. I think their needs to be a national outcry against what is going in Thunder Bay! The citizens need to come forward and assure Canadians that it is a safe place for everyone! They need to be courageous and show their true colors! I’m sick of hearing about young people who are indigenous being mistreated and murdered there!! This is Canada’s version of terrorism! Racism directed towards First Nations is unacceptable!

    1. Agreed! Did this young man not know his family members phone number? So many unanswered questions! They have public phones in the hospital. ..Was he afraid to tell or go home? Never ever is it okay to release a child after being attacked on his or her own. Shame on you for releasing him to go out on his own and possibly be attacked again! His attacker’s may have been waiting…Then another attack could have happened. May not have ended as this did! Wake up people…These are our children! Saddened by all this!

      1. there’s only payphones at the hospital ER waiting room.. so he obviously didn’t have a calling card with him.

        1. Actually, there is and always has been a wall phone right inside the emergency room for any patient to use.

      2. You need to look at where the problem starts. Visit any Res and see the garbage and crap all over there property and the respect they have for what they own is a disgrace. The children live like that til there around 13-15 and say i am not living this way. The next thing you know there missing and the family is all worried now. Wow it doesn’t take stories about missing children to understand what the problem is.
        Respect what you have in life , if it is just your love and heart warming stories of elders. What you see outside is not always how they feel inside. Keep teaching children they have to survive and be strong willed . Get a trade and good job and keep your heart and time filled with love not always anger.
        We pay and pay and they keep making up stories of how we are treated so bad and how no one cares. You never write about how all this money is disappearing and no good has come from it , why no stories about that.
        When a child leaves the Res where do they go an why? They were abused or kicked out . They head to a place they would feel safe or a friends . This leads to drinking and drugs then to try and survive on what they know. Take a guess what happens then . Now here we are again missing children or women .

        1. Johnny thunder cloud: wow. that has to be one of the most self-centred, ignorant opinions I’ve heard yet.. do you live on Res? can you judge unless you’ve experienced the generational oppression? I’ve not come from there, but even I know enough not to judge someone until I’ve walked a mile in their shoes, which is next to impossible.. so they have garbage on their lawns, now you know they don’t care for their own? and because they don’t clean up their own garbage, from your perspective, now they don’t care about their children? and somehow now its okay that their children are being abducted? we need to open our eyes just a bit more, and close our mouths just a bit more, and maybe just care for each other -all of us – like we belong to each other.

        2. We are talking about abduction here….and why would hospital released a kid and there is not an adult with him?

    2. there’s a lot of mistreat and racism towards white people here I would say more then the other way around me and everyone I know are terrified to walk here because of threats being made on our lives for being white

      1. Wait. Youre white and youre scared? Is a vehicle full of natives throwing trailer hitches at you? Is there a vehicle full of natives trying to abduct you? You dont know true fear unless youre any color but white. People may be racist towards some white people. But its not as bad as what everyone else is dealing with.

        1. Omg! A scared white person?! Imao!!! As an Aboriginal, I have experienced racism and violence all my life. He/she should re-phrase their comment.

      2. Sorry if this bothers anyone… but for a long time I …or my daughters , don’t walk anywhere at night alone or in groups. Ive been called names and been intimidated many times…it scared the heck out of me. Anyone doing this to anyone is simply a jerk anyhow….but seems to me its a lot of pot stirring happening that is making it worse. its feeding the fire…we need to stop this bullying crap. its the little daily things that is making it worse too…for example, at Tims on May st. A guy comes up says..Gimme a smoke!! no please or thank you? Just gimme!!! ( I don’t smoke ) I say no…he then says..Im taking your drink then..I say ..I don’t think so !! he then goes into Tims and steals 2 large cans of coffee…seriously..and ya wonder why people are pissed …its attitudes!!! Teach ur kids we aren’t the enemy… that’s creating the racism card.

      3. Corey why do I find this hard to believe……. White privilege is alive and well…. all those first nations Canadians who have been cheated, institutionalized, murdered, marginalized for over two hundred years are making you feel uncomfortable put yourself in their shoes

        1. We have close relations.People from all over saw the abundance here in Canada.Took it over with introduction to alcohol.
          The enemy satan who uses pple without them knowing it.The adversary knows his time is short .using alcohol ,drugs, and his high card is alcohol, next racism.he comes in to steal,kill and destroy,whispers in pples ears he uses racism ,lies and tactics that we are seeing across the world.

