60s Scoop survivors take to the streets of Winnipeg

Dozens of 60s Scoop survivors took to the streets of Winnipeg Friday morning to raise awareness about the ongoing issues they face.

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6 thoughts on “60s Scoop survivors take to the streets of Winnipeg

  1. Well let put it this way.
    Why LIBERALS say that they will set aside $800mil and equal amount $750mil for legal fees. Where are they finding this money. Crazy LIBERALS and at the end of the day no one is getting any money all is going to just try to keep the voters closer to their wallet. I wish that all the people who were effected should be paid and provided support. What my issue is that why are they setting up a fixed amount.
    “Yes the budget will take care of it itself.”
    Taxes going higher and we should spend $750 million In legal fees. Is that suppose to be a good idea?
    Dumb decision.

  2. Love my fellow survivors ! I wish I could join you and I can barely walk after all the time and so I went through and all that homes. I pray for those people and I pray for us also that we all will begin to you. Please know I love you and I’m with you in spirit

  3. This proposed “settlement” and the “settlement” I received from Alberta Child Welfare is an insult and slap to the face, only enduring more abuse… And Yah some fucktard terrorist gets $10.5 million and We are supposed to just accept this bullshit crap they are stuffing in our face…

  4. Oh I totally agree. Some convicted terrorist gets $10,000,000 and we get a slap in the face. They’re hoping that most of us will die before we get it or will not sign up, or are living on the streets.

    1. Again I will say this Metis are included on claims and Ontario is the only province thus far that have not included Non-Status and Metis and this claim is only for Adoptees! I hope that we survivors can get on the same page and 50 million to a foundation is not what is need and the statement about 75 million to lawyers to made up and no where in our class action suite does it mention paying our lawyer 75 million. We have caps on each lawyer and I am now seeing how wrong information is circulating among us and how much the media is to blame. Come you survivors lets get our information correct and those of that have lead this for years do our jobs and finish what we started over 25 years ago. Lets not let the media conquer and divide us by getting such wrong information about our claims and law suite! Hiy hiy

    2. I am Eastern Metis with documented ancestry going back to Wendat women in Quebec circa the 1600’s.I am not a Scoop survivor so I have no personal vested interest in any settlement the Federal Government proposes.I do object to the secrecy that the Liberals maintained while they talked to first nations and Inuit. The Metis were totally excluded essentially just slapped in the face by a Minister who wears Indigenous motifs and loves to display her enlightenment and supposed solidarity. The rationale for exclusion is totally bogus for if the provincial governments were involved than it was solely because the Federal Government in the past totally abrogated their sole fiduciary duty to the Metis and other non status aborigunals hence the mess we have have now. Personally reconciliation is dead for me as of last week!

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