A little girl from Manitoba has a big vision for her home community

Shaneen Robinson-Desjarlais
APTN National News
8-year-old Jordin bailey has always been outgoing.

“She’s funny, she’s happy and she’s strong… she’s fighting it as hard as she can to be here, ” said Lisa Kematch, Jordin’s mother.

Fighting because the little girl with big dreams has inoperable brain cancer that’s progressing quickly.

Last month she found out the dream factory-a charity dedicated to sick kids-wants to grant her a wish.

“I wasn’t expecting what she’d wish for…” said Kematch. “I was just going to follow whatever she wanted and when she said that I was like oh that’s so cool my girl right on, you’re giving back to the community.”

While most children would ask to go to Disney world or meet their favourite celebrity, Jordin asked for something else.

She wished for a playground to be built in her neighbourhood on the Norway House Cree Nation.

“I keep telling her you did it my girl, you’re going to get it. Your dream is coming true.” Said Kematch.

Family and friends back home in her community, 800 km north of Winnipeg, have been sending her get-well cards.

They also held a fundraiser to get the ball rolling.

“I’m telling her that we’ll all be ok…we’re proud of her we love her.” Said Kematch.

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  1. Reading this made me teary eyed. What a wonderful gift from a big-hearted girl.Prayers going out to her family

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