      4. Racism is the systemic mistreatment of one group by another group based on the colour of skin. As well as the disproportionate wealth globally of a small group of whites while the global majority of people on this planet (the working poor) are not white.

        There is no such a thing as reverse racism. And if you are white (I am white) and are feeling the heat of the native community, you might want to look at the history of abducted First Nations People (primarily women). Then you may appreciate their anger and offer support.

      5. give me a break as a white person , there is more privilege and any so called issue with white ppl was brought on by white ppl them selves when we stole the land .

      6. Are you f-ing kidding me? I am white and your comment is ignorant and ludicrous. First Nations people have been historically mistreated since European contact. Today is no different but you could help by realizing that we are all equal. We are all human beings and have the same hopes and dreams. Talk to your fellow humans as equals not threats. Please.

      7. How many white people have actually been abducted, killed and left in a lake? Do not try the reverse racism to excuse the actions of a few white people. Shame on you.

      8. well now you know how every native feels for most of their lives, ain,t very nice feeling eh. welcome to the club ! tis a sad but true thing you say it goes both ways but you now just getting what is a every day thing for natives …and sorry that you feel threatened dont be never heard of natives attacking white ppl for nothing so you good!

      9. Oh so I guess now you can go finally understand what minorities have always gone through

    3. I truly agree with you, the young man should of been giving a ride home by the police department at the very least, once there his parents should of been informed of what happened, the aftermath, and what they are doing about it. Lack of communication makes the police department look inept at the very least. Shame on them and many Blessing to the young man!

      1. This happening to and any race is horrid. Thankfully he got away . our world is so violent. Stay safe out there . common sense and a heart would of said dont release him without someone by his side. Urgh……

      2. Don’t say police they suspects could be off duty cops gone rouge maybe that’s why it wasn’t investigated

      3. Foreal i was 21 wen this happend to me n im white n they waited n droce me home thats just wrong that they didnt even wait to take him home

    4. Our First Nations human beings are being targetted. Has anyone reminded the perpetrators that it is 2017! Not 1917! This is so devastating. Jayden Matthews, you did the same right thing. Never let yourself be taken from point A to point B. I’m so happy you did not become another tragic statistic.

    5. It sounds to me that these no good for nothing guys come from out of town to target the natives.I glad this young boy put up a fight or he would have come up floating in the river people are so crule.Those cops need to take their job more serious or get out and let somebody elce do it for them.

      1. Not necessarily out-of-towners for this has been happening for years and children have been targetted. Wake up Thunder Bay.

    6. This is a very horrible way for our youth to live in fear of being killed. Wake up #Canada you are a racist country if you continue to do nothing for our youth.

    7. I do live here, and please understand that there are a lot of misinformation being reported and also major pieces of information are left out.

      1. Regardless of who or where it should never happen. The whole story is not out there it seems, but I have a couple of observations, A 16 yr. old out at 10 pm , very close to the unenforceable curfew, what teen doesn’t have a phone? he got help from 2 others was that not the time to call a responsible parent/caregiver as well as police ? Why was his absence not a concern to those same individuals ? I think there needs to be a greater sense of personal responsibility shown and not leave it to others. His retaliation may be the tipping point in the apprehension of these individuals.

        1. that must be a part of your white privilege to think all teens have a phone. He might’ve been a foster kid or didn’t have anyone to call to pick him up

          1. Enough with the ‘white privilege’ knee-jerk response already.
            What is that, the 2017 version of a free pass? Your kid is out all night, walks home alone from a hospital and it’s everyone else’s problem but his family’s right?
            There are so many problems with this article I barely no where to start but I can guarantee you this is not the whole story.
            First of all, no hospital will release a minor (under-18) to walk home at 6:00 am by himself. Especially when that child has been the target of an attempted abduction and police are involved. At the very least he would be released into the custody of police if a relative or legal guardian could not be found.
            The article says the child lives with his Aunt. So where was she? If she couldn’t come to the hospital to get him the police would have taken him to her.
            How come this article doesn’t get the police side of the story? Or the hospital’s?
            This is shoddy journalism at best and yet the whole thing is accepted, no questions asked by everyone but me? Gimme a break!

        2. Agreed, the onus of care and safety must at some point come back to the custodial guardian. Did they not think it strange when their charge did not come home late into the night; and did this young fella not think to call his guardian? While it is an unfortunate occurrence, this young man should have know to call home.
          If people used their voices to educate as much as they do to complain perhaps our young people would be better prepared to stay safe.

    8. ” the real citizens of Thunder Bay” is wondering why the parents didn’t pick up their child from the hospital! Of course they would automatically blame the parents but not the men that put him there and I highly doubt the police officers are doing anything about the black SUV or anything related in that matter.

      1. yes. Maybe the parents don’t have a vehicle nor have a phone, nobody knows the whole story. No blame game is necessary with exception to those sick guys who tried to force him into the vehicle.

      1. This is about child abduction…… Leave your views out… All kids, there so many pedophiles out there and sickos, looking for targets, children are always gonna be targets, we need to protect the children everywhere. And take it serious, and stop making every issue into a stupid political argument… Back on topic, more needs to be done to protect the children.

        1. Yes there does need to be more done to protect kids, and that starts at home with personal curfews, knowing where your kids are when they go out, making sure they’re not out alone. It’s great to point fingers but there needs to be more hands on parenting and not living in the “it takes a village” mentality.

    9. You would have thought that the police would have made sure that he got home safe. This boy went through some emotional N physical trauma. The police should have did their job and drive this boy back to his home N let the family know what happened. This is a disgrace! Why because he was native dark skinned person. They need to be accountable as to why they didn’t drive him home and this boy had to walk home by himself. He thought he was going to die!! !! Now this boy needs some sort of couselling
      Thank the creator for looking after him N . Big hugs to you Jayden.

      1. I feel so bad just seeing his demeanor. He needs support, love, counseling. He was very brave and needs to know he did good.

        1. Thanks to Joy for going in the direction I was. I am a retired white guy who worked a public service job for 45 years in a predominantly white neighbourhood and in my experience Jayden was doing what he normally would, likely not wanting to bother or upset his family. I think there is too much name calling and finger pointing in a lot of the responses. There are people who do not have the best interest in mind whether you are black, red or whatever. Jayden needs to be told that being afraid was the right way to feel and it does not make him a lesser man, on the contrary, I hope he somehow grows from his experience . He is a hero for staying strong and fighting for his family. and we all need to stop with the “I have it worse than you” everyone can become a victim whether you are a white man in downtown Toronto or a young man of any color being abducted in Thunder Bay and we all need to listen and care about others who have experienced such feelings. Jayden, be strong young Man.

    10. Racism towards whites as well..it works both ways. White lives matter too…it hurts. No one here..is *Better Than*

    11. I think it’s time the RCMP step in and investigate these issues in Thunder Bay. To much is being swept under the rug. Send a white teen to a reserve and if this were to happen watch how fast there would be arrests made.

      1. Send a non native to a reserve and the child would be treated as a guest and would be respected and well cared for. At least in Saskatchewan the people are humble.

    12. As a white male with children I’m disgusted with the way this problem in Thunder Bay is being dealt with. Send a white teen onto a reserve and have the same thing happen and watch how fast there are arrests. The RCMP need to get involved, a street patrol like Winnipeg has is needed.

    13. I’m praying for a breakthrough for God’s Might Hand to prevail! Amen!

    14. Just terrible! I listened to the Mayor talking on CBC and he really downplayed the deaths by drownings saying what are they suppose to do if they walk in the river? I can’t imagine everyone just fell in.

    15. The hospital, nor the police..didnt even call his family?? And released him, to walk home by himself, at 6 am?? First problem right there!! Ma up ThunderBay!!

    16. Mr(Justin) Selfie needs to be more accountable and take the authorities in this region to task. This is serious and neither the Police or the Hospital acted with any level of professionalism.

    17. Anyone else think it’s weird the queen of England owns all the forest out here? Anyone else think it’s weird being human? I wonder how many generations it will be until we collectively abandon the world our psychotic ancestors created and go back to the trees from whence we came.

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